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ZetaTalk: Attempt to Dominate

Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

Regarding direct conflict situations in human society, where one human desires to overtly dominate another, where excuses for the one who wishes to dominate can not be made. Can humans do more to defer these situations than they presently do? The answer is, unfortunately, no. During this density, the 3rd Density, which is the human condition at this time, there is not a clear division between Service-to- Self and Service-to-Others. Humans are deciding. Therefore, confusion exists between humans as to the motive of another human. Is the behavior because the other human is in need, is insecure, has been harmed in the past, is unduly fearful and in need of reassurance, is being protective of others, or has misunderstood?

All these paths are explored in the human mind when dealing with an attempt at domination from another human. Should the answer to any of the above be yes, then the needs of the other human are addressed, and the attempt at domination is taken not as an offense but as a symptom. However, there are those times when the attempt at domination is from a human who is strongly oriented to Service-to-Self, and is into power games. In general these situations are recognized by other humans for the game it is. All is balanced except when the human desiring to dominate is much in ascension over the other. Here is the opportunity for sadism, whether mental or physical, and the human strongly oriented to Service-to-Self can scarcely resist. To overcome the normal human resistance to pain or torment, and the normal human societal protections against this, is a power trip for the Service-to-Self.

In the next density, 4th Density, these individuals are separated so as to be forced to deal with themselves. Individuals who would be strongly taken advantage of by those of Service-to-Self orientation, the Service- to-Others, are also separated, to be with their own kind. But during 3rd Density, the decision to fall to one or the other orientation is hastened by the struggle that victims and perpetrators, as well as witnesses must endure. A given situation is not caused by the victims actions, as who truly wants to be victimized? Society deals with its grief by accusing the victim. In dealing with a situation of domination and victimization, there are three possible postures.

All these are opportunities for growth, in one direction or the other, and this is the major lesson of 3rd Density.

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