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ZetaTalk: The Core
Note: written during the August 17, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

Recent movie releases in the US have had a distinct message, not lost on those watching the trends with a discerning eye. Unlike a decade ago, when westerns, romance, cops and robbers, and sci-fi on outer or inner space dominated the screen, the new releases in the past decade have had a new array.

And what does all this mean? Clearly mankind, at least in the US where the movie releases are sure to get coverage, is supposed to subconsciously adjust to such terms and concepts. Is there not a cover-up? And does this not conflict with the thrust of the covers wherein no mention of these possibilities occurs? As we have mentioned before, the elite, those in power, are not of one mind. Some wish to keep all mention out of the news, no inference, so that the public is left to assume their weather or crop or quake problems are local, not global. This is the approach the Bush Administration is taking, all pole shift plays buried into Homeland Security. But others, who are not under the thumb of the Bush Administration, are of a different mind, and proceed without conferring. The Media is not utterly controlled, contrary to appearances, nor production of new releases.

Who runs counter to the Bush Administration and those in close alliance? Most of the wealthy, most elite in other countries suspecting or aware of the coming changes, most in the US Military and thus most want the public to become aware, at least in theory, and prepare. What is this latest movie, The Core, and the prior movies supposed to relay? That these issues, these occurrences, can happen, that the powers that be are hard pressed to solve or resolve them, that many people die, that the elite, the government, cares and tries. In other words, don't demand perfection, don't demand to be saved, don't demand more from your government or caretakers than can be expected, as they are only human and are themselves overwhelmed. You will note that all these movies have a resolution, a happy ending, where the pole shift will not, and therein lies the greatest fiction. In addition, those in power stay calm, confer with each other, tell the public the truth in news releases, and function. In truth, as the recent rash of murders at Fort Brag, NC reveal, those expected to be calm and super human under stress do not function. Our advice in watching such movies is to be entertained, but not mislead.

Note: Below added during the Dec 14, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

The Core, as we have stated, is another movie to point the public indirectly to the earth changes that will soon consume them. Like prior moves of this ilk, Postman, Volcano, Deep Impact, this is a lightly veiled version of pole shift phenomena. What is causing a delay is the real increase in quakes, and the undeniable imaging of the inbound Planet X just where we said it would be sighted. A little close for comfort now, and second thoughts about the wisdom of featuring Core in the theaters.

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