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ZetaTalk: Late 2003
Note: written during the May 3, 2003 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

We have mentioned that the White House, out of contact with ourselves since they stole the election from the American People and MJ12 committed suicide to prevent itself from being misused, does not believe entirely that the passage will happen as we have stated in ZetaTalk. They prefer to listen, as they did in the past, to those aliens in the Service-to-Self, who contacted them first prior to Roswell, and who spoke the language of those highly Service-to-Self in the CIA and military ranks in those days. Thus, they were led astray in great measure by being told they could go underground, and burrowed into Houston which will be flooded, and Mt. Weather and other such locations which will become tombs in the main, from those who bought the message from these Service-to-Self aliens. Solutions such as going to Mars for a colony, or a colony on the Earth's dark twin, have fallen to the side. Thus, the Bush Administration and the puppet masters behind the scenes are left with considering life on Earth, with the masses they chose to leave to their lot in the past.

However, in spite of setbacks on all these escape routes, leaving the planet or going underground, they still prefer to listen to the Service-to-Self aliens speaking to them through contactees in their midst, than ourselves. The reason? They message delivered is in terms they understand! We speak of the importance of informing the masses, so they can make their peace with death or save their young, going to safety and preparing for life afterwards. They prefer to hear about how a small elite can dupe the masses, rip them off of their tax dollars, and emerge afterwards as kings to rule those who managed to survive! Thus, they in effect tune us out, as our message is tiresome to those in the Bush Administration driving the bus. The prefer to linger over the other message, which then is the only one heard.

So, does this other message have a different time frame than ours? Absolutely! They are being told a date out from ours, extended in time, more time for preparation for themselves. This is to some extent why some false messengers, who tried and are still trying to steal the stage from ZetaTalk, are pointing to some months out! They have no basis for this claim, but make it anyway. Human astrophysics also asserts that a body cannot careen into the solar system from the distance Planet X moved in as short a time. Those in NASA know it did approach that rapidly, but they are reluctant to admit ourselves being right, and their other sources being wrong.

Thus, one by one, their prized theories are discredited, but they reluctantly let go, and thus are slow to embrace the obvious next step! If it did move into the solar system that rapidly, might we not be right? But no, they are still asserting that a later date is correct, clinging to the preferred messengers, discarding our message. Thus, the Bush Administration is strutting about re Iraq, and planning their next moves, and even talking about the 2004 election season! They look at the Earth changes, and see nothing that indicates an immediate pole shift! The fact that history, and folk lore, speak to a sudden shift, only a bad week with scarcely anything ahead of time in distinct or massive warning bells, is lost on them in their arrogance that they and their sources must be correct. In effect, this is perfect Karma, this crowd being caught unaware as they expect to put mankind in general in this position.

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