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ZetaTalk: While Unaware
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995.

Lessons to be learned during the current incarnation, or personal missions as they are sometimes called, are less effectively addressed when consciously dealt with. In fact, being consciously aware of the lesson to be learned can sometimes prevent the lesson from being addressed during the incarnation at all. How can this be? If one is conscious of a posture, that the posture must be assumed, the posture may be assumed but this may be an act. If one is not conscious of a posture, and the situation arises where the posture may be assumed, then if the posture is assumed this is not an act but a genuine choice. To know the desired outcome before hand ruins the process, as the goal of the incarnation is not to have certain postures taken, but to have certain choices made.

Therefore, ask not what your lessons or mission should be, but seek to connect with the circumstances of your incarnation with genuine intensity. Follow your heart, and make your personal deliberations, as it is the desire of those who would guide you that your free will must function as your guide in these matters.

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