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ZetaTalk: Diet Adjustments
Note: written on May 15, 1997.

Beyond sculpting the public’s attitude toward starvation, with an eye to hardening hearts and saving the plenty of the American heartland, the bread-basket of the world, for themselves, the CIA will begin to attempt to sculpt the public’s habits. The public will be told to eat different foods, to adjust their diets, and most especially to tie themselves in a dependent manner to those who feed them. Alliances with grocery chains with guaranteed delivery of food stuffs will be put into place, so that nervous families find themselves financially and emotionally dependent. With their money committed, they cannot go elsewhere or establish other ways of feeding themselves. Thus, as the time for enslavement of the populace approaches, when camps of desperate people are formed, drawn by the strings that have already been attached to them, their escape is less and less likely.

The answer to food shortages is not dependence on exclusive grocery clubs, but home and in particular indoor gardening. Should this practice become widespread, there would be no shortages to speak of. neighbors can help neighbors, sharing produce and seed and know-how, and after the coming cataclysms recovery would be quick. This route, the self-help route, will not be advocated by those who seek to establish kingdoms in the Aftertime. Be on guard against dependence, and see the claws behind the so-called helping hand!

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