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ZetaTalk: New Moon
Note: written during the September 14, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

New Moon Found around Earth
BBC, September 2002
Experts aren't sure what the object is.

Not the first new moon to be circling Earth, and not the last, just the first to hit the news as an amateur discovered it and reported it. NASA would have preferred it be ignored, as it is yet one more sign that odd things are happening. We have Global Warming that has affected Europa and Mars. We have the supposed laws of gravity going awry on good old planet Earth, who seems to have developed a bigger middle, gravity wise, yet has not changed shape at all. We have the weather going wacky, outside of what the weatherman can explain, and the poles and glaciers melting outside of what the supposed rise in air temp could possibly explain. Now we have new moons. We, the Zetas, have explained that space trash is being seen increasingly as Planet X approaches, not dragged behind it but moved by the disruption in the equilibrium. This we have explained as akin to a swimmers foot, paddling back and forth, causing seaweed in the water both fore and aft of the foot to move in the water. This is trash that is fore, not aft, like the green meteors that have increased, and fireballs, and large rock chunks falling from the sky. Why did this rock not plummet, or pass by, and will it remain as an extra moon? It is hanging around, but when the real onslaught starts, during the passage, is likely to become a minor member of the Planet X moon ensemble.

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