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king ZetaTalk: Keep In Line
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995.

How does the Council of Worlds keep the Service-to-Self crowd in line? Easier said than done, it would seem, as they are all, essentially, ruthless criminals. However, what humans, struggling with 3rd Density limitations, might deem the limit of benign restraint mechanisms is not nearly the limit available to entities in higher densities. Humans think of physical restraints, or, at most, perhaps drugging the recalcitrant subject so they involuntarily abstain from the criminal behavior. At the far reaches of human restraint mechanisms are such tools as lobotomy for violent mental patients or castration for rapists and pedophiles, and of course imprisonment or the death sentence.

The Council of Worlds has recourse to methods beyond the physical, and these methods would amaze humans in their effectiveness. Essentially, this is a block that prevents any physical or mental action not authorized. It is as though the errant entity is trying to walk into a brick wall, or at least that is the effect. There is no need to drag the errant entity into court, to place them in irons, or to alert others to watch them closely. How does this work?

This is done by computer, a computer similar to the one by which we maintain our extensive communications with each other. The Council of Worlds relies on a very high level density substance in this regard, which cannot be altered or interfered with by lower densities. No tampering with the controls! The reader can relate this to bugging telephones to insure that all calls are correct. This surveillance is constant and complete. There is no evasion. It's all on automatic.

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