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ZetaTalk: Emissaries of Light
Note: written Feb 15, 1997

In the time honored disguise of assuming a title that has nothing to do with one’s true intentions, the group calling themselves the Emissaries of Light, founded by Floyd Meeker, is neither an emissary of any entities in light form nor does their philosophy represent any these entities would wish to stand behind. Much about in New Age cultures is the salutation - love and light - and this can accompany takeover schemes, outright rip-offs, and sarcastic jabs. Look not to what groups call themselves, look to what they do with their time and the results of their efforts. Do they inspire mankind to independent thinking and into raising their eyes from self-concern, or do they play on self doubts and collect fees? Do they better the world around them, giving rather than taking, or do they only better their own circumstances? This is what matters, not the name.

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