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ZetaTalk: Seasons Shift
Note: written during the Nov 2, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

The shift will find the seasons already in disarray. The weathers in the months leading up to the shift will be a continuation, but in a more extreme way, of the current weather irregularities. Winters have been interrupted with warm spells that have caused crops to sprout and bud, then freeze again when winter returns. Summers have been too wet, with more rain in heavier deluges so the crops drown, then followed by dry spells that bake whatever manages to grow. Plants struggle along, with these mixed signals, in general not dying so much as failing to produce the produce the farmers had anticipated. Animals likewise are confused, mating seasons off schedule and flight patterns of birds such that they lose their way during annual migrations. Ocean life is arriving in latitudes not usual, the local life often dying or moving on, but this does not so much spell death in the species as some decimation. However, at the shift, these changes will become extreme, so that vegetation and animal life, in the skies and seas, will become decimated to the point that many will become extinct. Such devastation occurred to the hardy Mammoth, which found itself in the Arctic, and could not find its way back in time to survive. What will human survivors find, at the shift?

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