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ZetaTalk: Magnetic Grip
Note: written on Feb 15, 2002. Planet X and the 12th Planet are one and the same.

The explanation for slowing rotation resulting in a stopped rotation during the week prior to the shift is that Planet X grips the Atlantic Rift magnetically, so the Earth does not turn past this grip. How is this slowing rotation possible from a distance, where Planet X has scarcely moved past by early 2002 past the mid-point where it lingers before making its passage? The some 9 Sun-Pluto distances where it spends most of its time is approximately where it rides today, yet slowing has started. The answer is that the magnetic field is broad in scope, far larger than mankind imagines when they describe magnetic fields of planets or the Sun. These are invariably described as scarcely reaching beyond the planet or the Sun, when the Sun's influence reaches to where Planet X rides between its two foci, and beyond. During sci.astro discussion on the influence of the Sun over the solar system, it was detailed that even Pluto is in the Sun's grip in this regard. Where the gas planets Jupiter and Saturn are in opposition to the Sun's magnetic orientation, this is because they are funneling particles from North to South, and do not have a field themselves. Thus, being within the Sun's field, Planet X does indeed influence the Earth, even from that distance.

Remember, we are talking about change being noticeable as it is changing the equilibrium. Thus, the approach of Planet X has changed the magnetic equilibrium of the Earth, so that a few seconds of slowing are occurring, per year, even now. In the scheme of things, not that much, but this will increase to minutes, then hours, then days as the shift approaches, and finally, resulting in a stoppage within a day, a week prior to the shift. The orbit of the Earth around the Sun and the Earth’s rotation as in turning about in a day are exclusive. The orbit is a matter of being attracted as a whole to this or that in the environment, so the Earth starts to move and must move round the Sun since going directly into the Sun is blocked by the Repulsion Force. Rotation as in the daily turn is drive by the core, which moves as parts of it seek to move toward or away from this or that, and continues as the core finds itself in the place it sought to escape from just a day ago! Being liquid, the core can move, and overshoots its goals. Thus, the orbit around the Sun proceeds during the week of rotation stoppage. The rate of slowdown could be considered exponential, or parabolic, so that during 2002 it will only result in minutes, but in 2003 [Note: see 2003 Date explanation] will change over months to become hours and days. By this time, however, so much will be going on in the world, that most of mankind will think this the least of their concerns, and barely notice.

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