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ZetaTalk: Proof Exists
Note: written on Apr 15, 1999. Planet X and the 12th Planet are one and the same.

Proof is something that lies before you and has for years. It is not only in the geology of the Earth. If you simply look to how the government is reacting, you can see a pattern. Of course, for some, who are wishing that it not be so, there will be no amount of proof. Why does NASA hide what the Hubble sees and fail to give it out? This should all tell you something, so look to that behavior and ask, why this is occurring. Unless one is looking at a star with a tiny pinpoint of light, there can be many interpretations for what is seen. Many emanations that come from the sky are only able to be determined by large observatories, which are so few in number and require such an amount of money to support them that they inevitably are at the end of some puppet string and can be pulled and controlled. In addition, you have statements from NASA and JPL that can counter what people may see.

Whatever happened to Planet X that was sighted in 1983? For hundreds of years prior to this, astronomers were plotting the orbits of the outer planets and stating that there was a perturbation. This caused a flurry of activity going into the early 1980's, in which there were calculations by Van Flandern and others showing the approximate size of a planet, an extra planet in the solar system that would account for the perturbations. In fact, he was remarkably close to the actual size of the 12th Planet which is inbound. They found it. They located it by infrared. There were newspaper announcements and suddenly not a word was said for a decade. Then NASA explained that tiny differences in weight of the outer planets explained it all. If this were the case, since the weight of the planets is calculated from the orbits and the visible sizes, why would all those astronomers for all those centuries be confused and notice the perturbations? They would have calculated the weight to explain the perturbation to begin with! Of course you're being fooled and lied to.

The skies are very crowded, with many lights, some moving, some not, and unless you have a relatively stationary star that is bright and with a pinpoint of light, it is difficult to the average man to say that it's this or it's that. The 12th Planet, at the distance it is at in 1999, is smaller to the eye than Pluto, which is a speck. In addition, Pluto is reflecting sunlight, which the 12th Planet cannot as yet because of its distance. Therefore, it does not have the bright appearance that Pluto does, and is smaller than Pluto. It has a dim red glow, which would almost fade into the background because there is no bright pin point of light. Therefore you must look at it, focus not for the bright light but for the dim light. Most of your telescopic equipment is accustomed to filtering out the pin point of light that comes from a star, which is quite intense in the middle. Therefore you have to gear to a magnitude of 10 to account for the skewing that your telescope equipment uses to adjust for starlight, and look for something tiny.

Rather than look for a moving object which will surely become visible and traceable the year before the pole shift, look to the changes in your Earth. The types of Earthquake changes, the types of weather changes, are going to tell you more truly than anything else what is approaching. Take a look at the Jewish Exodus, and what the Bible and Egyptian Papyrus tell you occurred prior to that cataclysm - the bugs and frogs seemingly crazed, the droughts and deluges. These are indications to you as surely as the heating of the oceans from the bottom up and the disbursing magnitude of the confused core, that something is very, very close. This should alert you, and you will soon enough see something in the skies.

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