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ZetaTalk: Lessons of 4th Density
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

The lessons of 4th Density are more numerous, and bridge to some degree to the goals of 5th Density. In 4th Density the entity is further fine-tuning its mode of relationship to others. Where in 3rd Density the entity was surrounded by a mix of orientations, in 4th Density the mix is segregated.

The Service-to-Self entity finds others more difficult to dominate and control, as all others are so inclined. The struggle engrosses them, almost entirely, for some time. Eventually they learn how to proceed with other lessons, while surrounded by others whom they must somehow work with. This solution almost invariably involves a firm pecking order, and rules, lots of rules.

The Service-to-Other entity finds themselves surrounded by others they can count on, theoretically. Service-to-Others trust each other utterly, relying on each other to assume the role they volunteered for. Early in 4th Density there is much breach of trust. Entities coming from 3rd Density are not used to the intense dedication involved. They are used to being forgiven when things go awry, as most responsibility is shared in 3rd Density, which is seldom foolish enough to utterly trust that a task will be done without much checking and oversight. The Service-to-Other entity coming from 3rd Density is used to putting in a shift, documenting the work done or giving a status check, and knocking off work. Time now for play. In 4th Density play is a group endeavor, when the responsibilities normally looked after are temporarily transferred to others.

Thus, the reader can see that the orientation lessons of 4th Density are as time consuming as those of 3rd Density. However, in addition to orientation lessons, the 4th Density entity is greatly increasing their knowledge of how the Universe works. We have mentioned the IQ jump from 3rd to 4th Density, and that this increase in intelligence cannot be solely measured by an IQ test. It is a quantum leap. The time spent in 4th Density, studying, is not, therefore, time lost. The entity finds themselves, for the first time, truly able to contemplate the workings of the Universe.

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