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ZetaTalk: Emotional Adjustments
Note: written on Feb 15, 1996.

Denial is a common reaction to learning that the world you know, which you as a child had always considered would be secure, is going to essentially disappear. Denial protects one from having to incorporate what has been learned into one's life. One can treat the news like a thing apart, like a possibility, similar to a meteor landing on your head or being struck by lightning. Remote. For those who do not duck the issues, there is an adjustment period. One looks around, seeing the sunny day, the smiling faces, the usual empty chatter on the newscasts, and no longer feels one can relate to this. Yet all the loved ones are living in this world. Should one leave them? Should one fit into their life, and pretend? The terrible future one contemplates stares at one from afar, but each day draws closer. How to make major adjustments to prepare for this, when any preparation is considered insanity, or desertion, or neglect.

During the period when choices are made, and adjustments are being made in one's life, depression can set in. This is true of any double-bind, where one loses either way, but in the situation of the alien issue and the coming pole shift, who can one talk to? One is an outcast. Those who have few attachments and are free to move about, in their physical surrounding or career or family commitments, are the lucky ones, as they make their adjustments fairly rapidly, moving to a clear headed time of resolve. Those with many commitments, or commitments deeply felt, agonize longer while making the switch. After they have disconnected themselves from any expectation that life for them can be normal, as they know terrible things that the others have yet to understand, they can be at peace.

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