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ZetaTalk: Not Obvious
Note: written during the Jan 7, 2003 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

Slowing of the Earth, for the common man, is not an easy affair to register. First, the Navy, as the Master Clock holders of the world, control networks which computers synch to during the night, quickly bringing all networks into sync with the Master Clock while the public sleeps. Businesses, finding their manual clocks out of sync, adjust to match, as do employees noticing their watches are off. Even so-called atomic watches are watches that sync to the Master Clock. The argument has been made that the true massive atomic clocks are not under the control of the US Navy, but this is a fallacy as they are few, and in the hands of institutions that are under the thumb of the establishment, as are those employed by major observatories. Few people need to be leaned on, and these people are allowed into their positions based on their signed agreements not to threaten what might be called national or world security issues, in other words, don't cause panic until we tell you it is OK to make an announcement. Enter the common man, with his clocks and watches and PC's. A minute off here or there, and he adjusts without thinking. Who remembers if the last time they tweaked their watch it was to set it a minute forward or backward? The common movie line "synchronize watches" when going out on a closely coordinated operation indicates how often individual watches might be off a bit. Thus, the common man will be accused of making it up, looking for attention, being confused, or whatever should he assert that clocks and watches are too fast, by a minute or two, and increasingly so.

We have stated that the phases of the Moon will be one way to determine a slowdown. Where the Earth has a magnetic core, and react to the approach of Planet X by a slowdown, the Moon has no magnetized liquid core and cares not. Its slow turn, every 28 days, around the Earth is steady, but not so easy to anticipate that the common man can determine just where to look for the Moon. First, the Moon has a 3 year cycle, and is further away or closer, faster or slower, in going around the Earth based on this. This cycle, as noted by the Navy in their graphs, was adjusted in 1994 to pre-account for the slowdown now being experienced, so Moon phases would not be that quickly noticed. Thus, from 1994 to about 2000, the Moon was late in arriving at the published phase, a point noted by someone writing to Troubled Times with this information. But most among the common man, looking at their calendar for the date of the Full Moon, will find the Full Moon pretty much on target, or appearing full, and the issue at this time is whether it is coming later in the evening or earlier, and this is information not on the calendars.

But at some point, and we estimate this to come on or about April 1 (no April Fool's Joke intended) the Full Moon will come a full day early, as the Earth's rotation since 1994, a lost minute here and there, will have caught up with the Moon phases. These calendars have been republished, the dates given by the Navy long ago, so any attempt to change them will be noted and can be compared against previously published calendars. However, in truth, by April 1, 2003 [Note: see 2003 Date explanation] or thereabouts, matters will be so anxious, so extreme, so insecure, for most of mankind, and the Red Star visible in the daytime sky, that mankind will scarcely be looking at the Moon for evidence. Thus, the Navy effectively changed the Moon phases, on the calendars to be printed, in 1994. However, as noted on the Troubled Times page re Slowing, the fact that they modified their graphics was palpable, evident, obvious. They did not think that the public would notice, but they did, among Troubled Times members, and posted on sci.astro, and Nancy included all in these pages, and there it is! The 3 year cycles of the Moon, wobbling askew, taking short dips, cutting corners, and illogically so as the 50 year graphs show no such variations! Check it out! If you are looking for proof that the establishment has been lying to you, there it is!.

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