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ZetaTalk: 1997 XF11
Note: written on Mar 15, 1998. Planet X and the 12th Planet are one and the same.

In keeping with a policy to begin alerting the populace to the coming horrendous cataclysms that will strike the Earth in her near future, due to the passage of what is often called the 12th Planet, in keeping with a term made famous by Sitchen for the rogue planet coming back for a passage in 2003 [Note: see 2003 Date explanation], you will find a reformed government willing to point you in the right direction, so you will notice what you have up until now been directed away from. The asteroid 1997 XF11 is one such effort to prepare the populace for cataclysmic Earth changes and to start them thinking about the likelihood of such changes. 1997 XF11 did more than this, as it pointed the eyes of the common man toward Orion, whence comes the 12th Planet inbound for its periodic passage. If this makes you nervous, check out the Troubled Times content, as these folks have been preparing for your panic, and have some answers.

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