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ZetaTalk: Differing Prophecies
Note: written on Oct 15, 1996. Planet X and the 12th Planet are one and the same.

Invariably, prophecies about the millennium or pending geological changes are laid alongside each other with the differences raised up and demands for reconciliation made.

Like the famous story about the blind men all feeling a different part of the elephant, some differences are due to segregation, but most are due either to the prophet being misunderstood or the prophet misunderstanding what it is they have been told. If you had never experienced an eclipse of the Sun but had been advised that one would occur, the message may be interpreted as a day when the Sun would hide, when the Sun and Moon would do battle, when night would come early, when there would be a short day or two short days, or a very short night - but all these statements would be referring to the same pending eclipse. Just so, when a prophecy states that land will go under the sea and another states that the land will rise from the sea, these prophecies are not in conflict with each other, as both situations will occur.

ZetaTalk, being exacting and specific, comes in for a lot of heat where it differs from other prophecies.

We, in ZetaTalk, are giving all pieces of the puzzle, step by step, and stand here to respond to questions on these matters to defend our prior responses. Are the others doing the same?

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