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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for August 6, 2011

Oslo Police were still being quoted as saying they didn´t have him on record, previously. Is something being covered-up, here? [and from another] A 23-year-old neo-Nazi from Paradise is in custody after police found two pistols, one kg explosives and two police uniforms with him. This is the third time the 23-year-old is in custody since mid juli. Among the weapons he was convicted of having sold, it was both Uzi machine guns, AK47 (Kalasjnikov) assault rifles, a shotgun. [and from another]
The Norwegian Police Security Service had not placed Breivik on a watch list or under surveillance after his name appeared on an Interpol list of individuals who had purchased chemicals over the internet. "The purpose was not to look at the people who were buying these chemicals, but to look at the companies that were selling. There was no reason for further investigation."

Norway has been a peaceful Scandinavian country, a social democracy where the populace is routinely cared for, wealthy from the North Sea oil fields and without the immigration unrest that countries like the UK and Germany have endured. Their laws reflect their peaceful past. After killing a horrific number of people, Breivik is faced with a light sentence for "terrorism". In another country, Breivik would have come onto the radar earlier and likely been imprisoned repeatedly, and prevented by law from owning the assault rifles he used. Does this lax attitude by the Norway law enforcement indicate an inside job was afoot? It indicates complacency. There are towns in every country where the crime rate is so low that the residents leave their doors open at night. This is not cooperation with the theft and rape that might occur, it is complacency.

I live in a rural community and do not have satellite or cable TV. We receive our TV signal through a roof top antenna with a digital converter box. As time has gone on (since the switch over to digital) our reception has been inconsistent, but some channels always come in good. We receive 23 channels on a good day, and as low as 4 on a bad day. Lately reception has become worse and odd. This morning we were receiving channels we never got before, as if the antenna was turned directly to the south. It is and has always been pointed east. Very strange. Is this an effect of the approach, and or the wobble?

Magnetospheres are fluid and plastic, as the simulation of Earth's magnetosphere shows. The Sun's dominant magnetic field pushes the Earth's field so it is lopsided, leaning away from the Sun. In like manner, the Earth's magnetosphere is being twisted by the influence of Planet X, in the extreme. Planet X is coming between the Earth and Sun, and coming closer. As numerous examples captured by Nancy and the Pole Shift ning team have shown, the Earth's magnetosphere is twisting and often merging into the magnetosphere of Planet X. What does this mean for radio and TV broadcasts traveling from towers to homes? These transmissions are not as affected by wind or rain as they are by electro-magnetic pressure. What this pressure is, for any given local, depends on the time of day, as the Earth is rolling in her rotation and the locale is protected by the body of the Earth daily. The pressure depends on the Earth wobble, which changes the direction of magnetic blasts coming from Planet X.

I'm a little confused. In the Zetas' answer on 7/23/11 regarding Executive Order 13575, they make it sound like govt is trying to make some preparations for survivor camps, complete with law enforcement, trying to help the survivors. However, the new seat of govt has been described as being in Denver CO, and the story there seems like the opposite in terms of govt's treatment of the survivors. Is it not the govt that will be enforcing martial law there and enslaving survivors in work camps, through the military? Is there to be some schizm in the govt where the military follows some figure other than the President? Could the Zetas clarify this at all?

Is there a disconnect between our description of life in the Denver area after Washington DC moves there and Obama's clear intention for the lives of many citizens after the US is assaulted by the New Madrid and West Coast adjustments? There are different rules in different locales and for different people. Certainly, life in an elite bunker would be radically different from life on a Service-to-Other survival camp. Certainly life in the center of a big city devastated by earthquake and with no source of clean water or ability to grow or gather food would be radically different from life in a remote rural area where every family knows how to garden. We have stated that government in the Aftertime will be more varied than at present, local laws prevailing and these laws often in force by agreement of the local folk. There will be no phones, only short wave radio in effect, no police force, no courts, and thus the local folk will set the rules and enforce them.

In Service-to-Other camps, the rules are likely to punish or exile greedy behavior or violence against innocents, the weak and young. In Service-to-Self gangs, the rules are what the leader sets, any whim that comes to mind. Thus in the Denver area, and to a lesser extent the Kokomo, Indiana area, laws will be set for the convenience of the powerful lawmakers and leaders that setup operations there. If they need food, go take it. If they need a volunteer workforce, create a law that allows for slave labor camps, conscription as it has been called in the past. This is scarcely different from how we would describe life in the Aftertime Service-to-Self gangs. Executive Order 13575 will establish thousands of survivor camps which will eventually govern themselves, and this is likely to evolve into thousands of different rules. Conscription and slave labor MAY evolve, but more likely, fair minded farming communities will evolve. It depends on the nature of the residents!

Two high-speed Bullet Trains crashed in Eastern China on July 23, 2011. Reports indicate resulting, widespread outrage among the Chinese and the possibility of a high-level cover up. Can the Zetas fill us in? Was this train crash actually caused by or related to the nearby presence of Planet X? [and from another] Thirty-two people were killed and 191 injured when two high-speed bullet trains slammed into one another in eastern China, causing several cars to derail and fall off a bridge. A power outage triggered by a lightning strike caused one train to stall - only for another to ram into its rear, the state-run Xinhua news agency reported. The crash sent two carriages packed with passengers tumbling from a bridge. Images of the wreck showed one car dangling precariously from the elevated stretch of track, while the other had fallen between 22 and 33 yards (20 to 30 meters) into a viaduct. [and from another] After a week of unusually outspoken outrage among the Chinese public over a high-speed train crash, Chinese authorities imposed a news blackout on the subject over the weekend. The propaganda authorities imposed a media ban on the train crash, forcing newspapers nationwide to pull their pages of coverage at the last minute. Investigative reports and commentaries were no longer allowed to be published - only positive news or information released by the authorities. [and from another] An Lusheng, head of the Shanghai Railway Bureau, said there were design problems with the signal light equipment at the Wenzhou South Station and dispatchers did not send any warnings after the lightning strike. After the lightning strike caused a failure, an interval signal machine that should have shown a red light mistakenly upgraded it to a green light instead.
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Much of China is coming out of a long period of technological stagnation, where China was considered not much more than a Third World country. Yes, the people are bright and industrious, but just as the Dark Ages in Europe saw stagnation and domination so that free thinking and innovation did not prevail, China had a similar era. Look at North and South Korea to see what political oppression can inflict. Whatever the historical reasons, the people are innately intelligent and industrious. Communism by its nature allows for a lack of oversight and thus ingrained corruption develops. On the fast track to take their rightful place in the industrial world, mistakes are made. China's high speed rail system had many incidents preceding this incident which were clues that the system was not de-bugged, but those at the helm refused to delay the schedules. Many more such incidents will occur, we predict.

Per the Zetas, Brazil during the 7 of 10 roll of S America will be riding in the rear thus experiencing less trauma. On the last week chat (July 30) the Zetas mentioned that the 7 of 10 will pull the top of S America westward, and this movement will likely "stretch and pull apart Sao Paulo" - I am guessing Sao Paulo City and surroundings. Question: Did the situation change? Can the Zetas be more specific on what will (or might) happen and what people from Sao Paulo should expect during S America roll?

Stretched land pulls the rock layers apart, so the crust is thinner and likely to drop. River bottoms are thinner than the surrounding hills, for instance. Crevasses open up, the ground just pulled apart. Shifting can occur. If the stretch is pulling a bridge at an angle, for instance, the bridge can become detached from its footings or anchors. Roadways and rail lines can shift sideways, creating a snaking appearance and in the case of rail lines, derailing trains. If the stretch is under a city, as it often is because cities are built along river banks, the foundations of building can be destabilized. A portion of the foundation may drop, while another remains, thus tilting the building until it collapses. We attributed the flooding in Brazil to the stretch of the S America bow because the normal course of the river was being disrupted, so water pooled where it formerly moved along, draining. Stretch zone accidents perplex people because they are not accompanied by earthquakes, thus seemingly have no cause.

What Zetas can say about new specific crop circles? Giant arrow.
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This crop circle design is stating that the swirling dust cloud of Planet X will seem to dance like a snake, from the viewpoint of Earth, as Planet X comes closer and the Earth's wobble intensifies. Planet X seems to come from the Sun, on the left, with the view from the Earth thus on the right. The dust cloud reacts to the Earth's magnetosphere by swinging first to one side, then the other, as the Earth wobbles. The dust cloud is most attuned to Planet X, hosing out from its N Pole which streams magnetons outward. But it is also blown about by the solar wind and tends to trail the moving Planet X. The dust cloud would normally be attracted to the Earth's S Pole, which is a magneton intake, but as the S Pole is moving back and forth during the Earth wobble, the dust cloud swoops to this side or that. The snake head represents Planet X itself, with the double helix of its major moon swirls on either side of the corpus. The twisting tongue of the snake showing that the charged tail of Planet X seems to roll as well as swoop, a complicated dance.

I would like to ask a question. Yesterday my friend from Yerevan, Armenia, showed me some photos. He made these photos in high sensitivity through the negative, put a negative to the lens. As I understand it, the point in the center of a red dust cloud - this is Planet X. Can our friends to comment on these pictures?
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This is a Moon Swirl, with the dominant moon emerging from the group when the contrast and brightness are reduced, as Nancy has done. This is clearly not a flare line from the Sun, as the dust clustered around the Moon Swirl seems to expand at the end where it has been ruffling. These moons are of course not close to the Sun but between the Earth and Sun, so appear large in the photo, almost planet sized.

Studying the seismic activity has become a daily chore and there is one thing that I do not understand. Every now and again there is a worldwide wobble - indicated on LISS. Usually on that day, the indicated earthquakes are high in magnitude and number. Then, for days on end there does not seem to be a wobble (as per LISS) and earthquakes sharply decrease in number and magnitude. Now perhaps my understanding (or lack thereof) of science comes to bear here, but my understanding leads me to believe that should a heavenly body exert an influence on Earth (hear Planet X here) then the influence should be more or less the same every day, and increase in intensity as PX clears the distance. If PX remains in approximately the same position (decreasing in distance) then the magnetic influence on the magnetized Atlantic rift as well as the pushed away North Pole should be more or less the same every day - increasing in influence. Zetatalk is firm in the statement that PX is inbound, so why the seismic lulls and most intermittent wobble activity if the magnetic influence should be there every day? Unless this question was asked before and I happened to miss it, myself and the other enthusiastic Earth watchers would sincerely appreciate some explanation from our friends.

Global shuddering began in 2003 when Planet X came into the inner solar system. At that time, global shuddering was occurring when the highly magnetized Atlantic Rift was facing the Sun and the approaching Planet X. Our explanation at that time focused on Planet X grabbing the Atlantic Rift, which is a surface magnet, holding it temporarily, creating a tugging. This also occurred when the Atlantic Rift was on the opposite side of the globe, on the dark side of Earth, as the dominant magnet, Planet X, wanted all magnets in alignment with itself.

Global shuddering on Earth has many causes, but must involve an interference with the slow and steady rotation of the Earth in some way. In addition to the twice daily grabbing of the Atlantic Rift, the Earth developed a polar wobble where the poles of Earth are grabbed or pushed away daily. The Earth developed a Figure 8 wobble, by the Fall of 2004, well documented by Nancy on a regular basis in those days, caused by a grabbing of the S Pole. By early 2006 the polar wobble had evolved to be more a push away of the N Pole and by early 2007 had become a complicated mixture, lurching and leaning. As Planet X moved closer still, enveloping Earth in its magnetosphere, a type of flipping about also began, where the Earth would tilt its N Pole away or flip in the other direction, into opposition along the magnetic flow lines of Planet X.

For a shudder to show up on the live seismographs, worldwide, the Earth must be jerked significantly, such that its plate borders punch or push each other in a domino fashion around the globe. Magma surging is also involved, as it bumps the plates. Earthquakes are recorded when significant movement is sensed. For a normal earthquake this is when rock snaps, or rock grinds along a fault line, or rock layers drop or heave. A seismometer affixed to a piece of furniture would show a quake even if the furniture were moved slightly or bumped, as this would involve vibration. All objects in motion will vibrate slightly when coming to a stop, due to a rebound effect. For global shudders, this vibration almost always is caused by magma surging, a type of magma tsunami traveling though and around the globe.

The influences on the Earth are many, with just what point when a global shudder occurs caused by many factors and occurring at many points in the day. The original twice a day global shudder, at noon and dead of night UTC, now seldom presents. Earth and Planet X are in a dance with each other, with Venus and the Dark Twin on occasion bumping into this couple on the dance floor. The Earth at this time is trying to lean its N Pole away from the N Pole of Planet X, but daily this lean, which is not normal for the Earth as it normally aligns with the Sun, will bounce back. This violent daily wobble is now being noted by many who find the Sun out of place. On occasion, the Earth will attempt to placate the dominant magnetic field of Planet X by lying in opposition, actually pointing its N Pole toward the Sun. Any time this activity involves a strong enough lurch that the magma begins to slosh, a global shudder will emerge.