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ZetaTalk: Deep Quakes
Note: written on Apr 15, 1997.

One of the surest signs that the current eccentricity in weather patterns and the increased magnetic diffusion exhibited by the Earth’s core and the warming of the oceans from the bottom up are not simply variations on the norm is the dramatic increase in deep earthquakes, as noted since the mid 1980’s. This of course gets little media attention, just as the increasing magnetic diffusion is not in the media, as they are difficult symptoms to explain. The increase in deep earthquakes, those indicating plate adjustments at the most fundamental level, are in particular a telling clue that a pole shift is in the Earth’s near future. Few earthquakes register at this level normally, as most quakes registered by man are on the fragile and easily crumbled surface.

The snapping or crumbing surface affects mankind’s habitat directly, so that surface quakes are noticed. Deep quakes rock the boat but don’t normally throw the crockery about, moving the plate as a whole rather than adjusting the surface. Therefore deep quakes result in little damage, and thus get little media coverage. However, as a symptom heralding the coming pole shift, they are extremely significant and more importantly, unexplainable in any other context. The increase in deep earthquakes is currently reported, but as these increase and attention is focused on this curious symptom, the current availability of these statistics may be blocked. Earthquake data is reported by location, date and time, Richter scale magnitude, and depth. Expect that latter piece of information to be dropped in the future.

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