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king ZetaTalk: Service-to-Self
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995.

When we refer to there being lots of rules in 4th Density Service-to-Self, this is due to the nature of the Service-to-Self orientation. Self-focused entities want only to do what will be of service to themselves. How does their society run, then, if no one wants to grow food, for instance, and all want to steal food from the others?  Unless there are strict rules, food does not get grown and processed. Thus, those at the top of the heap, who have won out in the pecking order contests, give the orders, make the rules, and viciously enforce them. It is only when such a situation exists that the Service-to-Self orientated groups do anything except squabble. Where those in the Service-to-Self consider control of others of prime importance, they do not control other souls, but attempt to create an environment of threats and enticements such that this is the outcome. They are perforce required to live with others, and once the pecking order is established, go about the business of learning, via lessons, in this manner. Those at the top of the pile have the best life style, not unlike human society. Those at the bottom do the grunt work, and live in the worst circumstances. Riots or revolts are unheard of, quickly settled during what we have called Leveling Wars between Service-to-Self groups. Newcomers to a group go through a quick process to determine pecking order, often injured horribly if they are slow learners. Thus, there is no ownership of the soul of others, only influencing behavior.

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