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ZetaTalk: Land of Mu
Note: written on Aug 15, 1995

In concert with the legends of Atlantis are the legends of Mu, a land somewhere in the Pacific which is supposed to reappear at some troubled point in the future, like a paradise that the troubled can flock to. Does this legend has a basis in fact, past or future? It does indeed, in that such a land was above the waves in the past, disappearing during one of the recent wrenching pole shifts that rearranges the continents and forces plates up above one another or under, in sudden subduction with loss of elevation. There are many points on the Pacific where land is not that far under the ocean, and the evidence of roads just under the waves off the coast of Japan bears witness to land even along the Pacific Rim being forced down during the shortening and compression that the Pacific experiences during severe pole shifts.

Mu was as peaceful as many of the islands in the Pacific, the people living an indolent and relatively worryfree life in a warm climate with the abundance that the ocean provides to those living along its coastlines. Its residents enjoyed the social freedoms that such easy living often bring, as there was little reason for war or restrictions. There was, however, nothing magical about this land or its peoples, no special spiritual qualities or technological advantages, regardless of how the legends might have been embellished over time. Nor will this land reappear during the forthcoming pole shift, as the anticipated rise of new land is to come not in the Pacific but in the lower Atlantic between South America and Africa. The Pacific, in fact, will be a dangerous and severely afflicted part of the globe, during the coming shift, and any advice to the contrary is misleading.

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