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Addendum to the Troubled Times Survival Booklet

In the course of constant review and continual updating of the material in the electronic version of our booklet, the following errors have been found in first edition of our printed version. These errors will have been corrected in any subsequent editions of the booklet should they be published. Please accept this addendum to your booklet along with our sincere apologies for any confusion these errors may have caused.

On page 32, in the Adobe Brick section, add “clay” to the list of ingredients for adobe bricks in the first sentence.

In the first sentence of the 12 Volt/DC section on page 50, and on in the first sentence on page 51, replace “alternative” with “alternating.”

On page 55, the heading “Nichol-Cadmium (ni-cad) Batteries” contains a misspelling of “nickel.”

In the last paragraph on page 69, delete the parenthetical phrase “(or gypsum).” Also add “Though is contains only trace amounts of potassium and phosphorous,” to the beginning of the last sentence on that page, which begins with “Gypsum has several properties that make it a good substitute for wood ash…”

On page 70, in the Honey and Bees section, replace “…nutrients such as 35% protein, half of all amino acids…” with “…nutrients such as 3.5% protein, from 11 to 21 free amino acids…”

On page 71, delete the following sentences in their entirety. “Eaten raw, they can be a cholesterol hazard. The trick, according to one of our Troubled Times experts, is to cook the egg whites hard, leaving the yolks soft, as in some boiled or poached eggs. This will help neutralize the cholesterol risk.” (Recent scientific studies show that eggs may actually contain less cholesterol than originally thought, and there does not appear to be any evidence showing that raw eggs have more cholesterol than cooked eggs.)