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ZetaTalk: Rapid Shift
Note: written during the August 10, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

Man is used to measuring motion on the surface of his globe by his travels into space, via airplane, and the like. Air planes can take off slowly, increase in speed in upper atmospheres where the friction is reduced, and reach speeds not thought possible in earlier centuries. Space shuttles can rocket into space at high speeds, insulated by heat resistant panels, and survive exit and entry. What should be remembered when considering the speed of the shift is that the atmosphere is moving with the Earth, almost entirely. Just as the water in the oceans and seas moves with the crust during the shift, lingering back to create flood tides and spending some time sloshing to find its level afterwards, in a similar fashion the air moves. Hurricane force winds experienced by man are what the density of the atmosphere can support. Greater winds will not occur because the air simply will resist being pushed in this manner. Calculate that the atmosphere, almost entirely, moves with the Earth as it shifts, except for the 100 mph reluctance we have cited, being the hurricane force winds.

Beyond this, what motion would man experience? None, except the jolting of the stoppage when the plates start crashing into each other. Why would this be, when mankind finds itself facing several G forces upon exiting the atmosphere in a space shuttle? In this instance, man is pushing against falling gravity particles, increasing the exposure rate immensely. In a horizontal motion, there is almost no increase in exposure, as the increasing in particles in the face is reduced by the falling particles avoided in the back. The sensation when riding in a roller coaster ride, or in a rapidly accelerating car, is not caused by gravity particles. What is moving? The roller coaster, which pushes against the human riding in it, or the car, which likewise pushes against the human. When all move as one, there is no sensation of pressure. Thus, there is no logical reason to expect any adverse effect from a 90 degree shift, within an hour, per se.

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