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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for October 19, 2013

FEMA Coffins started arriving in Puerto Rico in the month of September 2013 as well as Military Humvees and other supplies.  Local TV station Telemundo (and others) covered the events and broadcasted the following article, "FEMA possibly preparing for a disaster in Puerto Rico"?  FEMA then issued a statement to the residents of Puerto Rico denying such speculations. Just recently the "Exploration Vessel Nautilus" is surveying Puerto Rico's Trench. "Greater Antilles October 4, 2013 to October 18, 2013" On the 3 Oct. 2013 local newspaper wrote the following article, "Exploring fault line that can cause a great earthquake on the Island". 1918 Earthquake in Puerto Rico.  My question is there a motive or cover-up as to why is FEMA denying they preparing for a disaster and then all of a sudden the Exploration Vessel Nautilus arrives in Puerto Rico to collect data on the Puerto Rico Trench which in 1918 caused an earthquake killing 116 people. A Tsunami was generated by the earthquake and killed an additional 40 people. [and from another]  The alleged transportation of coffins to Puerto Rico and other U.S. locations has caused great concern among the population and social network users. According to a report, the alleged transportation is ordered by the Federal Emergency Managamente Administrarion (FEMA) and the Army, who quietly preparing for an attack or natural disaster. [and from another] Clarify the use of " coffins " September 16, 2013  FEMA officials work daily with the state government and municipalities to ensure that the structure of government is better prepared for any type of event. The drawers that are seen in the cemetery facilities are called "grave liners" who use from 1990 to the present to place the coffins and then bury them. [and from another] 2013 Nautilus Exploration Program  From June through November of 2013, Exploration Vessel Nautilus will explore the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea. The 2013 expedition season consists of multiple cruise legs and will begin off the U.S. coast in the Gulf of Mexico. Subsequent cruise legs will bring the ship and the Nautilus Corps of Exploration to the Cayman Islands, Puerto Rico, Montserrat, Grenada and Trinidad & Tobago in the Caribbean Sea. Greater Antilles October 4, 2013 to October 18, 2013. [and from another]  A study performed by Pacheco and Sykes (1992) calculated the magnitude of the earthquake at 7.3, which is considered major.

Of course FEMA is preparing for disaster in Puerto Rico, which is an island considered US territory and thus under US protection. Grave liners, often confused with coffins, are used where the ground is wet or likely to become wet due to flooding or tsunami. Mass death from the tilting and fracturing Caribbean Plate would result not only in new bodies in body bags, but also ruptured graves from local cemeteries. Bodies cannot be simply buried when the ground is soggy, as the fresh water supply quickly becomes polluted. It was the arrival of coffin liners that sparked panic, as the Nautilus had long been scheduled to arrive at the Greater Antilles in early October.  

Why is FEMA preparing for disaster in Puerto Rico and elsewhere? They are aware of our predictions on the 7 of 10 plate movements, and understand that though delayed, they will play out. Even after the announcement admitting the presence of Nibiru, aka Planet X, such concerns will be downplayed and denied. But one has only to look at the location and geography of Puerto Rico to understand the concerns. We have predicted that the Caribbean Plate will tilt up on the north side while pushing down on the south side. Puerto Rico lies on a fractured piece of the Caribbean Plate, riddled with fault lines, and during such a tilt will fracture into slivers.

The irrepressible young Malala Yousafzai, who was shot in the head by the Taliban for attending school and promoting education for girls, and was recently nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, seems highly Service-To-Others oriented.  Was there some "divine intervention" involved in her amazing recovery?

Malala’s remarkable recovery after 3 bullets were sent toward her head is not an accident. Only one of the bullets struck her head, and this enough of a glancing blow that the path of the bullet went into her forehead, through her ear drum, and out the back of her neck. No brain damage occurred, and no spinal injury occurred, though both were initially feared. The minimal damage sustained was only announced after Malala had safely left the country, where the assassins, the Taliban, could no longer reach her. Her survival is an example of what can happen when a highly Service-to-Other individual, of immense courage, refuses to be intimidated.

When the battle is strategically important, the message key to mankind’s progress toward the Service-to-Other posture, then such protections are granted by the Council of Worlds. The bullets aimed at Malala’s head were diverted, but one was allowed to land so that her message reached the world-wide stage. Malala was in full agreement with this arrangement, given her self-sacrificing nature. Was she under a protection prior to the assassination attempt? To show how quickly these matters can be arranged, the Council of Worlds ruled on this matter between the Taliban’s decision to assassinate her and the actual attempt.

Is there any additional backstory to the recent firing of the head of Russia's space agency - or are the reasons purely as stated by the article? [and from another]  Oleg Ostapenko, a former commander of the Russian Space Forces, is replacing Vladimir Popovkin as director-general of Roscosmos, the Russian space agency. Ostapenko, who up until his new assignment was Russia’s deputy defense minister, replaces Vladimir Popovkin, who is leaving after his attempts to turn around a space industry plagued by launch failures had little success. Ostapenko became commander of the Russian Space Forces in June 2008 and served in that capacity until being promoted to deputy defense minister in November 2012. His latest assignment follows a series of embarrassments for the Russian space program, the latest being the crash of a Proton rocket carrying three Glonass navigation satellites just seconds after liftoff in July. That failure has since been attributed to improperly installed motion sensors on the vehicle.

Russia has indeed had many launch failures, an issue we have repeatedly addressed here in ZetaTalk. It is not their competence that is the issue, it is that their failures, as with NASA failures, has been a message from the Council of Worlds. Spying on drowning migrants, tracking them via space eyes, to force them to drown rather than move to safe locations, will not be allowed! This was the reason the Proton-M failed last July, 2013, and the reason for the failure of the Telekom-3 in August, 2012.

Prior to that, in August, 2011 the Russian Phobos-Grunt probe failed to get to Mars because it breached the quarantine imposed by the Council of Worlds. Disclosure, admitting the alien presence, may be on the cusp in Russia but has not yet fully arrived. What is the leadership to say to the Russian people? Aliens did it? The Council of Worlds objected? Someone must be to blame, and the very competent Popovkin must hang his head in shame and be replaced.

The Zetas commented last week that the NASDAQ going down for a few hours was a test of safeties for post-announcement reaction.  This week the EBT or Food Stamp program experienced a similar widespread outage and, in several Louisiana stores, it is said that Walmart gave users of EBT cards a temporary unlimited balance.  My question is was this just a glitch both in the outage and the unlimited balances or is this another test to see how people will react when this begins happening all over in the near future?  The unlimited balance was said to be issued from corporate so it seems like a test. [and from another]  On Saturday, tens of millions of Americans across 17 states found themselves in an unfamiliar situation: they couldn't rely on the US government for their daily foodstamp-funded bread. The result was anger, confusion and sometimes, outright panic, as shoppers left their full shopping carts in stores, and departed their favorite general retailer in a daze. However, while most outlets that accepted EBT were experiencing a one-day, non-recurring hit to their EPS, several Walmart stores in Louisiana decided to brave through the Xerox-induced blackout for several hours by eliminating the spending caps on EBT cards, leading to nothing short of shopping stampedes. [and from another]  Shoppers gave mixed reactions to the incident, with one man in the Springhill store told KSLA it was simply "human reaction" to stock-up when given the opportunity. Shopper Stan Garcia was more critical of the unscrupulous shoppers, however, saying that taking advantage of the brief glitch in the benefits system amounted to "plain theft. That's stealing, that's all I got to say about it." [and from another]  People in Ohio, Michigan and 15 other states found themselves unable to use their food stamp debit-style cards on Saturday, after a routine test of backup systems by vendor Xerox Corp. resulted in a system failure. U.S. Department of Agriculture spokeswoman Courtney Rowe said the outage is not related to the government shutdown. Xerox representative told them that the problems stemmed from a power failure at a data center, and power had been restored quickly. The federal EBT website was unavailable due to the government shutdown. [and from another]

Various excuses were proferred but none seemed to cover the hours that the EBS system was down, and down in 17 states. Testing a backup system should not cause a power outage. Nor should it take hours to reboot a system. Nor should the test involve numerous states, if such disasters were a potential. If this was not truly a system failure, a failed test, then what was it? Riots are anticipated after the announcement, particularly among those dependent upon social services. Opportunistic looting, taking advantage of riots, are likely to follow.

As a test, the EBS shutdown was looking to determine several points. First, how patient or resourceful the recipients would be when faced with a temporary delay in their benefits. Second, how quickly the urge to simply loot would arise, when it appeared that no one would stop the looting. Third, what were the most effective maneuvers in handling the public’s anxiety and anger.  No violence or destruction of property occurred, though the urge to loot arose quickly. But when the public realized their looting would be challenged, they walked away.

Shut-down or not, odd that two astronauts would take to Twitter to discuss the strange cloud formation that was spotted in high orbit.  The cloud has a lot of symmetry if you look closely.  In fact, the notches on the edge are reminiscent of the objects seen during the "Tether incident" several years ago. The cloud formation was discounted as a launched Russian rocket, so curious whether this is another test of disclosure readiness in some way. [and from another] October 14, 2013  The astronaut photos were captured on Oct. 10 by NASA astronaut Mike Hopkins and European Space Agency astronaut Luca Parmitano who took to Twitter under their pen names to share the unnatural looking space cloud formation with Earth. The Topol/SS-25 missile launched from Kapustin Yar to the Sary Shagan test site in Kazakhstan. [and from another] STS-75 Tether Incident  On Sunday, February 25, 1996, the Space Shuttle Columbia deployed an experimental tether into orbit. The experiment was called the Tethered Satellite System (TSS- 1R) and its purpose of this was to attempt to generate electricity by utilizing Earth's magnetic field. Unfortunately the tether broke so the experiment was not a success, although approximately five hours of data were recorded. What really made "The Tether Incident" famous was the appearance of many unidentified flying objects (UFOs) clearly visible in the NASA footage. Conspiracy theorists rejected NASA's explanation of space debris and ice particles.

Man is familiar with how the atmosphere works on the surface of the Earth. The cause and effect of the prevailing westerly winds and the trade winds are understood. Air masses moving from high pressure areas to low pressure areas is expected. Temperature differences and air masses moving in different directions at different altitudes cause tornadoes - rapidly rising or dropping air - or lightning and thunderstorms when friction results. What causes raindrops to form and fall is also understood. But what of space? Does space have pressure differences or humidity that needs to be disbursed?

What man views as space is well disbursed, as there is obviously little resistance. Man is familiar with particle flows from the Sun such as x-rays or electrons, which cannot be seen with the eye but can be measured with instruments. Water vapor IS present in space, but so disbursed that something like snow or rain is never observed, but this can occur given the right congealing factors. The ISS is not a natural space object, and thus it spews forth all manner of agents or can act as an attractant such that can disrupt the normal homogeneity of space.

To explain the chain of events would take too long and verge into areas man is ignorant of, so we will skip that step. Suffice it to say that the orbs around the 1996 tether are indeed temporary ice crystal formations. The 2013 contrail pattern, twisting from one side and then to another, is yet another example of how space weather does not conform to the weather in atmospheric layers closer to Earth. Wind is not blowing this contrail about. It is being pulled or pushed in one direction and then another by particles that attract and clump, then become crowded and disburse. None of this is alien to Earth or the space around it.

Odd pattern of quakes in N America. Magnitude 6 Alberta, 6 off coast Oregon, 6.2 off coast California, 5.9 central California. The appearance is that the New Madrid diagonal pull is creating great stress east of the Mississippi. So odd the whole middle of the country is quiet. West Coast I understand because of the San Andreas. Why this odd pattern?

We have repeatedly described the N American Plate being pulled into a bow, as the plate cannot roll, being flat at the top, yet the Atlantic continues to widen and the Pacific continues to compress during the 7 of 10 plate movements. The center of this bow is located approximately at San Diego. Bowing is creating crevasses and sinkholes and twisting rail lines, earthquake swarms, and snapping water and gas mains.  Due to the weak points in the plate – specifically the St Lawrence Seaway and the New Madrid fault running along the Mississippi – the plate will tear in a diagonal fashion, as we have explained.

Those portions of the N American Plate that are most affected by the diagonal pull lie east of the Mississippi, as any bow bends the most at the center and at the periphery of the bow. The portion of the plate lying to the west of the Mississippi has been absorbing the bowing stress silently, like the great karst formation sinkhole in Kansas. Shifting ground will not cause a quake if the ground can separate and does not require rock to rip apart. Of course the San Andreas is rock on rock slip-slide, and results in quakes. This earthquake pattern will not change until the diagonal pull rips along the New Madrid, a series of quakes we have described for the 7 of 10 phase.

Could the Zetas say how the Transformation is making progress now with the signs of the 8 of 10, like sociological changes as we see last efforts of the STS and them losing ground etc?. 

When we stated that the 8 of 10 phase would involve sociological changes, we did not detail what might occur. This is of course in the hands of man, and thus might run in many directions, and not run as predicted, in fact. Man has free will, and if those leaning to the Service-to-Self retreat and seek to live only in their enclaves, then their former realm will have a different outcome. Likewise, if those leaning to the Service-to-Other in the region prove to be faint-hearted, lacking courage, then an expected outcome might be delayed. We have stated that polarizing of the orientations will continue apace, which it has for many years.

We have stated that migration of the starving and drowning will be resisted by those countries and locales in a better position. It is clear that resistance to immigration has tightened in Australia, which is now sending all boatloads of illegal immigrants to New Guinea. It is clear that China has strengthened its border patrols, and intends to hold the line. We have reported that Obama has informed countries in Asia and Central America not to expect a new home in the US when flooding ruins their lands. Many countries in Europe have also begun to force their immigrants to return to their native lands, or to limit immigration.

Many in the establishment are bracing for what they assume will be riots after the announcement admitting the presence of Nibiru, aka Planet X. We have predicted that the public will react with a stunned shock, and only gradually begin preparations for survival or press to move to safer areas. But these trends will emerge. The element likely to make the most noise will be those reliant upon social services, who could anticipate being left bereft. The establishment can be expected to react harshly. The quality of the workforce may drift toward incompetence as those capable of establishing survival sites, those who are resourceful and reliable, resign to do so.