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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for May 31, 2020

I was looking some pictures of Jared before 2020 and late 2019. Seems like Jared is not Jared anymore. I mean looks like He is not the same person in fact He is not! Is this was a move by the White Hats or was a move by the DS? Also, we all know about the Kushner bloodline and the ties with the Israel elite community. So maybe Bibi or GS behind the Jared replacement? I can see some differences in the teeth (the two pronounce front teeth in the double and almost a perfect smile in the real one, the dimples in the cheeks of the real Jared ain't in the latest appearance of Jared (double). The ears and the eyebrows has some differences also. Maybe I'm wrong but even the lips and chin are not the same. [and from another] [and from another] Jared Kushner identified as senior White House official whose security clearance was denied by career officials April 3, 2019 The senior White House official whose security clearance was denied last year because of concerns about foreign influence, private business interests and personal conduct is presidential son-in-law Jared Kushner, according to people familiar with documents and testimony provided to the House Oversight Committee.

As Chief of Staff Kelly determined when pushing back against a security clearance for Jared, Jared’s loyalties were not to his father-in-law but to the Soros group, and this caused repeated conflict within the West Wing. Jared appears to have a slightly different face recently, and has been replaced, in public, with a Double who can be counted on to follow the script. Previously, Jared would say one thing to President Trump, but follow his own agenda when put into a power position. Neither Jared nor Ivanka have been arrested, but Jared has been neutered.  

Take a look at this radar screen capture from this morning for me, and maybe ask the Zetas. I uploaded it to YouTube, I thought “might as well” since it was also too big to be sent to you by email. My educated guess is that it was some sort of burst from rock friction below perhaps?  I did a little reading about Doppler radar just a bit ago. What gave me pause was that if those images are Doppler generated, I don’t know if rock friction charge or lighting would be detected by it. If there was a radar signature contour different than the original storm, it could be a radar so called “echo,”? [and from another] Happened on April 29th 2020. Strange “flash” registered within storm radar reading, with abnormal coloration that only lasted briefly [at 9:50]. You can see the New Madrid fault line riding along the river below it and New Madrid the town itself barely above and left of the flash, at the river bend. Happened about the same time an earthquake hit by Rutledge, Tennessee, visible on the map marked by the yellow spot. [and from another] “Echoes from surface targets appear in almost all radar reflectivity images. In the immediate area of the radar, "ground clutter" generally appears within a radius of 20 nm. This appears as a roughly circular region with echoes that show little spatial continuity. It results from radio energy reflected back to the radar from outside the central radar beam, from the earth's surface or buildings.” [and from another] The Current Radar map shows areas of current precipitation. A weather radar is used to locate precipitation, calculate its motion, estimate its type (rain, snow, hail, etc.), and forecast its future position and intensity. Modern weather radars are mostly doppler radars, capable of detecting the motion of rain droplets in addition to intensity of the precipitation. Both types of data can be analyzed to determine the structure of storms and their potential to cause severe weather. Precipitation type is indicated by the color - green is rain, pink is a mix of rain, freezing rain, sleet, and/or snow, and blue is snow.

The changing colors in a rain storm being displayed by radar represent the intensity of precipitation – a heavy deluge or a light drizzle. These colors range from green indicating moderate precipitation through to yellow and then red for a deluge. What would cause the radar interpretation to flash into red for a split second, and then return to green and yellow? Rainstorms take minutes, at a minimum, to disburse. Nor is this display related to the Radar Circles that appeared in 2010, technically called “echoes”. These were caused, as we explained, by clumping particles attracted to the flow of magnetons.

The flashes of red on this radar image as it passes over the New Madrid Fault Line near the town of New Madrid do not represent a sudden deluge, but are a distortion of the feedback the radar software uses to determine precipitation density. The feedback was reacting to the emission of electronic screech that occurred during an adjustment in the border between the soft and hard rock east of the town of New Madrid. The screech is a flood of electromagnetic particles, similar to what radar uses when looking for the feedback from its radar probe. This was a false-positive, thus, reporting rain when it was feedback pollution.

If the US comes under a severe EMP attack by Nibiru, will the administration blame hackers or deliberate infrastructure equipment from foreign adversaries? [and from another] May 2, 2020: Trump Declares National Emergency As Foreign Hackers Threaten U.S. Power Grid
[and from another] May 1, 2020: U.S. Moves to Address ‘Extraordinary Threat’ From Some Foreign Electric Gear [and from another] May 1, 2020 Trump issues executive order to protect power grid from attack [and from another] [and from another] May 1, 2020 White House: Executive Order on Securing the United States Bulk-Power System I, DONALD J. TRUMP, President of the United States of America, find that foreign adversaries are increasingly creating and exploiting vulnerabilities in the United States bulk-power system. [and from another] March 26, 2019 An electromagnetic pulse (EMP) has the potential to disrupt, degrade, and damage technology and critical infrastructure systems.  Human-made or naturally occurring EMPs can affect large geographic areas, disrupting elements critical to the Nation’s security and economic prosperity, and could adversely affect global commerce and stability. [and from another] April 10, 2019 These robust energy supplies present the United States with tremendous economic opportunities. To fully realize this economic potential, however, the United States needs infrastructure capable of safely and efficiently transporting these plentiful resources to end users.

On its face, President Trump’s EO issued on May 1, 2020 is addressing the vulnerability of the US infrastructure when using shoddy equipment manufactured by foreign governments, or when using deliberately faulty equipment designed to sabotage the USA. The recent Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the dangers of complacency. Faulty masks and tests manufactured in China have been exposed. But at a time when Nibiru is causing more and more EMP assaults, might this most recent EO about the power grid be used to avoid an admission about Nibiru?

President Trump has rightly focused on the US power grid, issuing an EO on April 10, 2019 to facilitate energy independence and the distribution of oil, gas, and coal resources. This followed closely an EO on March 26, 2019 ordering an inspection and rectification of the grid re EMP vulnerability. The bases have certainly been covered. Why not, then, simply set about to replace shoddy equipment that might have been identified? Why publicize this possibility in an EO? The time when Nibiru can no longer be denied is close at hand, and President Trump and his Junta do not want to be rushed into an admission. Blaming shoddy equipment during any downtime buys them time.

In Maine, after dark, there was a flash of white light that lasted only briefly, seen up and down the coastline and much discussed on FaceBook. There was no boom sound. Was this a skyquake? Or related to shifting plate movement? It was like a strobe light, but huge though very brief.
[and from another] In the context of light pollution, skyglow arises from the use of artificial light sources, including electrical (or rarely gas) lighting used for illumination and advertisement and from gas flares Light propagating into the atmosphere directly from upward-directed or incompletely shielded sources, or after reflection from the ground or other surfaces, is partially scattered back toward the ground, producing a diffuse glow that is visible from great distances. Skyglow from artificial lights is most often noticed as a glowing dome of light over cities and towns, yet is pervasive throughout the developed world. [and from another] Skyquakes are unexplained reports of a phenomenon that sounds like a cannon, trumpet or a sonic boom coming from the sky. They have been heard in several locations around the world. [and from another] The reason why sky looks blue during the day is because when the sun rays hit the atmosphere they get scattered into their constituent colors and it's the blue color that scatters the most so we see that the sky is largely blue.

This mystery can be solved by the process of elimination. This could have been lightning creating a flash except for the lack of a thunder clap or visible lightning snaking down to the ground or across the sky. It was not lightning. It could have been earthquake lights except this light did not precede any perceptible earthquake. It was not related to an earthquake. It was not ground movement, it was air movement that was perceived. Nor was it related to the booms that accompany heaving land or water during plate movements. This was light, not sound, that was perceived. This was not related to plate movement elsewhere.

This was not an aurora, as though these are increasingly seen at lower latitudes, they linger and are not brief. Nor are they a single color, this color being white. Skyglow, the light pollution seen over cities where light is reflected back from a cloud cover, did not occur as no large city or light source existed under the flash point. We have, because of Nibiru’s vast tail, had glowing neon clouds and spirals in the sky. We have also had debris, an increase in bolides that are visible for miles. This light strobe did not result from any of this.

But the Lomonosov petrol bubbles that are increasingly arriving to explode on the Earth’s outer atmosphere does account for this light flash. These explosions are brief, with light that scatters in all directions. Unlike bolides or mid-air airplane explosions, which are visible as yellow or orange in color, an explosion on the edge of the outer atmosphere results in disbursed light rays and merges with the predominant blue light color of the sky. The result is white light. As Alberto has noted, the Lomonosov petrol bubbles are clouding his camera view. There will be more such Lomonosov flashes in the skies.

The Judge said that they (the White Hats) can stop Nibiru. I'm wondering if it's true or just a joke. What the Zetas say about that? [and from another] Would the Zetas care to comment on the RDJ stating that Nibiru can be stopped? [and from another] We have ways of stopping Nibiru. [and from another] Asked in 1980 why the Secret had yet to be released, Pope John Paul II told a German audience: ‘Because of the seriousness of its contents, in order not to encourage the world wide power of Communism to carry out certain coups, my Predecessors in the Chair of Peter have diplomatically preferred to withhold its publication. On the other hand, it should be sufficient for all Christians to know this much: if there is a message in which it is said that the oceans will flood entire sections of the earth; that, from one moment to the other, millions of people will perish ... there is no longer any point in really wanting to publish this secret message.’

When someone tells you to continue prepping but not to worry, that’s when you start to worry because you are not being given the truth. We appreciate the Judges admitting that Nibiru exists. We appreciate them telling the public they should continue prepping. But stopping Nibiru, by deflecting it with nukes or attempting to disintegrate a planet 23 times as massive as the Earth and 5 times the diameter of Earth has been tried and failed. This is an inhabited planet, and the Council of Worlds does not allow one inhabited planet to destroy another. It’s going to do a passage, so deal with it.

Not to worry is what the Catholic Church has been saying about the Third Secret of Fatima. Pope John Paul II tipped their hand when he told a German audience in 1980: “if there is a message in which it is said that the oceans will flood entire sections of the earth; that, from one moment to the other, millions of people will perish ... there is no longer any point in really wanting to publish this secret message.”  The most the establishment can promise is that inbound debris will be countered and disintegrated, as Chelyabinsk demonstrated.

Not to worry forces a placated populace into panic when the moment strikes, as the public did when the Covid-19 pandemic struck, rushing out to buy toilet paper as though this would save them. Rather, the public should be told their salvation lies in community gardens and flocks of chickens, learning how to save seed and rebuild shelters with hand tools, and preparing to move away from the coastlines when the Last Weeks arrive or preparing for houseboat communities, as the oceans have already become lush from Nibiru’s iron rich dust.

We presume this statement by the Judges about stopping Nibiru is a test, though we are unlikely to ever know as the whole issue is “classified”. Faced with the toilet paper panic in the US when the lockdowns were announced and the starvation in Venezuela when the price of oil plunged and the social welfare system collapsed, the establishment does not know how to proceed. Test 1 was total denial of Nibiru. Fail. Test 2 is admitting it exists but telling the public that daddy will take care of it. Fail. Test 3 should be more honesty. 

Could there be any insight as to the more than a dozen children in city NYC hospitals who have a rare illness connected to COVID-19? Is this related or akin to Kawasaki Disease? With no fatalities reported among the New York City cases, is this just more fear posturing using a "concern for the children" linking it to covid-19? I've read the first recent case of this disease was spotted on the West Coast much like covid-19 did. If so they Why NYC?
[and from another] Insects carrying virus with the wind over hundreds of miles could explain the west coast cases (see study published 2011 below), but NYC. "..The pediatric multi-syndrome inflammatory syndrome that has been observed in 15 NYC children who were hospitalized from April 17 to May 1." It's been considered a direct symptom of COVID-19. "The syndrome resembles Kawasaki disease, authorities said, an inflammatory condition of the blood vessels in which children develop a high fever, rash on the back, chest and abdomen, bloodshot eyes, swollen hands and feet, swollen lymph glands and swelling around the mouth and lips. Cohen is one of several local hospitals where pediatricians say they’re concerned about recent hospitalizations of previously healthy children who have become critically ill with the same features, resembling Toxic Shock Syndrome and Kawasaki disease, an autoimmune sickness that can be triggered by a viral infection and if not treated quickly, can cause life-threatening damage to the arteries and the heart. [and from another] Kawasaki disease and toxic shock have been seen in patients between the ages of 2 and 15, as well as days-long fevers and inflammation. Four of the 15 children tested positive for COVID-19, and six tested positive for the coronavirus antibodies, signifying a previous infection. The city's health department may only be recognizing severe cases at this point, but one doctor familiar with the illness believes there will be many more to come. [and from another] Back in 2011 Starr DiGiacomo posted a study under the highly informative blog "Disease outbreaks will increase as per ZetaTalk" showing then a study Kawasaki Disease. [and from another] 11/10/11 Researchers Find Surprising Link To Wind Patterns [and from another] [and from another] In response to an unknown trigger, the immune system may begin producing antibodies that instead of fighting infections, attack the body's own tissues. Treatment for autoimmune diseases generally focuses on reducing immune system activity. [and from another] Dr. Jane C. Burns always takes her vacation in September and October. That's when, she says, there is a "lull in the action." By action, she means the influx of children with Kawasaki disease that she has come to expect during summer and winter months. Similar seasonal patterns are seen in other parts of the world, but no one has been able to explain why. Now Burns and her colleagues think they may have found an important clue -- blowing in the wind. [and from another]

It is well known that a virus can incite an auto-immune reaction in the human body. Acute episodes of Multiple Sclerosis most often follow a cold or flu. Guillain-Barre paralysis is associated with a stomach flu or seasonal flu virus, as the surge in cases during the 1976 swine flu vaccinations showed. The vaccine was withdrawn due to this surge. Nancy still bears the aftereffects of Guillain-Barre, when all in the household had a stomach flu but she only became temporarily quadriplegic.

Autoimmune reactions occur because the immune system cannot clearly differentiate between the germ or allergen and some cell type in the human body. This is not a weak immune system, it is an over-reactive and robust immune system. The Covid-19 virus has the characteristic of inciting an over-reaction. Thus older individuals, who have an immune memory of mustering an attack against corona virus in the past are suffering from cytokine storms – an inflammatory reaction during an immune response.

Notably the auto-immune reaction comes after the exposure to the virus, after the initial fight between the immune system and the virus is engaged. Auto-immune is a secondary reaction. The immune system engages the primary enemy, the virus, but by association some cell type has been tagged as a related enemy. Can this cell type be eliminated? No, because it is inherent in the human body. Thus a lingering inflammation ensues, which can be broken by anti-inflammatory meds such as Prednisone or diminished by the passage of time. 

Moreover, even though the vaccine does not yet exist, Denmark has just voted the principle of forced vaccination. However, many people are asking themselves the legitimate question of the content of the vaccine that the establishment is trying to impose on them. [and from another] The ZTs explained that gates basically hung himself by telling the plan and naming names. Dr. Mikovits, a whistleblower teaches how the medical cartel had manipulated the system so they could kill the human population with a planned Pandemic. [and from another] Denmark rushes through emergency coronavirus law March 13, 2020 Denmark's parliament on Thursday night unanimously passed an emergency coronavirus law which gives health authorities powers to force testing, treatment and quarantine with the backing of the police. [and from another] Fact-checking Judy Mikovits, the controversial virologist attacking Anthony Fauci in a viral conspiracy video May 8, 2020 Mikovits also accuses Anthony Fauci, head of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and a prominent member of the White House’s Coronavirus Task Force, of being responsible for the deaths of millions during the early years of the HIV/AIDS pandemic. The video claims Mikovits was part of the team that discovered HIV, revolutionized HIV treatment, and was jailed without charges for her scientific positions. Science fact-checked the video. None of these claims are true. [and from another] Connections Between Bill Gates, Dr. Fauci, the WHO and the CDC – Relevant to Coronavirus Pandemic April 8, 2020  Gates and his father for decades have been connected to George Soros and Dr. Anthony Fauci.  Dr. Fauci is on the leadership counsel for the Gates Foundation. [and from another] America, Meet Tony Fauci. HIV/AIDS Activists Have Known Him a Long Time March 20, 2020 Under Fauci’s leadership, NIAID became the single largest funder of HIV/AIDS research in the world. His own lab’s research also has helped clarify fundamental relationships between the virus and the immune system.

When we explained why Bill Gates was recently executed by the Tribunals, we detailed his plans to poison selected portions of the populace with a vaccine. These rumors about Gates had long been circulating, and he and his partners had been watched closely while evidence was collected. Within the body of ZetaTalk we have also confirmed how the Bush administration tried to release the 1957 Bird Flu virus to incite a pandemic, a maneuver that was stopped. And it is well known that the CIA’s hand was at the helm when HIV/AIDS escaped Africa.

Now that the Covid-19 pandemic put the world on lockdown, fearing a repeat of the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic, there is talk of a mandatory vaccine to end the worry. There are several vaccines in human trials, in several different countries, and most of them will work. Testing is being expedited, with volunteers willing to be infected after inoculation. Thus, their availability by the Fall of 2020 is likely. These vaccines will be as safe as any, as all vaccines carry the risk of an adverse reaction. The 1976 Swine Flu vaccine, a mandatory vaccine, was withdrawn due to an increase in the auto-immune reaction – Guillain Barré.

Alarms have been raised about a potential mass-poisoning of the population because the hard working Dr. Fauci has been known to work with the Gates Foundation and been in photos grouped with Soros. Guilt by association. Of course those with evil intent try to surround themselves with camouflage. Gates was not an immunologist. He chose the best for his camo. Fauci's association with prior pandemics comes from his expertise and work ethic, not from any evil intent. He strikes an appropriate balance with President Trump, who is a visionary leading the world out of the lockdown nightmare, by recommending traditional safety brakes.

I believe this is another sign of the times.  I feel Israel's image will go down the drain. [and from another] Benjamin Netanyahu Suggests Microchipping Kids, Sslammed by Experts May 8, 2020 Cyber experts slammed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for his proposal to "microchip" children who return to schools and kindergartens as the coronavirus lockdown is lifted. Every person, every kid – I want it on kids first – would have a sensor that would sound an alarm when you get too close, like the ones on cars. [and from another] Benjamin Netanyahu Shockingly Suggests Microchipping Children who Return to School after the Covid-19 Lockdown in Israel is Lifted May 11, 2020 “And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.” Revelation 13:16-18 (KJB) [and from another] If you translate the Hebrew spelling of 666, you actually spell out Neron Kesar - the Hebrew spelling of Nero Caesar. Even if you take the alternative spelling of the number of the beast, which has been found in several early Biblical texts as being written 616, you can translate that out as being Nero Cesar. [and from another] The beast number has several interesting properties which numerologists may find particularly interesting (Keith 1982-83). In particular, the beast number is equal to the sum of the squares of the first 7 primes. [and from another] This bill authorizes the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to award grants for testing, contact tracing, monitoring, and other activities to address COVID-19 (i.e., coronavirus disease 2019). Entities such as federally qualified health centers, nonprofit organizations, and certain hospitals and schools are eligible to receive such grants. In awarding the grants, the CDC shall prioritize applicants that (1) operate in hot spots and medically underserved communities, and (2) agree to hire individuals from the communities where grant activities occur.

What is Netanyahu’s underlying agenda when suggesting that school children be microchipped to alert them to stay 6 feet apart? Bibi has long wanted to track migrants, worldwide, as the Last Weeks arrive and the Pole Shift disrupts the ability of governments to keep track of their citizens. He and FaceBook’s Zuckerberg were shot down in 2016 when they tried to launch a satellite over Africa for this purpose. Zuckerberg likewise tried to launch an app called “Disaster Maps” that would track migrant groups in 2017.

Bibi started his microchipping scheme with young children as they have proven to be very resistant to the Covid-19 virus, thus being allowed to return to school early as the lockdowns lift. But his plan was to move to adults in Israel, and then to convince the rest of the world to adopt his chipping scheme. Of course, the Mossad and he, Bibi, would be privy to where the herd migrated to after the Pole Shift. As we have stated, Covid-19 will be on the run shortly, vaporizing in the Summer sunlight. It will only emerge as a series of hotspots now and then in the Fall. By then, vaccines will be available, so that the Covid-19 vaccine would likely be included with the annual flu vaccines. 

This looks like not only Gates has been replaced but also his wife. True? Any comments on this or as to what else to expect concerning the Gates foundation? Or what could be happening, because Gates tagged others on the same page. The EO the president wrote a while ago says that ill-gotten gains for crimes against the people will be taken. I’m guessing it is possible that may have happened. [and from another] Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, previously the William H. Gates Foundation, is an American private foundation founded by Bill and Melinda Gates. Based in Seattle, Washington, it was launched in 2000 and is reported to be the largest private foundation in the world, holding $46.8 billion in assets.

Indeed, Melinda Gates did not escape the jaws of justice when the Tribunals got around to her case. Photographic evidence shows that she anticipated controlling the massive Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation funds, alongside the new Double for Bill, but within a day was herself replaced with a Double. The wheels of justice may grind slowly, but they are inexorable and inevitable. Melinda was involved in all Bill Gates plans to exterminate vast numbers of humans via his planned germ laden vaccine. The Gates plan was to infect unwanted portions of humanity while curing the current pandemic.  

What happens to the vast wealth of the guilty when they are tried and executed? President Trump’s EO of March 1, 2018 specified that any funds held by those found guilty of trafficking children for Moloch worship would be confiscated. Thus the Clinton Foundation funds were confiscated, leaving only enough for the valid charities being serviced behind. A similar approach will be taken with the Gates Foundation, though the administration of any grants will be under the control of the Junta, not former employees. The vast bulk of the funds will be seized.  

The public and private view of the money shuffle does not line up, so confusion exists. At one point in the recent past the Gold from Fort Knox was stolen by the Bush/Clinton Cabal, but this has been returned. The public debt, often declared as something US citizens will have to pay for generations, has been eliminated. The Federal Reserve was taken over by Dunford in 2015, so that the Junta prints and distributes money and the former Federal Reserve Board heads no longer profit. A façade of normalcy continues, until the public is deemed ready to realize that Martial Law is in place, and functioning well.

Elon Musk? [and from another] [and from another] [and from another] [and from another] [and from another] Elon Musk resigns as Tesla chairman to settle SEC fraud case September 29, 2018 The Securities and Exchange Commission has reached a proposed settlement of securities fraud charges against Tesla’s Elon Musk that would levy $40 million in penalties and force him to resign his position as board chairman. Tesla’s stock has experienced wild swings since the billionaire teased, via Twitter, that he was taking the company private—statements the government said were false and damaging to shareholders. [and from another] Elon Musk - Education, Tesla & SpaceX - Biography May 7, 2020 Elon Reeve Musk is a South African-born American entrepreneur and businessman who founded in 1999 (which later became PayPal), SpaceX in 2002 and Tesla Motors in 2003. [and from another] Elon Musk lists two Bel Air homes after promising to sell off his possessions May 6, 2020 Two of Elon Musk's massive, multimillion-dollar Southern California homes are on the market just days after he said he planned to sell off much of what he owns. "I am selling almost all physical possessions. Will own no house," the billionaire Tesla (TSLA) and SpaceX founder said on Twitter. [and from another] As of May 2020, he has a net worth of $36.5 billion and is listed by Forbes as the 31st-richest person in the world.

We stated in early 2019 that Bezos was seeking a divorce in an attempt to protect half his fortune from being seized by the Tribunals. His crime? He was blackmailed by the CIA in the past, so allowed his warehouses and shipping containers to be used for child trafficking. Now Elon Musk is suffering a similar fate. Where Bezos took a passive role, Musk was a facilitator. His Boring Company helped create the underground tunnel systems that facilitated child trafficking at Epstein Island and the continental US.  

Comfortable with crossing the line during his promotional campaigns, Musk was a huckster selling worthless goods to the wealthy with his Mars One venture in 2016. Partnering with Zuckerberg and Bibi in the past he suffered Space X missile failures while supporting their efforts to enslave desperate migrants in the future. He was not more successful in 2019 when going it alone by proffering a free wifi network from space. There are no secrets from the telepathic Zetas, nor any escape from the Council of Worlds rules.

Now in May, 2020 Musk is suddenly cash strapped, and for a good reason. This is not a result of his Tesla plants being idled, nor has his personal wealth of an estimated 36 billion been exhausted. The Tribunals got around to the details of his case, and found him guilty of facilitation for financial GAIN. Musk has been assisted during his many endeavors by the Deep State, who seek to promote the New World Order Agenda. This includes child sacrifice, rape and murder for the Adrenochrome laden blood harvested from these terrified children. For this he lost his fortune, and may lose his life.

Here in India our PM ,in the wake of global pandemic, is transporting people from different parts of country to their respective home towns so that they could stay with their loved ones in the family especially those labour class working in different parts of India. Further about apprx 2 lac of indians living right now in USA, UK, Gulf, Singapore n other countries have also applied and accepted to be taken back to India by Indian govt. Now my question is that whether this all transportation of people related to Nibiru so that the persons could stay with their loved ones at native home towns since severe earth changes r gonna soon happen and government cannot rescue each n every person to safe places. So at least the least the govt  could do is to allow people stay n live with their loved ones in these difficult times. [and from another] The second phase of India’s massive programme to repatriate citizens stranded abroad because of the Covid-19 pandemic will bring home about 32,000 people, more than double the figure for the first phase. [and from another] India Starts Bringing Home Hundreds of Thousands Stranded May 8, 2020 Indian citizens being evacuated from Singapore. Hundreds of thousands of Indians could be repatriated by the time it is over. [and from another] India Prepares Large-Scale Repatriation of Workers Stranded by Pandemic May 5, 2020 India is working with some Arab Gulf states in an effort to repatriate hundreds of thousands of migrant laborers stranded by the coronavirus pandemic, in what could become one of the largest emergency evacuations in decades, according to people familiar with the plans.

The draconian lockdowns being enacted worldwide in almost all countries is an attempt to limit the spread of the pandemic, or at least slow down the rate of infection so that hospitals won’t be overwhelmed. Most Covid-19 cases are so mild as to be unnoticed by those infected, but at the start the only result noticed was the cytokine storm, the over-reaction of the immune system that caused the lungs to fill with fluid among those elderly with a long immune system memory from prior coronavirus infections. It was feared that Covid-19 would be as deadly as the SARS or MERS virus, with a high death toll. It is now seen that the death rate is closer to the annual flu.

Meanwhile, given the reports of overworked crematoriums in Wuhan and hospitals without ventilators to save the dying, lockdowns were instituted. If tourists and cruise ships were stranded in these early days, guest workers likewise soon found themselves stranded in their host countries. They were not needed, temporarily, due to the lockdowns that paused business activity, and unless the host country gave the workers food and lodging, starvation and death on the streets was to be the outcome. Thus Modi set about a rescue operation. This repatriation is not related to the coming Pole Shift.

Check out the earthquake activity in Nevada. At first, and after the first 6.5mg I thought that it could be related to the DUMBs sweeping by the junta (especially considering that Tonopah, NV has bunkers and military bases and the name of the current CO is actually classified). They also closed down the highway?! After checking today I see what I can only describe as aftershocks galore. The pictures I’m attaching are just for a 24 hr period. [and from another The quake occurred in the Walker Lane Seismic region, a 60-mile wide zone of active faults that straddles the Nevada-California border. That fault system stretches from the Mojave Desert in Southern California, through the Sierra Nevada, north through western Nevada and the Reno area and back into California. Fueled by the same tectonic activity that powers the infamous San Andreas fault, the Walker Lane is responsible for the 2019 Ridgecrest earthquake in Southern California and is also suspected of causing a recent magnitude 4.5 earthquake near Carson City

Although the Walker Lane Fault Line in Nevada is well known, its reason for being a Fault Line is not well understood. Nevada is hard rock from former inland salt lakes, and thus is rigid. The Sierra Mountains along the California/Nevada border were pushed up as the subduction of the Pacific Plate pushing under California caused the land above to rumple. Thus the Sierras too are solid. The Walker Lane reacts in step with San Andreas activity, as would be expected when the entire N American Continent shifts northward.

But why did this large 6.5 quake in Nevada occur? As the USGS is under-reporting quake magnitude, this was actually a Magnitude 9, and on that day was the largest quake in the world. As we have detailed many times, the Pacific is compressing while the Atlantic spreads. This is a scripted drama in place since Pangea broke apart, exacerbated by the increasingly violent Daily Wobble caused by the near presence of Nibiru. Thus subduction of the Pacific Plates under the N American Plate is a factor.

But the primary factor is the unrelenting bow stress caused by the tip of Mexico being drawn westward into the Pacific, tightening the bow stress in the center of the bow as the tip of Mexico and the Aleutian Islands are pulled toward each other. Weak points in the N American Continent snap first, with the center of the bow crunching and snapping. But with each such adjustment, more pressure is put upon the New Madrid Fault Line, which can alleviate the bow stress with a single rip. This will be sudden, as we have detailed, and devastating. 

Hello, Nancy and Zetaz. This video was recorded on the ISS 05/18/2020. I've never seen this before. What's going on in this video and why? [and from another] [and from another] May 18, 2020 (at 45:05)

NASA stopped this High Definition feed from the ISS because it revealed too much. These bright orbs are not frenetic UFOs, nor are they satellites flying in all directions. These orbs were captured only momentarily, when the ISS was approaching the sunlight side of Earth, and thus were illuminated by sunlight. Debris in the tail of Nibiru assaults the Earth regularly, but debris is not precisely round, as these orbs appear to be.

Thus by the process of elimination we are left with the petrol bubbles, the Lomonosov bubbles, which also are found in the tail. These are known by man from the images provided by the Lomonosov satellite in March, 2019 which showed explosions on the edge of the upper atmosphere. They can likewise be seen in this HD video as what appear to be globules of rain on the lens. Is there rain in space?

What caused this dam failure? [and from another] State of emergency declared, evacuations underway for 10,000 residents in Michigan following dam failure May 20, 2020 A slow-moving storm doused Michigan with heavy rains over the period of several days, triggering fear of imminent dam failure and flood warnings across the state. At least two rivers in mid-Michigan, the Tittabawassee River in Midland and the Rifle River near Sterling, reached their major flood stage, sending dams past their limits. Areas around Midland reported 3-4 inches of rain, which produced a "tremendous" amount of runoff and is causing significant rises on the river system. [and from another] 'Do not hesitate': Michigan governor urges evacuations, warns Midland could be under 9 feet of water May 20, 2020 Several dams upstream of Midland along the Tittabawassee had either been breached or were releasing water uncontrollably after 4 to 7 inches of rain fell. [and from another] Thousands evacuate area in Michigan after two dams fail May 20, 2020 The Michigan National Guard has been activated and is on site with high-water vehicles on the way to the area, according to the governor.

This sudden flooding along rivers that empty into the Saginaw Bay is not caused by rain, nor by any dam failure. Is there any sign of a breached dam? There are photos of flooding along the river. It is being blamed on potential dam failures by the frantic Governor who fears what she has been told – that the Seaway is beginning to spread apart as the N American Continent adjusts to its bowing stress, and Michigan is right in the path of danger. Heaving land that resists ripping apart has been noted in Kansas, causing flood waters to back up along the Missouri River.  

The geography of Michigan and Wisconsin and Minnesota show what a ripping seaway will do. Wisconsin is ripping open along the Green Bay Peninsula, with many lakes along that path leading to Madison. Duluth, Minnesota has deep rips in the rock where the ripping action was forced to stop the last time the Seaway was under this stress. The hard rock above Lake Superior and Lake Huron will not give. But the soft rock where Lake Erie connects to Lake Huron will give. This is causing Lake Huron near that rip point to heave, causing the waters of Saginaw Bay to backwash along rivers.

May 13, 2020, in Mage, Brazil it’s alleged that a UFO crashed. It’s alleged that there was a crash, the military breached the craft with charges, 3 ET’s emerged. One was shot and 2 fled into the forest. Are crashes still occurring on earth? Are governments still trying to bring down alien craft? If so, are ET’s being shot and/or being captured? If so, that’s evil. We wouldn’t want it done to us. Any comment from the Zeta’s? [and from another] UFO sighting: Thousands witness 'UFO crash' in Brazil amid Google Maps 'cover-up' May 17, 2020 Mysterious lights seen by thousands of people in Brazil and captured in multiple videos has sparked a social media frenzy. Video footage showing an alleged UFO crashing in a nearby forest in Mage, Brazil just north of Rio de Janeiro. [and from another] UFO Over Magé, Brazil Sparks Social Media Panic and Conspiracies May 15, 2020 Brazilians in the municipality of Magé, just north of Rio de Janeiro, reported seeing mysterious illuminated objects in the sky. The videos show blue, red and yellow orbs moving around the sky, and one video shows the lights arranged in a triangular formation. Posts about the event began disappearing on Twitter. [and from another] Brazilian Panic Following UFO Sightings May 18, 2020 Sceptics reckon that the lights were skydivers kitted out with pyrotechnics, Chinese lanterns, or drones.

Most notable about this UFO sighting was not the display but the reputed or attempted cover-up by Twitter and Google. Google images accessible by the public are years old, so what is claimed as the site of a crash is not credible, but why would Twitter attempt to kill the discussion? Battles between aliens in the Service-to-Self and Service-to-Others normally do not occur in front of humans, by order of the Council of Worlds, though in the past, in India, these battles were seen. Thus the book The Vedas describes real aliens and real battles that occurred.

The battle for planet Earth has been such that S America was contested in the recent past, with the Chupacabra unleashed to increase fear among the inhabitants. The Pointy Heads leaving Antarctica is another blow to those in the Service-to-Self. Thus solidly on the run, the resentful Service-to-Self aliens forgot the rules imposed by the Council of Worlds, and engaged their counterparts in 3rd Density, visible to the human population. The Service-to-Self are known for poor team coordination, and have been faulted for sloppy management in allowing their Chupacabra to escape.

By refusing to operate in 4th Density during a dispute, the Service-to-Self hoped to win a battle, but found that the Service-to-Others who were engaging them had gotten permission from the Council of Worlds to engage in 3rd Density if a chase required this. Thus the UFO displays, which were not for human consumption but a real battle. Yes, there was a downed craft, which was retrieved. The Twitter outage was to be in compliance with the establishment. During the cover-up over the alien presence, any obvious alien craft or bodies on Tweets is to be banned and removed.

How much s**t was hidden by Poroshenko? I always knew, that he is asshole. Today, as far as I know, much criminal cases were opened against him in Ukraine. [and from another] Ex president Poroshenko double? Minus 7 kg per week, is this real? Who rules Ukraine and what is the role of Zelensky in this? There have recently been published audio recordings between Biden and Poroshenko perhaps something somehow connected?
[and from another] ‘Man of my word’: Leaked audio seemingly sheds light on Biden’s efforts to pressure Poroshenko into firing Burisma investigator May 19, 2020 Audio recordings released by Ukrainian MP Andrii Derkach allegedly offer confirmation that Joe Biden pressured former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko to fire an attorney general in exchange for a billion-dollar loan. Former top Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin filed a criminal complaint in January, alleging that Biden had strong-armed Poroshenko into firing him while he was running multiple investigations into the Burisma gas company where Biden’s son Hunter was a board member. Biden himself has boasted publicly that he gave Poroshenko an ultimatum to fire Shokin or the offer of the $1 billion in loan guarantees would be rescinded – but the audio recordings, if they are legitimate, add new clarity to the controversy surrounding Shokin’s dismissal. [and from another] Ironically, although the impeachment imbroglio by itself did little to affect Zelensky’s ambitious if faltering reform agenda, it may have raised his stature among Ukrainians in the past year. Kyiv’s elites, who have long tried to stay away from U.S. partisan turf wars, have rallied around the political neophyte, and he remains hugely popular based on recent polls. Since Volker stepped down early in the impeachment investigation after getting caught up in efforts by Trump’s allies to pressure Zelensky and other Ukrainian officials to open corruption investigations that could aid Trump’s reelection, the State Department has not appointed another special envoy to Ukraine. That has left Kyiv without a dedicated point person for the peace process as Zelensky seeks to reinvigorate talks with Russia. [and from another] Served as the fifth President of Ukraine from 2014 to 2019. As a candidate for a second term in 2019, he obtained only 24.5% in the second round, being defeated by Volodymyr Zelensky. Outside government, Poroshenko has been a prominent Ukrainian oligarch with a lucrative career in acquiring and building assets. A Ukrainian lawmaker who met with Rudolph W. Giuliani late last year released recordings of private phone calls several years ago between Vice President Joe Biden and Petro Poroshenko, then Ukraine’s president, in a new broadside against the presumptive Democratic nominee for U.S. president that has raised questions about foreign interference in the 2020 election.  

The issue of Biden and the Burisma scandals are back in the news. President Trump survived the attempts to impeach him over his requests of Zelensky to reopen these investigations. What role will Poroshenko’s potential testimony have? Biden is highly corrupt, the main reason his backers want to put him into power. There would be no money making or power seeking scheme that he would not back, unhesitatingly. Election fraud via mail-in ballots is seen as the last chance to gain control of the White House. Thus the Poroshenko testimony is seen as hugely important.

Poroschenko escaped to Russia in the dying days of his presidency, and has not been heard from since. Now suddenly thrust back into the spotlight, he looks different. Angela Merkel likewise has obviously become a Double, after a self-imposed quarantine for a Covid-19 exposure. Q has authority to support the Tribunals within the US, and the UK Marines have authority within the UK and the Commonwealth countries, but who is fighting the Deep State and its Satanic tentacles in Germany and Russia?  

Merkel was without question a member of the Illuminati, the Nazi bloodline, and intended to install a Muslim caliphate in Europe as a stepping stone to world domination. If the UK Marines joined the US Junta to remove the Satanic Queen and her family from power, then why is it surprising that similar White Hats in Germany might do the same? Poroshenko, as a party to Biden’s past corruption reach, could provide damaging testimony should he lie. Russia does not want to see Biden or his backers in control, and stepped in. Poroshenko’s Double will adhere to the truth. 

So was there a message sent when day turned to night? "The sky of Beijing turns into complete darkness during the afternoon". [and from another] Please discuss the recent storms in China that turned the sky to night in the middle of the day (May 21, 2020) [and from another] The sky of Beijing turns into complete darkness during the afternoon May 22, 2020 Beijing turned into complete darkness at around 3.45pm. 10 minutes before the darkness, Beijing was still bright with lights. A severe thunderstorm was hitting the city moments later. [and from another] [and from another] End Times Events Unfolding: Apocalyptic Sandstorm and Biblical Locust Plague Turn Day Into Night in Egypt and Iran – Gigantic hail Slams Mexico May 17, 2020 On the same day, a gigantic swarm of locusts invaded southern Iran and a massive sandstorm engulfed Aswan, Egypt, blocking the sun and turning day into night. A few days before giant hail slammed General Terán, Nuevo León State, Mexico. Are we entering the End Times? Is the world as we know it going to end soon? Are we damned? Be prepared… the Judgement is coming! [and from another] Amos 8:9-12 9 And it shall come to pass in that day, saith the Lord God, that I will cause the sun to go down at noon, and I will darken the earth in the clear day.

That the sky darkened at 3:45 in the afternoon in Beijing is not surprising, as approaching thunderstorm cloud can indeed block the Sun to that degree. This was not caused by a temporary wobble tilting the globe away from the Sun, as this would have affected a broad area and elicited more comment and reports. Nor was this the start of the 3 Days of Darkness expected during the Last Weeks. But it was, as they say, “Biblical”, reminding people of prophecy or history as told in the Bible. Yes, the Daily Earth Wobble is worsening and the weather follows. Much more to come!

In Mid-May a number of people noted that Lindsey Graham seemed different. The Dark Judge noted his eyes were no longer true blue. Has he been replaced by a Double, and if so, why? [and from another] Lindsey Graham’s tearful tribute to John McCain August 28, 2018 [and from another] Inside John McCain's 'Three Amigos' friendship August 26, 2018 Over his time in the Senate, McCain formed a close working relationship with Lieberman, an independent from Connecticut, and Graham, the longtime Republican from South Carolina. They staked their claim as prominent hawkish voices on foreign policy, an issue that took them on travels around the globe and led to the cultivation of a long-lasting friendship that lasted beyond the halls of the Senate. [and from another] How Lindsey Graham went from Trump critic to supporter October 1, 2019 Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) has completely changed his tune on President Trump over the past four years. [and from another] [and from another] He was an outspoken critic of fellow Republican Donald Trump's 2016 candidacy and repeatedly declared he did not support Trump in particular, he took issue with Trump's comments on Graham's close friend, Senator John McCain. Since March 2017, Graham has reversed his stance on Trump and has become a staunch ally of the president, often issuing public statements in his defense. His reversal caught both parties by surprise and sparked much media attention.

As the Chairman of the powerful Senate Judiciary Committee, Graham was in a position to control what subjects came up for review during the current DOJ expose of 2016 crimes - FISA Court misuse, unmasking by the Obama Administration, and using the FBI as an attack dog against the Trump campaign. He was, as is rumored, in love with John McCain, and thus was vulnerable to being drawn into McCain’s agenda. He likewise has strong feelings about Joe Biden. Thus despite his visible swing from an Anti-Trump stance in 2016 to a Pro-Trump stance in 2017, his loyalty is suspect.

Knowing Graham’s propensities, he was watched closely. The Biden camp is desperate to counter the slew of gaffs and documented history of demanding funds from China and the Ukraine in exchange for favors from the Obama Administration. All of this is on video and incorporated in 2020 election ads. It is not what Graham is being asked to do, but what he has agreed to do for his friend Biden that put him into hot water. The line was crossed when Graham agreed to support fabricated evidence against President Trump. Thus he is being held while this matter is discussed before the Tribunal courts.

There is a strong push for COVID-19 "contact tracing" app's such that the Apple-Google framework adopted by Switzerland today. Is there any advice that the zeta may have or is the potential still in the hands of man?  Zeta Talk has been a trusted source of information regarding this Covid-19 outbreak. But this is a concern with no shortage of opportunists with "tracking intent" in a migrate or those having migrated, or people making split second decisions of safe location or other hoping to protect other group members? Could this also be a broader app for say loss of grid following New Madrid. Cell phone service continues to degrade but will likely have spotty service going into the last weeks. [and from another] SwissCovid will use Bluetooth to exchange keys between phones. If a user tests positive for SARS-CoV-2, they can inform the app, which will alert other users if they were in close proximity (less than two meters) to the infected person for a prolonged period (more than 15 minutes). Employees at EPFL, ETH Zurich, the Army and select hospitals and government agencies will be the first to test the Swiss app. This pilot phase is expected to last a few weeks. In the meantime, Swiss parliament must revise the law on epidemics in order to allow the app to be launched countrywide in mid-June. [and from another] Google, Apple, MUSC partner. The Medical University of South Carolina has signed up to work with Google and Apple on their contact tracing app. The app, which is still in development and currently nameless, will alert people if they have come into contact with someone who has been diagnosed with the coronavirus. [and from another] [and from another] Serious security vulnerabilities in Qatar’s mandatory contact tracing app, uncovered by Amnesty International, must act as a wake-up call for governments rolling-out COVID-19 apps to ensure privacy safeguards are central to the technology.

Given that the Heads of State worldwide are aware of Nibiru’s approach and that it will be undeniable by the start of 2021, they are understandably nervous about likely rioting and demands from their populace. Open borders and having the populace flow from one place to another freely, like water, is at the root of these fears. If only the populace could be forced to restrict their movement, stay at or close to home, and be arrested if they try to escape these bonds. How likely is this to develop from the Covid-19 social distancing tracking devices being developed?

The establishment faces several hurtles. First, the Covid-19 virus will rapidly and dramatically seem to vaporize as the Northern Hemisphere moves into Summer. This has everything to do with the strength of the UV-C rays, as we have detailed, and the rapidly increasing herd immunity. Thus the populace is unlikely to tolerate the imposition of tracking devices. Second, these devices have not yet been proven and are expensive. Third, the populace is highly suspicious of such government control steps. We predict these plans will vaporize as rapidly as the Covid-19 itself.

I’ve found this research on a virus taken from a bat that was re engineered and proved that it could not infect human cells naturally as explained by the poster in the attached video. Would the Zetas care to comment on this virus link with the covid virus we are dealing with. [and from another] [and from another] Australian researchers see virus design manipulation May 21, 2020 A forthcoming Australian scientific study concludes that the coronavirus causing the global pandemic contains unique properties suggesting it was manipulated in a Chinese laboratory and was not the result of a natural occurrence. Five scientists who conducted the study discovered an unusual ability of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, as the pathogen behind COVID-19 is called, to easily infect humans. The scientists said there is no sign so far that the virus can be found in other animals, including bats or the exotic wildlife sold for fresh meat at a market in the Chinese city of Wuhan, where the virus was first identified and where China maintains a major laboratory studying such viruses. [and from another] More zoo and pet cats test positive for COVID-19 virus April 22, 2020 Two domestic cats in New York and seven more big cats at the Bronx Zoo are confirmed positive for SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19 in humans. [and from another] 2nd pet dog tests positive for COVID-19 coronavirus March 19, 2020 Health officials told the South China Morning Post that they believed this to be another case of human-to-dog transmission. [and from another] [and from another]

We stated at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic that the virus was a natural emergence from the soup that the drains in the wet markets of Wuhan provided. Covid-19 was found to match 96% of its RNA to Chinese bats and match 99% of its genome sequences to virus found in the Pangolin and match its protein codes to snakes. All these animals are sold on the black market in China, and often openly in the wet markets. Covid-19 was found to contain HIV-1 inserts. That human handlers might have HIV could hardly be denied. The components were all there.

There is an unrelenting determination to blame the Covid-19 pandemic on a deliberate release of a man-made virus. Certainly Gates planned to selectively infect portions of mankind via an additive to a normal flu vaccine, but he and his plans were stopped. Then there are reports from respected scientists like Dr. Fauci reporting that the Wuhan lab was trying to develop an HIV vaccine and in the process were manipulating bat virus. As we have asserted, Patient Zero will never be found, as he is not in the Wuhan lab!   

This new claim that Covid-19 must have been engineered as it can only infect humans is disproven already. There are multiple well documented cases of tigers and pet cats and dogs who became infected from their human handlers. It is the story that will not die. Blaming Mother Nature for the pandemic has already been produced by Hollywood. Will the story that China developed Covid-19 on purpose be the next genre? For what purpose? China has been devastated by Covid-19, as has the rest of the world. 

There was a Schumann Resonance void on 26 May as shown in this attached graphic. Can you comment on what was going on here? [and from another] The Schumann Integrated monitoring data from Tomsk returned to service, with most of the data for May 11-13, 2020. A much smaller blackout period on May 11, lasting ~ 15 minutes and another on May 13, lasting ~ 30 minutes. Beginning May 11, 2020 and currently ongoing the Schumann Integrated monitoring data from Tomsk has been offline for the past 24+ hrs. It is rare for the site to go offline/missing data. With only a handfull of times that I can remember periods of missing data in the past 3+ years and I've visited the site almost daily. It is even more unusual missing data for OVER 24 hrs. over the past 3 years.

Why do the Schumann Resonance charts go black? The equipment measuring the Resonance does not have the ability to record what it is being given. If a car has a speedometer up to 200 mph, but suddenly spurts up to 300 mph, what reading is recorded? Those who provide the Schumann Resonance readings show the inability of their equipment to record the spikes as blackouts, and then try to patch together or extrapolate what MIGHT have occurred from other sources. They may try to calibrate their equipment, or just plod along through Nibiru’s magnetic blasts.

A new Crop Circle appeared near Stonehenge, Wiltshire, UK, 29 May, 2020. What is the message? [and from another] [and from another] Wiltshire. Reported 28th May

This legitimate crop circle design laid on May 28 is clearly pointing to the upcoming Summer Solstice on June 20. Benign aliens working on behalf of the Council of Worlds have in the past tilted the globe to negate the effect of the Daily Earth Wobble. This was to allow mankind a gradual awakening to the nearby presence of Nibiru. The time for such benign subterfuge is past, as Nibiru is so visible to so many in so many ways that it is virtually undeniable. This point was expected to be reached by January, 2021 with Heads of State warned that they should brace for demands from and panic in their people by that time.

This Wiltshire design is showing 8 stones in the Stonehenge depiction because the Daily Earth Wobble forms a Figure 8 during each day. The 8 blobs from the Solar Amoeba relate to this, saying that there are 8 possible positions of the Sun as seen from Earth on the Solstice, depending upon one’s location on Earth. The number 3, iterated in 3 different ways in the design, speaks to the number of entities involved in the dance – the Sun, Nibiru, and Earth, or in another dance the Earth, Venus, and the Dark Twin.

Would the Zetas have anything to say about the info spreading throughout social media, of late, regarding King John III, of England, Joseph Gregory Hallett? It looks like the Queen's royal seal is currently MISSING from the palace gate. There's new [eerily similar Tiffany Blue] window dressings, and NOT the usual palace guards, on guard. [and from another] [and from another] It looks like the Queen's royal seal is currently MISSING from the palace gate. There's new [eerily similar Tiffany Blue] window dressings, and NOT the usual palace guards, on guard. [and from another] [and from another] [and from another]  [and from another] Zeta confirmed Doubles due to execution and criminal prosecution. Overview in Newsletter Issue707 - the Queen, Prince Charles, Prince William, and Meghan and Harry. In Issue709 - Prince Philip. In Issue711 – Princess Beatrice. The royal family under Queen Elizabeth has been eliminated.

The UK Marines, having opted to work with the Q team on cleaning up Satanists and Moloch worshipers in the UK royalty, found themselves in a dilemma. Trotting out all the Doubles for the Queen, her consort Philip, her sons Charles and Andrew, and their offspring William and Harry and Beatrice left them with no one to head the ship as it sailed into troubled waters. Legally, the Doubles were not authorized to lead the Commonwealth. Thus when this cleanup began, the UK Marines explored past challenges to the throne.

King John III has long been known to be the rightful heir to the throne, with Queen Elizabeth and her line only seated because of Khazarian power grabs in the past. As is known, the Khazarians either married into the royal families in Europe or arranged to ascend by fraud or thuggery. Seeing they would be left with no legitimate heir to the throne, King John III’s case was ushered through the courts and is now ready for an announcement to the public. Elizabeth will “abdicate”, her consort and sons decline the throne, leaving King John III free to ascend.