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ZetaTalk: Service-to- Other

Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

The life force is the same throughout the Universe. The lessons to be learned during incarnations are similar, during the various stages. In the stage, or density as some know it, that humans are in, the lessons focus around self. Should one be focused entirely upon self, be in Service-to-Self, or should one be focused upon others as well, be in Service-to-Others. In the stage we, the Zetas are in, we have made that determination.

We are Service-to-Other Zetas. Our ambitions, therefore, relate to how we can be of Service. Our careers are self chosen, where each chooses that career he feels would best allow him to be of Service. Our society's rules are a whole other question, which would be extensive to answer. Suffice it to say that our society takes care of the minimal needs of all Zetas. We are free to concentrate on our chosen Service. Any gaps in the support structure is observed by any Zetas in the vicinity, who fill in with service as needed. We utterly trust each other. At times this trust proves misplaced, but this is part of the lessons we are learning during this stage, or density, that we are in.

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