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ZetaTalk: Threats of War
Note: written on Feb 15, 2000.

New ZetaTalk on Feb 15, 2000

Look behind threats of war from China. China has suffered in the recent rainstorms, deluges that have created massive loss of life in China, which is utterly unable to control the overflowing rivers and feed it’s populace. There is currently starvation in North Korea, well documented, with the starving crawling across the border and begging food from the Chinese. What’s going to happen, as the weather gets worse, to a country that even now cannot feed its populace? Birth control won’t do it. China will have large percentages of the populace starving as they are in North Korea. What occurs in such a situation? Those in power point the finger across the border and create a dragon. This is a technique that has been used endlessly throughout human history, and in many 3rd Density cultures. Anytime one doesn’t want squabbling in the house, one points outside and says “Good Lord, there’s the wolf!” The infighting stops, and everybody faces outward.

This is the technique that China is using. They do not mean to act on their threats, but there will be saber rattling, much noise, and other countries can be expected to follow suit. Perhaps even the super powers will engage in this, as they have been doing, to the current earth changes - tell the populace to look elsewhere, distract them, so they don’t think about what is going on. This will happen increasingly as starvation tightens its grip on the gnawing bellies of the citizenry. Saber rattling on the part of the Bush administration, in response to the 911 events, should be viewed in light of the economic problems which were developing before 911 occurred. The recession, which this administration chooses to state started only because of 911, in fact was in process as soon as Bush sole the White House. This is a common ploy, among those assigning themselves leadership in countries, to point to war and threats from the outside. War is not going to be profitable, for anyone, other than as a threat, so we suspect this is where the issue will remain.

New ZetaTalk during Mar 2, 2002 IRC Session

WW 3 will not occur, though there will be threats of this endlessly going into the shift. The reason, as we have stated, that full scale war will not break out between countries, is that none have a thing to gain from this. What has been occurring, though termed "war" by Bush, Jr. is not war, as it is a country against an element, a criminal element, perhaps a revolutionary element, but not another country. Many countries deal with revolution, Spain today, for instance, and do not call this "war". There are black markets, organized crime in the US and Italy and Russia, drug cartels, and this is not "war" though this word is used. To focus on issues at the border, as we have mentioned, is a time-honored way of shushing the populace, as they fear to divert the parent during troubling times. Countries use this to distract and quiet their populace when internal issues are distressing. Countries use this to avoid addressing these issues. If one wants to quiet a squabbling group of siblings, one announces that one of them, or then household, is under attack! Every mother can tell you that a united front is formed, and squabbles put aside. Thus, we predict that threats, and saber rattling will occur, but not war.

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