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ZetaTalk: Nuclear Tests
Note: written Nov 15, 1995

Mankind first sought the bomb as a defense, but the implications of this kind of power were not lost on the power hungry. Do as we say or we'll nuke you. The ultimate clout. While prototypes were being manufactured in great haste and secrecy, all due to rumors that the Germans or Japs were also working in great haste and secrecy, there were those who said the word "defense" with utmost solemnity while their hearts were wildly beating to the word "power". It has been thus on many 3rd Density worlds, with weapons of great destruction leading to a contest between the well being or even survival of the planet and the massive, self-focused ego of he who would hold the ultimate power.

Nuclear power should never be used in power plays, as more than the participants are affected. Nuclear fallout or underground seepage always lingers and escapes control, affecting many generations. Those who choose to use nuclear power for any reason, whether for defense, to show off, to gain an upper hand, to be defiant, or just to have one's name on the list as having made the grade know this. Innocent babes in the future will have a diminished quality of life, sometimes living through life deformed and chronically sick, but those who are inflamed with their sense of power and with a sense of themselves think not of others. In all cases, including the original bombs dropped by the US government during World War II, including the so-called tests that countries claim they must do to stay up on the technology, in all these cases where the harmful residuals will be unleashed on the innocent there is at the core of this decision one firmly in the Service-to-Self, one so drunk on the ability to devastate the lives of others that this is a perk, rather than a caution, during the determination to proceed.

Peel back the layers of scientists and bureaucrats and military strategists surrounding a nuclear test and you will ultimately come to the core. You will know them by the cold gleam in their unsmiling eyes, their utter lack of compassion, their refusal to contemplate any arguments against their chosen path, but most telling will be what they reveal when the bomb explodes, spewing poison out over innocents, and innocents yet to be born. At that moment there is a type of orgasm of the soul, the mouth dropping open, the breath held and then gasped, the eyes widening and brow smoothing as though no longer distressed or concerned, a slight smile about the mouth. Where those who care about the Earth and her ecology and peoples are looking on in horror - the man who made it all happen is having the orgasm of the soul that the ultimate power trip brings to those firmly in the Service-To-Self.

Those who wish to stop this senseless unleashing of nuclear waste need to pry down to the core of each such endeavor and find that person or persons who are instigating this. Challenge these individuals personally on their rationale, and do not harass the buffers these people build around them. By this means and this means only will they be exposed for what they are, for when challenged they will reveal themselves by their behavior and their answers.

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