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ZetaTalk: Crash Impact
Note: written on Dec 15, 1999.

Of course, we advise people that since the barter system is the end result, to put their money into goods that can be bartered, into things like land that does not lose its value, because all else will. This includes jewels, coins, bonds, anything that is based on something other than substance has the potential of failing. As to which countries will prevail and which not, this somewhat depends on their international reach. Those countries that have a broad international reach, and tentacles in other countries, are like someone caught in a net. They will not fall that far unless all are falling. The countries that will fare the best, and have the strongest dollar, are those that will have the least severe impact from crop shortages or the inability of commerce to proceed.

Japan has a broad reach, tentacles into all other countries and banking systems. It would not be allowed to fail if others were failing, simply because it would drag the others down. However, as the island itself does not produce much of its raw materials but requires them to be imported, when it becomes a time when no one has money to buy manufactured goods, the imports will suffer, and there will be much inner turmoil on the island. The yen is likely to suffer against the dollar in this regard. China will be severely impacted. It already has trouble feeding its populace, and where the China bear was about to roar, it will shrivel down to the mew of a kitten and not again be heard from.

The US and some countries in Europe are attempting to maintain their strong hold based on their rich resources. This may or may not succeed, but will probably keep them, in the case of the US, somewhat head and shoulders above the others, so that as they all are sinking you will still see the head of the US above. The grain belt, and the agriculture from the southeast is varied enough to give them a leg to stand on. In many cases in Europe, the population is pushing the limits of what the land can sustain, and they will suffer in the same way that Japan may suffer.

Third world countries that are suffering from crop shortages because of drought or deluges, will find that they become a non-entity and experience in essence the dark ages of commerce rapidly, retreating backward to a level they were 50 to 100 years ago, as though their progress had never occurred. The desert areas will essentially not be heard from, the Sudan, Iraq and Iran. Starvation will be great and media coverage little. Other than some saber rattling as they fall into a death march into starvation, they will not be a player.

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