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ZetaTalk: Asteroid Impact
Note: written on Jun 15, 2001 during the 2001 sci.astro debates.

An asteroid impact is a hypothetical explanation for whale bones found on mountain tops, hundreds of miles inland, and folklore reports of gigantic tidal waves. This of course falls in line with the current hype designed to get funding for a reactivated Star Wars, which has nothing to do with nuclear defense and everything to do with putting up an offensive against Planet X. Thus, the horror of Near Earth Objects is trotted out, and movies such as Armageddon are promoted, so the public will put their money behind a defense. The asteroid impact explanation cannot hold against the evidence, unless the evidence it sliced into such tiny bits that the whole is not considered.

If the Moon were to drop into the Pacific, would a resulting wave deposit whales on mountain tops? Indeed, and more than that would be found in the mountains, but the evidence does not line up with such an occurrence during the last few thousand years. This is a whole world cataclysm, affecting all aspects of the physical world, and this is not addressed by the false claim that asteroid impacts have caused the evidence left by the periodic passages of Planet X.

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