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ZetaTalk: Shramek Object
Note: written on Nov 15, 1996.

A consistent theme surrounding the Hale-Bopp fiasco has been that of an intelligently driven star-like object. At first, when the Hale-Bopp hoopla was just breaking news, Hoagland went onto the Art Bell talk show to announce that he suspected Hale-Bopp of being not a comet but an intelligently driven star-like object. An otherwise sober and grounded scientist, Hoagland seemed out of character in this announcement, and for good reason. This was not Hoagland’s conclusion, but a conclusion he was asked to announce by none other than the Hale-Bopp conspirators, who reach some lofty posts in NASA and comet central, Harvard's IAU. But aren't Hoagland and NASA engaged in a perpetual fight over the Mars and Moon images and the endless lies that NASA proffers? They are indeed often at odds, but in the good-ol-boy world of NASA progress often requires compromise, and we would point out that NASA has recently agreed to image those portions of Mars of interest to Hoagland on its next trip.

Since the Hale-Bopp conspirators did not go along with the original plan to fragment their fraud shortly after it was announced, the nova that was being pointed to as the Hale-Bopp comet faded and died as novas do. Thus, the conspirators are left with dodging the orbit of their fraud behind this star or that in the mostly unmapped star studded swamp of Sagittarius, and for a period of time during late summer of 1996, lining it up with a distant comet that NASA and JPL had spied in the proper vicinity. All those sometimes daily ephemeride changes did indeed have a reason, and when they became embarrassing they were no longer posted on the Internet where questions would be raised. The conspirators now found they had an embarrassment on their hands, and with ZetaTalk breathing down their necks pointing out just how the fraud was being perpetrated, they were being forced down a narrow tunnel to perihelion, a perihelion that would not be the glorious show that had been announced.

Thus, more apparent enemies of NASA were enlisted to divert the attention of the average man, while hopefully saving face for those who had foisted the Hale-Bopp conspiracy onto mankind. They would revisit the intelligently driven star-like object theme, but as Hale-Bopp was no longer bright, and is in fact an object the conspirators do not want the public looking at closely, they ascribed the intelligence to what they called a Hale-Bopp companion. Shramek, while appearing to be suspicious of NASA and JPL statements, is well in bed with them on this, and is being belittled by those who want to be remembered as sober and serious minded astronomers according to plan. Where the astronomers of the world quickly identified the object in Shramek's images as a well-known star, the man-on-the-street is supposed to remember only that something odd was chasing Hale-Bopp just before it disappeared. Thus mankind has heard lies about Hale-Bopp - coming and going.

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