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ZetaTalk: Sudden Impact
Note: written during the Apr 12, 2003 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

During many predictions made by ourselves regarding events to unfold, we have differentiated between geological changes that can be predicted and those in the hands of man. Geological changes are likewise divided, by ourselves, into those we can speak about and those we are not allowed to address. We are not allowed, for instance, to predict what city will be affected by a quake, on what date. We are not allowed to relay our awareness of what volcano might erupt, within the next few days. We can only relay general earth changes to occur, or would be set packing by the Council of Worlds, as this Earth is man's school house and such predictions interfere with the nature of this schoolhouse.

Those issues in the hands of man encompass false reports in the media, such as failing to report increases in quakes, weather irregularities, exploding factories, and rising seas. The economy fails, no good news, but chirping is done on the news about various predictions that all will be well soon. If the reality is withheld from the public, and what is reported counters our predictions, then this is an issue in the hands of man. The hands of man also control whether nuclear power plants will be shut down, whether bridges will be blown up to prevent cities from escaping into the countryside, and whether martial law will be imposed in this or that country. These issues could change in a heartbeat, and is always in the hands of man. That said, what is likely to unfold over the weeks before rotation stops, that has not already been addressed by ZetaTalk.

We will divide this into two sections, those not in the hands of man, and those in the hands of man. What astonishes those who have been following ZetaTalk is that a pole shift of the ferocity we have described will affect the Earth in a short time, but the Earth seems to be trucking along as usual today. This is of course not true, as the slowing rotation has already been noted as several leap seconds per day, by those doing careful clocking, and the weather is wildly out of step with what it should be. Temperature swings during the seasons are so wide, world wide, and erratic, that sowing and reaping crops is something that farmers have come to view as a gamble. Yet, no explanation for this, and not treatment of this in the news. For those wondering why the Earth is not shuttering with quakes, the oceans washing over land, some weeks before a major pole shift, we would suggest this practice.

This is what we are referring to when we report that until the week or rotation stoppage, there will be little effect on Earth that can be called dramatic. The quakes will continue to be lineal as an increase, the weather will continue to be more erratic, on a lineal scale, and the slowing rotation will be gradual so that not an hour a day will be lost except for the last day before rotation stops. Thus, for those looking for trumpets from heaven, announcements loudly made, earth changes that are sure, they will not come. As regards matters in the hands of man, they continue to be something we cannot accurately predict, because they are in the hands of man.

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