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ZetaTalk: Littleton Massacre
Note: written Jun 15, 1999

The Littleton Massacre is of course not unique. There have been several such massacres lately, and there will be several more, nor will it be limited to schools. Spates of violence or sadism, causing people to scratch their heads and wonder what causing this to occur. An analysis is done. Were the parent's neglectful? Was it rock and roll, the food they ate, copycat behavior? It's none of that. As hard as it may be for some to believe, there is a polarization whereby certain children are incarnated with spirits that are in their final trial. They are destined to pack off and live off with their own kind, and are on the verge of deciding but still have a lot of indecisiveness as to which way they should go. Should they be empathic and care for others as much as they care for themselves, or should they be self centered and just go for what they can get for themselves.

They need that final push. In some cases they chose for the better. They're put in a circumstance and they turn toward other people and continue on their deliberations and grow on a different path. But in many cases, this is a final decision. At this point in time, things are moving in two directions. One path is to reincarnate on this earth as a Service-to-Other oriented individual wherein the individual truly cares as much for others as they do for themselves, The other path is to leave this earth and go off with others who care for themselves 95% of the time and rarely, if ever, think about others. In between there is the vast majority who will go off to another world, being too young in their spiritual existence to have made a determination, so they will continue their deliberations on another world.

So what's going on, with some of the very violent young people in the news lately, or with the extreme sadism in certain pockets of the earth. Although we've seen this in the past, it seems to be more clear cut and definitive. At the same time we have more democracies, more ecological caring for the world, and the crime rates goes down. So these other extremes are in violent contrast. There are very mature Service-to-Self souls who are often attempting to practice sadism and control of others and harden themselves to creating death and destruction, terrifying and intimidating others, skills that they will need for their next incarnation. If they make that determination, they are hoping to gain entry into that world as something other than a low level individual, as somebody who can be perhaps viewed as a lieutenant to a strong arm individual in that new environment. They will try to gain their entry ticket by being violent and sadistic and horrifying in their determination to dominate others, to create a control situation, and to show that they themselves cannot be intimidated by turning their guns on themselves.

This is present in almost all cases of the extreme and unexplainable violence you see in young people of late. If you were to go into the homes and watch these children while they were growing up, you'll find that they are not normal children, though the parents may have been unaware. In external social behavior, they have been immaculately careful to be in compliance so that they fade into the social veneer, but there is something that others can tell you they sensed was wrong. A vibration, a sense of coldness, a lack of caring, a slowness to respond under certain circumstances where someone who was in the same setting would have flushed and jerked and rushed to another’s aid. Little signs, that are generally overlooked, but they were there.

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