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ZetaTalk: Unaided Eye
Note: written during the Feb 1, 2003 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

Indeed, as the date when Planet X is visible only in the daytime skies, due to Orion and neighboring constellations being in the Sun, it will become increasingly visible in the night sky. At present, the dead of night is the very best time to be viewing and imaging the inbound planet and its complex of moons and dust cloud And depending on visibility, clear skies, location looking directly overhead so that light bending is less of a factor, and quality of equipment such as binoculars used, the Planet X complex may be visible in the night sky just ahead of the date we have given. There is a great deal of variation in visibility, due to where the viewer is located, light or atmospheric pollution clouding the viewers line of sight, and angle of view, such as overhead vs. looking toward the horizon.

Our best advice is to follow the image sessions closely, get accustomed to the size and appearance of this complex in amateur equipment, and the size related to neighboring stars. Place the star charts you are familiar with next to the stars in the images, find the spot where this complex is currently sighted at, and look at it regularly in the night sky. As the date approaches, the 7 week before passage point, you will begin to see something in the skies not there before! Something reddish, something moving over the evening unlike the stars you are anchored to.

This portion of the sky will be coming into light pollution about that time, due to the position of the Earth moving to place the Sun between itself and Orion. Thus, this will be complicated by light pollution, but at the same time will be growing so much larger, so rapidly, that this will be a clue to those looking with unaided eye that they are looking at the Planet X complex. Daily checks, then, watching this complex move as our coordinates will indicate it should, will have you looking at this complex in the very early dawn going into the time when it will be visible in the daytime sky. Thus, for those wanting the very earliest indication that this is real, their own work can place them in this situation. They will have the information in hand, can bring their neighbors and friends to the early morning sightings session, and need no other to do this. Take control of this process, for yourselves, is our advice, as the disinformation barrage will only increase as the time draws near.

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