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ZetaTalk: Orientation Lesson
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995.

Regarding the purpose of the 3rd Density lesson, to determine one's orientation, either Service-to-Self or Service-to-Others. This may seem like a choice, rather than a lesson, but this is in fact the first lesson an entity learns. Without making this choice, or learning this lesson, the entity cannot proceed on the path of knowledge and growth. Why is this so?

Step into the early grades of school, and watch what happens when the teacher steps out of the room for a moment. Chaos. Just so, 3rd Density entities find that they spend all their time in petty squabbles. Higher education proceeds only when one of several situations is in place. The rules can become unduly rigid, where any pupil looking up or speaking is beaten. This is the solution that the Service-to-Self impose on those of this orientation. Another solution is to separate the students, so that those intent on learning, rather than wresting control from the teacher, are set aside. This is the solution that the Transformation takes, where the Service-to-Others, as intent on learning rather than gaining control, are separated from those not content until they attain total control over others.

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