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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for April 6, 2013

Please comment on the following news article, about whether there is really any truth in the article, or this is again another cover-up preplanned story to try to fool the general population and to cover up on the expected red dust that we have been told about by zetas and Nancy. [and from another]  B.C. village’s ocean fertilization experiment probed - Environment Canada's enforcement branch has executed search warrants in British Columbia as part of an investigation into a controversial iron-fertilization experiment that took place off the coast of Haida Gwaii, B.C., last summer, CBC's the fifth estate has learned. In July 2012, the Haida village of Old Massett and an American businessman dumped 100 tonnes of iron-rich dust into the ocean off Haida Gwaii, sparking international controversy. In an exclusive interview, Ken Rea, chief councillor of the village, told the fifth estate’s Gillian Findlay that despite two UN resolutions banning iron fertilization and anti-dumping legislation in Canada he would like to do it again and make it sustainable. [and from another]  Scientists say iron promotes the growth of plankton, microscopic organisms that provide a food source for salmon and other sea life. George based the experiment on the theory that growing artificial plankton blooms can remove carbon from the atmosphere and help reduce global warming. Some scientists say putting iron in the ocean is dangerous, because it could create "dead zones" where nothing can live. John Cullen, a professor of oceanography at Dalhousie University in Halifax, says unregulated experiments, such as the one off the coast of Haida Gwaii, should not be allowed. [and from another]

Other than inciting the growth of plankton, seeding the oceans with iron does not affect the oceans. It is a harmless, pro-growth maneuver, improving plant growth and thus fish growth. This is, as we have long stated, the mechanism that puts oxygen back into the atmosphere after the Pole Shift. Iron oxide dust, the red dust in the tail of Planet X, aka Nibiru, lands in the oceans as well as on land. So why is Canada making a fuss? Scientists are aware of the battle for truth surrounding the coming announcement by Obama, and those sympathetic with the cover-up simply do not want any maneuver that looks like allegiance with the ZetaTalk message. Thus the harassment.

The Zetas have stated people are paid to debunk ZetaTalk.  Unfortunately, since such activities are done strictly in secret, it is almost impossible for the average person to prove paid shills even exist. But a paid shill may have made a critical error at the Godlike Productions (GLP) site on March 24, 2013, as the below article appears to show.  The specific post was deleted from GLP, and a topic about it at the Above Top Secret forum was also removed.  It appears this was not a joke but an extremely rare example of a paid shill caught in the act by revealing paid shill operating instructions not meant for public viewing. Could the Zetas tell us if someone got careless and provided a smoking gun or actual proof that paid shills do exist? [and from another]  Forum Shill gets Busted: ATS and GLP Censor to Cover his Tracks. A Forum Shill gets busted. Something very interesting happened over at GLP March 24th at 9:28 pm.  Something that did not go unnoticed by GLP posters and many others around the interwebz. On page 7 of a  thread titled “Medical Type Says Sandy Hook is Total BS”,   a user from “Kazakhstan” posted the following. Needless to say suspicions were aroused and investigations into specific terms in the text were Googled.  Namely N-7015A.DOC, PREDEV persona, etc.  An early search for N-7015A.DOC resulted in this list. Second from the bottom we see  If you do the same search, only the forum references appear.  The eda site was very quickly removed from the Google string.  How very very interesting.

Was this revelation of paid debunker campaigns accidentally revealed? At a time when funds to support these paid campaigns are drying up (due to the sequester) and due to a changed attitude in Washington DC on the need for such disinformation campaigns (due to Obama’s intent to announce the truth about Nibiru aka Planet X) there has been consternation in the halls of the debunkers. Debunker managers are in competition with each other, trying to do the most with the least, and pressuring those reporting to them for more efficiency and demonstrated results. This environment makes for fatigue, disgruntlement, distraction and mistakes.

The revelation on a GodlikeProduction thread was the accidental posting from a debunker’s clipboard of information accidentally copied into the clipboard. It revealed that fronts in Kazakhstan and Korea were being used, multiple fronts/personas available to each individual debunker, and that the debunking participants included the US military. It revealed a checklist to be used by the debunkers, showing this to be anything but a casual operation by individuals, as the debunking campaigns have always claimed.  The speed with which this accidental posting was removed from GodlikeProduction and Above Top Secret forums also revealed that the debunkers have access to moderator privileges in these forums, showing that they themselves are debunking operations. Cover blown!

It has been noted in the past that those debunking ZetaTalk and Nancy Lieder seemed to work as a team, using a one-two punch technique where one would ask a question and another would answer, or all would attack the same element of ZetaTalk simultaneously. There was no obvious link between these debunkers, but the pattern was unmistakable and in fact turned many in the public to take ZetaTalk seriously. As with NASA singling Nancy Lieder out in their denials about Nibiru and Planet X, why just this source, and not others? Will there be other such slips as the cover-up unravels, revealing what has been behind the curtain? How could it be otherwise when the rage over lost wages has just begun to take hold?

Would Zetas like to comment on exactly what are these pockmarks and how significant are they in terms of the 7/10 sequence Indo-Australian plate tilting and lifting? [and from another] Scientists find Mysterious Giant Pockmarks on Chatham Rise  New Zealand, German and American scientists have found what may be the world’s biggest pockmarks on the seafloor of the Chatham Rise, about 500km east of Christchurch. Pockmarks are crater-like structures on the seafloor caused by fluids and gases erupting through sediments into the ocean. Scientists believe they are the ancient remnants of vigorous degassing from under the seafloor into the ocean. Gas release from the larger pockmarks may have been sudden and possibly even violent, with a massive volume being expelled into the ocean and atmosphere within hours or days. [and from another]  Auckland University gas hydrate scientist Ingo Pecher said there was no sign of active gas systems in the larger pockmarks, but the smaller ones in shallower water appeared to have been sporadically active.

During every Pole Shift, the Earth plates follow a Scripted Drama, as we have described. The Indo-Australian Plate tilts, plunging India under the Himalayas, with the New Zealand end rising several hundred feet. This has been the pattern for eons, tracing back to when Pangea broke up and India as a continent shifted to its present location. What happens when a plate lifts, creating a void beneath it? Such lifts are seldom smooth, but rather result in a rising and falling, the rock of the plate lifting up and splatting back down, and in this process air can get trapped beneath the irregular surface on the underside of the plate. When the plate then settles, the weight of the plate eventually squeezes such trapped air out via whatever avenues jiggling aftershocks provide.

My question is about this story out today about so called "red arcs" that are invisible to the naked eye but visible over Europe.  Would the Zetas care to speak about this; the article mentions auroras being responsible but as their cause is not what mainstream science knows them to be, I am skeptical of this article.  [and from another]  The arcs give off a very specific wavelength of red light, but are too faint to see with the naked eye. They appear at lower latitudes, unlike auroras, which typically occur over higher latitudes.

Why would light in the red spectrum arc at the poles, particularly at the Earth’s N Pole? It seems like the red light particles are avoiding the poles. We have mentioned that it is the Earth’s gravity field, not the Earth’s magnetic field, that allows the auroras to be seen. All things weigh more at the Equator, though this is only a slight difference. We have also mentioned that the reason the Sun at sunrise and sunset appears larger than usual is due to the red light’s tendency to bend toward gravity, and that the Earth’s gravity field emerges from her poles and comes back in at her Equator.

Given all that, why would red light arcs form at the poles? If red light is attracted to a gravity field, it wants to flow with the gravity particles. If the gravity particles in Earth’s field are leaving at the pole and flowing around to return at the Equator, then the red light is going to go with the flow, so to speak. Thus the red light particles aiming for the Earth’s center, the gravity sink of Earth, bump into the exiting particle flow at the poles, and crowd there, eventually sliding to the side out of the heavy traffic lane. These recently discovered red light arcs at the poles are, dare we say it, yet another example of Zetas right again!

Would the Zetas be able to let us know what is causing the early break-up of the Arctic Ice, the ice seems to have taken on a swirling pattern at the same time, would this be wobble related? [and from another]  The ice in Canada’s western Arctic ripped open in a massive “fracturing event” this spring that spread like a wave across 1,000 kilometres of the Beaufort Sea. Huge leads of water – some more than 500 kilometres long and as much as 70 kilometres across – opened up from Alaska to Canada’s Arctic islands as the massive ice sheet cracked as it was pushed around by strong winds and currents. It took just seven days for the fractures to progress across the entire area from west to east. [and from another]  A high-pressure weather system was parked over the region, producing warmer temperatures and winds that flowed in a southwesterly direction. That fueled the Beaufort Gyre, a wind-driven ocean current that flows clockwise. The gyre was the key force pulling pieces of ice west past Point Barrow, the northern nub of Alaska that protrudes into the Beaufort Sea.

The Figure 8 formed by the N Pole during the daily Earth wobble has shifted somewhat to the East, due to Planet X positioned more to the right of the Earth during its approach. This was anticipated, and well described in ZetaTalk, the Earth crowding to the left in the cup to escape the approach of Planet X, so the angle between these two planets would change slightly. This shift of the Figure 8 to the East is due to the push against the Earth’s magnetic N Pole occurring sooner each day than prior. Thus instead of occurring when the Sun is high over the Pacific, over New Zealand, it is now occurring when the Sun is high over Alaska. All the wobble points have shifted eastward accordingly.

This has brought a lingering Winter to the western US, and a changed sloshing pattern to the Arctic waters. Instead of Pacific waters being pushed through the Bering Straits into the Arctic when the polar push occurs, the wobble is swinging the Arctic to the right, and then later to the left, creating a circular motion in the waters trapped in the Arctic. Since the Earth rotates counterclockwise, the motion also takes this path. This is yet another piece of evidence that the establishment is hard pressed to explain. They are attempting to ascribe this to high pressure and wind, all of which are not new to the Arctic, but this circular early breakup of ice in the Arctic is new. 

I just came across the following article which mentions a survey by Public Policy Polling. Most of the questions that were asked to public seem to be all related to conspiracy theories and other secret hidden agendas which have been around but not in awareness of all world population. So if Nancy and Zetas, think it important, would they be able to comment on the real motives behind these type of surveys. Is it slowly to bring all population into awareness about what has been going on secretly behind the scene. Is it that the survey questions being made out of ZetaTalk information? (Especially please read the last question on the survey, what Zetas had been telling for a long time). [and from another]  Democrats and Republicans differ on conspiracy theory beliefs. 13% of Americans Believe President Obama Is the Antichrist---In a survey of 1,247 registered American voters from March 27-30 (conducted through automated telephone interviews), Public Policy Polling discovered some choice nuggets among the things we do and do not believe. Some highlights from the survey (pdf).
* Did we ever really land on the moon? 7% of those surveyed said they thought Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin took not one giant leap.
* Is Osama bin Laden still out there? Well, the vast majority of respondents here thought not. But 11% aren't quite sure.
* Was the CIA "instrumental" in dealing crack cocaine into America's inner cities in the 1980s? 14% of respondents say yes.
* Does the media or government add "secret mind-controlling technology" to television broadcasts? 15% of those surveyed think Brian Williams and the rest are up to something more nefarious than just delivering the nightly news.
* Do you believe President Barack Obama is the anti-Christ, or not? 13% of registered American voters surveyed think so while another 13% are not sure.
The polling firm didn't stop with the more outlandish beliefs, however. The survey also covered some political conspiracy theories that are a bit more in the mainstream.
* Do you believe the Bush administration intentionally misled the U.S. about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq to promote the war? 44% of respondents said yes; 45% said no.
* Do you believe Saddam Hussein was involved in 9/11? 28% of respondents thought he was, while 51% thought he wasn't.
* Did Lee Harvey Oswald act alone in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy? Only 25% of those surveyed thought he acted alone. 51% thought there was a larger conspiracy.
* Is global warming a hoax? 37% of respondents said it is, 51% think it is not.
* Do you believe that a "secretive power elite with a globalist agenda is conspiring to eventually rule the world through an authoritarian world government, or New World Order?" Surprisingly, 28% of those surveyed said yes. This includes a plurality (38%) of people who voted for Mitt Romney in 2012.

What are the motives behind this Public Policy Polling survey? Ostensibly a political survey, to determine the differences between Republican and Democratic beliefs, the survey did indeed point out some differences. These were to be expected, with more Republican’s tending to believe that Obama is the anti-Christ and more Democrats tending to believe that Bush misled the public on Iraq having weapons of mass destruction. But the vast majority of the survey questions were not political in nature nor did the answers highlight a difference based on political party.  

Despite absolute denial by the official US government, 21% stated that Roswell was a crashed ship and 29% stated that aliens exist. Despite the cover-up over Planet X, aka Nibiru being in place during the survey, with both the UN and the US government standing behind the theory, 37% felt Global Warming was a hoax. Trust in the government, in particular the Bush administration, was devastatingly low, with 51% discarding the myth that Saddam was involved in 911, and 44% discarding the WMD in Iraq lie. Yet neither of these Bush administration claims was officially debunked. Clearly the public feels the government would deliberately lie to them, with 51% sure that more than Oswald was responsible for the death of JFK.  

At a time when the Obama administration is determined to inform the public about the presence of Planet X, aka Nibiru, these results are devastating. What will the public do when learning that yet another secret was withheld from them? How eagerly will they follow federal or state guidelines on how to survive after devastation or where to move when their homes are flooded? They will clearly be suspicious, and likely to balk or fail to follow directions. If 21% feel there is a New World Order agenda, how fearful will the public be about moving into government operated survival work camps? 

Troubling accidents occurred at two nuclear power plants in the United States this week and, naturally, the mainstream media is not giving the public the whole truth about these events. The first accident occurred in Arkansas on March 31, 2013, and initial reports provided no information about the nature of this accident.  Only later was it revealed a crane collapse killed one and injured eight others at the Entergy Arkansas plant.  ZetaTalk fans know that formerly rare crane collapses are on the increase due to the nearby presence of Planet X, but what about the "electric flash" that injured three at Missouri's Ameren’s Callaway Energy Center on April 2, 2013? Would the Zetas care to discuss what is going on with these accidents at atomic facilities and what this could mean in connection with the (blessedly) delayed New Madrid Adjustment?  [and from another]  Victim Identified in Arkansas Nuclear One Accident. March 31, 2013  Pope County Coroner Leonard Krout said the victim was Wade Walters, 24, of Russellville. Officials have not said how he was killed.  [and from another]  1 killed, 3 hurt in accident at Arkansas nuclear plant. March 31, 2013  The accident at the Entergy Arkansas plant happened while the workers were moving a piece of heavy equipment.  One worker died and three others were injured Sunday [March 31, 2013] morning when a heavy piece of equipment fell on them at an Arkansas nuclear plant. [and from another]  Ameren Nuclear Plant Accident Injures Three in Missouri. April 3, 2013  Missouri’s biggest utility said three people were injured April 2, 2013 at its nuclear power plant. It was the second worker accident at a U.S. atomic facility this week. The accident involved an “electrical flash” in the switch-yard area. The 1,900-megawatt plant wasn’t affected by the accident and continues to operate. The event comes after one worker was killed and eight injured in a March 31 accident at Entergy Corp.  Arkansas Nuclear One plant about 65 miles northwest of Little Rock. A crane accidentally dropped a 500-ton generator component that was being moved out of the turbine building.

What is the nexus between these two nuclear power plant accidents, just days apart, both in the New Madrid region?  The bowing of the North American continent, and the vulnerability of the New Madrid Fault Line to a diagonal slip, is well known. Quake swarms in this region are regularly denied by those assigned to disguise the real progress of the plate movements, but what kind of havoc do these early harbingers of serious adjustments along the New Madrid create? Slipping or breaking rock strata is not a silent or secret affair. Buildings shudder, windows rattle, quake swarms are recorded and denied, and cranes sway. That cranes are vulnerable to swaying during Earth movement is certainly not news, though it is also denied.  

What made this latest spate of rock slips notable is the “flash”, an electrical discharge or arcing in a switch yard in Missouri. Whatever the ultimate cause officially assigned may be, the true cause was the compression of rock in the New Madrid region that allows electricity to pass through the rock more readily. It has long been known that this causes a screech on radio in regions about to experience quakes, one of the best earthquake predictors. Neither of these incidents would likely have hit the press were it not that they occurred at nuclear power plants. Should the public be worried? The public should demand that such plants to be taken offline, retired, but this is unfortunately unlikely to happen.   

Millions of internal records have leaked from Britain's offshore financial industry, exposing for the first time the identities of thousands of holders of anonymous wealth from around the world, from presidents to plutocrats, the daughter of a notorious dictator and a British millionaire accused of concealing assets from his ex-wife. Such a leak doesn't happen every day and what an effort whoever is behind this (powerful people) - this will definitely unsettle a few elite and establishments. Strong polarization between STO vs STS! It might not have any relationships but I sense that this could be a planned prelude to the pending announcement and maybe more to come! Would zetas like to make any comments?  [and from another]  A cache of 2.5 million files has cracked open the secrets of more than 120,000 offshore companies and trusts, exposing hidden dealings of politicians, con men and the mega-rich the world over. The secret records obtained by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists lay bare the names behind covert companies and private trusts in the British Virgin Islands, the Cook Islands and other offshore hideaways.  They include American doctors and dentists and middle-class Greek villagers as well as families and associates of long-time despots, Wall Street swindlers, Eastern European and Indonesian billionaires, Russian corporate executives, international arms dealers and a sham-director-fronted company that the European Union has labeled as a cog in Iran’s nuclear-development program.

Where occasional leaks are expected, tax evasion and nefarious activities count on layers of protection to allow business-as-usual to continue. The first bulwark is the bank’s location, where the laws allow their activities to be hidden from the eyes of investigators from other countries. Until recently the Swiss bank account had such absolute security, and as many will remember, Mitt Romney’s Cayman Island activities were kept secret despite intense politically motivated curiosity during the last US Presidential election. Another bulwark that can be used is a false fronts, having the accounts in a false name so that only knowledge of the account numbers and pass codes gain access. Using several havens, in a type of chain with many links, is another bulwark, so that not just one leak suffices. Many havens must be breached simultaneously.

What will this latest breach mean to those hiding the truth from the public? First, due to the massive number of sites that have been breached, links in many chains will be identified so that information previously available suddenly has meaning. This is the primary dread of the villains. A bank account in a haven is secure as long as the owner cannot be identified, and most often the owner is some corporation in the haven, where incorporation and corporate records are secure. Now these records have been breached. In the case of Mitt Romney, his US corporation owned a tax haven corporation in the Cayman’s, supposedly for their clients. But unless the corporate records could be secured, just what Mitt himself did there was a secret.

Another consequence of the breach is that prosecution, often stalled for lack of proof of ownership, will gain new life. Those seeking stolen funds, or evidence of embezzlement or tax evasion will suddenly have their evidence. Prosecution relies upon a preponderance of evidence, removing the element of doubt, and the extra weight has just been made available in many such cases. Money tucked away by relatives of former despots will be the target of lawsuits seeking to return the funds to the countries that had been looted. Those identified as thieves and agents of these thieves will become personally vulnerable to retaliation – hunted, wherever they go.

From the article: "NASA will temporarily limit scientific observations by its Mars rovers and orbiters beginning Thursday".  This will be for four weeks this conjunction. NASA calls it the "Mars solar conjunction".  This year they say it will last four weeks.  Looking at Opportunity's last two conjunctions in 2008 and 2011 it only lasted two weeks. Any comments on the extra two weeks this conjunction verses the last two?  Is NASA seeing more interference because of Nibiru/Planet X this conjunction? On the subject of Mars rovers.  Any quick comment behind Curiosity's "A side" computer issues in early March being possibly related to Nibiru/Planet X?

Conjunction issues have been a headache for NASA ever since Earth stalled in her orbit in December, 2003, due to Planet X standing in her way. The exact position of the planets during the conjunction with Mars is primarily due to Earth’s orbit, which is closer to the Sun and has a shorter orbit. If two weeks was sufficient in the past to move the Earth and Mars such that the Sun was not between them, NASA now needs four weeks to disguise the fact that Earth’s orbit is indeed stalled, as we the Zetas have stated since 2003. The vast charged tail of Planet X also creates problems for communications, and thus occasional interference when Mars is behind the tail swath is a headache, also unexplained by NASA.