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ZetaTalk: Resistance
Note: written on Jan 15, 2000.

Taking the signs seriously, many conscientious humans wish to expedite awareness in others, to push forward debate and discussion. They hope that their fellow humans will not find themselves in agony over having delayed too long, perhaps being unprepared or in the wrong place, and grieving because of their prior indecision and vacillation when they should have been acting. They look upon the Troubled Times group, which seeks solutions to living during the forthcoming times, and feel that every community should have such individuals, such a cook in every kitchen, such a conclave in every country so that the morays and differences are taken into consideration. Then fewer humans would be found agonizing at the last minute. Why can't this approach be taken? What makes such trends occur, and what sets action in the right direction and makes it occur faster? It is often the opposite of what is expected.

There are several factors at play which influence how people react and when they react. Resistance is one factor. When a push is made in the direction of more exposure to the facts and discussion, those who do not want to hear this information push back. The push back can be because it frightens them, or because they are frankly hoping to keep the facts from everyone else, or because they fear panic in the masses. There are those who think that by keeping others dumb they can then end up with a bigger piece of the pie for themselves and a smoother go of it in the last days. If they can keep everyone else believing some false story until the last minute, they expect they will manage to be safe in their enclave with their stores of goods. They look upon knowledge as power, as a precious thing to better the holder of such knowledge. There are also those who fear runs on banks or of martial law having to be imposed. They fear not being able to drive to the next city to go shopping because of riots.

Resistance is a factor that causes information sources that become too assertive of aggressive to be stomped upon. It's relative. As the information rises like a tide, the fear and resistance rise so that active measures are taken to undercut the information source. Therefore, becoming more accurate in predictions, more real and believable, may in fact be the wrong thing to do in that the forces of fear, and there are many of them in the establishment who control media and financial resources, may turn around and aggressively undercut the message. So to some degree, it is better to balance being aggressive so as not to incite reactions.

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