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ZetaTalk: Friendly Disagreements
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995.

Where interplay between orientations, i.e. Service-to-Self and Service-to-Others, is so strictly controlled by the Rules of Engagement that there is essentially no interplay at all, there are on occasion disagreements between members of Service-to-Others groups who engage each other on a continuing basis. As we are dealing with entities who are determined to see the general welfare given priority, these are essentially friendly disagreements. As anyone who lives in a loving family can attest, this is no small thing. There are situations where a simple vote taken from those affected is not appropriate. Perhaps it cannot even be determined who will be affected. For instance, in a situation where a species on a new fertile planet is to be genetically engineered to support conscious, intelligent life. There is no intelligent life to be polled as to their opinion, only the opinions of the various Service-to-Others genetic engineers. How does this work?

We bring these types of issues to the Council of Worlds, and have a formal debate of sorts. Bear in mind that all the protagonists are basically focused on doing the right thing, and there are no hidden agendas possible in the Service-to-Others orientation in the higher densities. It's just that there is a difference of opinion, based on past experience and outlook, as to what the right thing to do is. All present their views and openly debate, much in the format of a roundhouse discussion. Each is allowed to explain fully, and is not interrupted. When all have said their piece, and no points are left to be countered or debated, then the Council of Worlds makes a decision. The Council of Worlds is composed of very high density entities who hold their position because of a general vote of all affected. They are essentially elected. Their decision on the matter before them then settles the issue. As with the Rules of Engagement and other rules that must be enforced, this goes into the computer and is enforced, without question or argument.

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