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ZetaTalk: By What Names
Note: written Aug 15, 1995

Humans have a saying - a Rose by any other name would smell as sweet. The aliens visiting Earth have a fragrance too, in a manner of speaking, which by any name is just as succinct and identifiable. There are Service-to-Self and Service-to-Other visitors, and these divisions are distinct. This is a name we are insisting on, as whatever else you call us, the term Service-to-Others must be included. The Service-to- Self groups, as you can imagine, prefer that term be dropped entirely, as it tends to alert those they are trying to recruit. The Service-to-Others have almost invariably allowed the humans being contacted to name them. Betty and Barney Hill named us, and the name, having been publicized, stuck. Zeta is your term for the star system we came from. Likewise the Pleiadeans were named for their home constellation. They have never minded, and the Nordics, named for their appearance, could care less. A problem exists where the hundreds of aliens that appear to be gray to humans, because the human eye cannot perceive the color spectrum, are all simply called grays. No one has bothered to name them, or catalog them, and the task will probably proceed willy-nilly as contactees come forth with sketches and a catchy name sticks.

Aliens in the Service-to-Self orientation are very particular about their names, as they are pompous and concerned about impressions. The Omnipotent Krlll, for example. They are prone to announce themselves, and insist on ceremony. Humans confused over names, what to call this group or that are frequently reacting to frauds put forth by the establishment, who announce the alien group or spirit, by name. Since the Service-to-Other are not particular, and are concerned with content, not titles, any alien group announcing itself by name should be suspected as either a Service-to-Self group or more likely a fraud put forth by humans. Where a Service-to-Others alien group or entity has assigned a name to itself, this has been in response to humans, who have insisted. What's your name? What do you call yourself? How shall we refer to you?

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