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ZetaTalk: Black Water
Note: written during the March 30, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

Recently, reports of black water in the Gulf of Mexico have hit the news, with no explanation. What is causing this, in waters otherwise clear enough for scuba diving? Over the past couple years, man has become aware that ocean fish have migrated north, along with the warmer waters, and the flow patterns changing around the world. But a change such as the black water is not due to changed flow patterns, but to new vents opening up along fault lines under the Caribbean area. As we have stated, the Caribbean and Central Americas will be devastated during the shift, as the weak link when the plates are on the move and crashing into each other, and even before this when stretching and ripping and compression occur. This activity does not altogether occur during the hour of the shift, or the week of rotation stoppage, as the stress on the Earth's crust is apparent even now. Increased quake activity, volcanic activity, and signs of just where in the crust that dramatic changes will occur are evident, if one reads the signs. There is more than hot lava that oozes up in crevasses, as most fault lines are layered and not giving access to hot lava to the surface. Dirt, rather than solid rock, may be trapped between layers, and when a fault pulls apart this dirt will be released into the water above. Thus, this is a phenomena that may be repeated elsewhere around the world, as the shift approaches, where such dirt or debris is trapped between rock layers at present.

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