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ZetaTalk: Planetary Souls
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995.

Planets such as the Sun, the Moon, and the Earth do not have souls. Non-life planets such as the Sun and Moon are in spiritual 1st Density, and the Earth is in spiritual 2nd Density, composed as it is of 1st Density material such as rock and water and 2nd Density creatures such as plants and non-conscious fish, birds, and other animals. Without man on the Earth, the Earth would be considered a 2nd Density existence. We refer to the Earth as being in 3rd Density only because man, a conscious intelligence, resides here at this time. When we state that the Universe is alive, we are referring to the concept that God is everywhere, and that we are presumably within God because of this, and that God is surely not dead. The Universe runs as it does because God wills it so. That is our understanding.

Primitive man worshipped the Sun, as it gave life, and the Moon, as it also gave light at night, and the wind and waters, ascribing spirits to them as they moved and had power. This simple view of the Universe lives today, in folklore and what is claimed to be true channels. But if the stuff of souls could congeal in inanimate things, then why would there be anything left to congeal in evolved conscious beings? The stuff of souls would be gathered into planets and wind, rocks and water, for whatever reason imaged by these fanciful tales. And consciousness, the ability to create, to decide, which cold matter and wind and water do not have, would go wanting and be the lessor. This is simply not the case, as just as you find other humans more interesting and challenging, less restful than a walk along the beach, just so the stuff of souls finds rocks and wind boring.

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