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ZetaTalk: Sea Level
Note: written during the August 10, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

The sea level, rising to 675 feet, will gradually drop due to the following factors.

  1. The core of the Earth, hot from the turmoil of the shift and friction with the crust, will have its excess heat absorbed by the oceans and gradually dissipated. This will take 50 year to dissipate, during which time the oceans will plateau, then cool. The cooling phase will take 250 years longer, to be complete.
  2. The new poles will freeze rainfall or ocean water into ice, pulling up water. This likewise will take hundreds and even thousands of years to reach an equilibrium where iceberg breakage and ice formation stabilize the ice development.

Thus, we estimate 300 years for a reduced level, to be followed by thousands of years of pole formation. During this time, the Earth will move physically into 4th Density, with a smaller sun as not all of the sun will be moved. This will expedite the polar ice formation, such that more land will be found around the equator, more ice over larger areas over the poles. Thus, in your lifetime, plan on the 675 foot level, and worry not about your next incarnation’s experiences.

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