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ZetaTalk: Sound the Alarm
Note: written prior to July 15, 1995

How the populace will respond is, in fact, less a burning question than a hypothetical question, as the governments will not tell the people they govern. They will dither, and argue, and agonize, but they will not speak. It is up to people, in networks such as the Internet, to spread the word. Those who wish to hear will listen. Those who cannot deal with the issue will deny. Those who would be unable to adjust, in any case, will also not listen, but will resign themselves. We will get specific.

Talk of the end of the world, the millennium and what it means, has been about for centuries. For at least the past two hundred years, men have been predicting that the end is to arrive at such or such a date. The dates have come and gone. People are inured of such talk, and in general just smile when they hear it. Therefore, regardless of by whom or how loudly the announcement is made, the vast majority of humanity will ignore the announcement. Even when the 12th Planet is visible, and drawing nigh, people will brush off such talk as yet another alarmist.

There is not much that any individual human could do to change this. Better your efforts are turned to establishing a place for you and your friends, for your families and loved ones. Better you devote yourself to preserving the technology of today, and preparing to feed your small group, so that something can survive, than trying to ignite the masses. Else, your time will be wasted.

We are telling you, that even if the governments of the world were to shrill the alarm, starting today, that the people they govern would brush off the truth. How does one prove the proposition? By pointing to geological changes? Scientists have done this, over the centuries and decades coming to the present, with little effect. In fact, as with all bearers of unpleasant facts, they are ridiculed. Those who can listen, do so, and those (who are in the vast majority) who refuse to do so, close their minds. Even as the 12th Planet is becoming visible in the sky, by day or night, mankind will brush this aside as a normal occurrence. Look how our space ships, seen by masses, are seen consciously by only some. The others simply chose not to see.

Regarding whether there will be aggression in those who learn too late that a pole shift is imminent. We predict that there will be gaiety, as gaiety is often the form of denial when doom is nigh. Parties will be held. Some will empty their saving accounts, spend even the rent or house payment, to distract themselves in gaiety.

Where individual human action can make a difference is in the Aftertime, when survivors, young and old, know not what to do or where to go. Prepare for injuries, and shock, and orphans in pitiable condition. Prepare to retrain stragglers who come into your midst undernourished, unable to speak of the horror they have seen, with injuries unattended and festering. These, you can attend to, as they will respond and listen to your voice.

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