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ZetaTalk: War and Crime
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

Regarding war and crime. We, as with most humans, abhor war and crime. War mongers and criminals tolerate war and crime as a necessary means to an end. However, they find war and crime intolerable when they are the receivers, rather than the deliverers. War and crime have no part in a Service-to-Others culture. War and crime have victims and victors. In a Service-to-Others culture, there is only we, us. Where one is a victim, we all are a victim. Therefore there are no victims. War and crime exist in the Service-to-Self culture, to a great degree. In fact, this is a way of life for all the entities in this culture. Where humans are in the stage, or density, where they must make these decisions, determining which orientation they wish to take, which path they wish to follow, we, the Zetas, have already decided. Those humans who choose Service-to-Others will find in their future that war and crime are only words in the dictionary. Those humans who choose Service-to-Self will find that war and crime become their constant obsessions.

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