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ZetaTalk: Nuclear Winter
Note: written on Feb 15, 2002.

The nuclear winter must discussed during the Cold War in fact does not occur during heavy volcanic ash times. Has this occurred in the past? Mankind surmises this, with the extinction of the dinosaur attributed to heavy ash. This is all speculation, and as we have stated, the dinosaur died because of a virus, not a meteor strike. Sunlight warms even if it cannot make it through he clouds. It warms the clouds, the air, etc. Thus, especially since the core is warming the Earth today with its increased swirling, you can expect that the core will continue to make the globe warmer, after the shift. In addition, the atmosphere will be torn away, so the clouds will be lower and the atmosphere less of a block to the warmth of the sunlight than today. All reasons for the globe to stay warm, which it will. You can anticipate the same degree of warmth, per latitude, that you experience today. Sunburn and radiation are suppressed by the ash cloud, the one advantage.

Depending upon where one is, downwind from volcanoes, the ash will poison the water and soil. This tends to be the immediate effect after a violent burping, not a lingering effect. However, since violent burping will occur big time during the shift, all ash afterwards will carry poisons. Thus, until the rains wash this away, some months at best, drinking water should be distilled. Ground water may carry these poisons for a longer time, depending upon how close to the surface this is, the flow patters, etc. Water in lakes and oceans dilutes, where ground water stagnates. Fish likewise have an ability to exclude lead, though do absorb other heavy metals such as Mercury. Likewise, water retains warmth, and algae grows in abundance in places land based plants cannot tolerate. Thus, this resource should be explored, and explored thoroughly, prior to the shift, as a real survival technique.

Wildlife struggles, as the extinction of the Mammoth shows. Wildlife is used to a struggle, and migrates almost constantly after the shift, so survives in general. Domesticated animals survive because of the determination of their owners, who remain attached to the hope that their prior life will return. Relying on wildlife, hunting, will prove disappointing as wildlife will soon diminish to the point of no results. Hunters will at first eat well, then starve. Vegetation is most affected by the lack of light, and secondarily by being drown. The lush rain forests your beautiful Earth supports give voice to the tenacity of vegetation to survive. Many seeds sprout only when conditions are right, so decades later emerge. Those looking to crops will find this is not the way to go, in the immediate aftertime. As we repeatedly mention, fishing is a good source of protein, as are bugs, and plants should be the minimal part of your diet. Humans are used to just the opposite. So this is a mind set adjustment. A bit of salad, something with high Vitamin C, but use this almost as a garnish!

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