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ZetaTalk: Brainerd Lake
Note: written during the Feb 22, 2003 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

Brainerd, Minnesota, population 19,000, is north of Minneapolis and only about 90 miles south of the perpetual winter "icebox" of the United States, International Falls. There are 450 lakes within 30 minutes of North Long Lake in Brainerd. All have always frozen over each winter between mid-November and mid-April - except the west bay of North Long Lake beginning in the winter of 2001-2002. So far testing has not confirmed what is warming the half-mile hole surrounded by 18-inch-thick ice.

We have mentioned at the start of ZetaTalk that the Bermuda Triangle was a place where particle flows escaped from the core, creating for a moment a situation akin to density shifting into 4th Density. And that there are several other places on the surface of the Earth known to exhibit this. A spot off Japan, in the Pacific, and Lake Superior region, where the Edmund Fitzgerald simply disappeared during one stormy night. Thus, the Superior, or northern Minnesota region, might be considered a hot spot of sorts. The particle flow responsible for the temporary density shifting well known in the Bermuda Triangle is not known to man, but they experimented with it during the so-called Philadelphia Experiments of UFO lore. They did not master this, and stopped trying due to the adverse publicity that threatened to erupt. There are many particle flows that mankind is unaware of, to the extent that a fraction of a fraction of a percent is even suspected by mankind. Some bundle, such that electrons and magnetism seem to go hand in hand, or affect each other.

Heat is a particle flow, affected by what mankind observes as friction, but this is only atoms affected by pressure, releasing the heat particles. The increasing in the swirling of the Earth's core is evidenced by oozing and erupting volcanoes, increasing quakes, wandering hot spots, and warming ocean bottoms. Heat is obviously involved! And this expresses where there are conduits for particles flows, such as the Bermuda Triangle and off the coast of Japan and Lake Superior! Those observing Brainerd Lake melt are astonished to see unfrozen water in the middle of a Minnesota winter, these past couple winters. However, if one considers heat particles to be associated with other particles not known to man, and that these particles are escaping, then some sort of logic can be applied. The White Buffalo occurred, on schedule, because of emanations from the core not known to man, as we have stated at the start of ZetaTalk. Albinos in wildlife increased thereafter, as we predicted, due to these same emanations. Thus, the core is creating all manner of particle flow aberrations, the magnetic diffusion observed by man for some decades only one of them. Brainerd Lake is just another evidence of this increase.

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