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ZetaTalk: Telling the Truth
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

This is an issue that is not only inherent in humans society, it is inherent throughout the Universe wherever there is intelligence with the capacity to deceive and the desire to do so. This issue arises in humans from the very earliest age. The child with its hand in the cookie jar explains, when caught, just what it was up to. The explanations are anything but the truth, most often. As adults, humans and we must confess, many aliens, become more sophisticated. Blatant lies are replaced with subtle changes and omissions, which cleverly twist the meaning from what a plain delivery of the facts would present. By these means most of human society is presented with what politicians wish the voter to perceive, corporate managers wish the stockholders to believe, lovers desire their sex partners to understand, and the tax payers hopes the IRS will buy.

With this in mind, we enter the realm of the alien presence, with the number of players multiplied from humans to all the alien groups who have an interest. Even those who are in the Service-to-Others orientation, those who are highly telepathic with each other and therefore virtually unable to lie to each other, find themselves packaging the facts palatably. Then, of course, there are the professional liars, both human and alien, the Service-to-Self who have no compunction about leading anyone astray. How can one sort out the truth? We suggest that the same methods used effectively to disrobe liars and exaggerators in human society be applied to the alien issue. Where one finds a lie or that the truth has been stretched, point this out with irrefutable facts, if they exist, or solid logic. At the very least, untruthful statements can be challenged with your statements that the facts seem otherwise to you. An unchallenged statement often goes as truth to the uninformed. Where there is contention, the uninformed tend to weigh the caliber, both the moral and professional qualification, of the contestants.

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