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vortex ZetaTalk: Ocean Vortex
Note: written on Sep 15, 1996. Planet X and the 12th Planet are one and the same.

During a pole shift and the days preceding a pole shift there are many forces affecting the oceans which, when applied to the atmosphere, create tornadoes. As any child watching water run down a drain can note, a swirling vortex is created in the center of rapidly dropping water. This same process is what causes tornadoes to form when cold air is thrust over a warmer air mass, and when the force of wind behind the cold air stops, allowing it to suddenly drop.

In the days leading up to a pole shift, the stopped rotation of the Earth causes the water formerly pulled toward the equator by rotation to equalize. The water at the equator starts flowing toward the poles. When the 12th Planet is positioned between the Earth and the Sun, water in any large body will heap up, drawn by the gravity pull of this large body just as the tides are drawn by the Moon. During the pole shift, the Earth's waters are first pulled in the direction of the shift, along with the Earth's crust, and then blocked in this motion by any land mass that has ceased to slide. All of these actions set water in motion, and many of these actions occur simultaneously, created chaotic motion. Thus, water may be in a position to suddenly drop, having been heaped high in proportion to the surrounding water. Cold arctic water may have been thrust on top of warmer water, and as with tornadoes, when the thrust that caused this situation stops, the cold water will suddenly drop, creating a vortex.

These giant whirlpool have been recorded by the ancients, as their ships on occasion were caught in them during a pole shift. When one of the fleet managed to escape, the tale was told and recorded. However, as with many pole shift generated tales, these tales are taken to be myths.

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