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Issue 780, Sunday September 12, 2021
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Revolution Triggers

Revolutions are not casual affairs. Revolutions almost always involve toppling an autocratic and corrupt government. Incompetent governance is part of the mix, with starvation among the people as a result. Revolutions often include the military turning from the established government to side with the revolution, as occurred in the US in 1776. They almost always involve a desperate public feeling there is no other route available to them. All of these elements were present when the Tsar was removed in Russia in 1917.

Russian Revolution
By 1917 the bond between the tsar and most of the Russian people had been broken. Governmental corruption and inefficiency were rampant. The tsar’s reactionary policies, including the occasional dissolution of the Duma, or Russian parliament, had spread dissatisfaction even to moderate elements. But it was the government’s inefficient prosecution of World War I that finally provided the challenge the old regime could not meet. Ill-equipped and poorly led, Russian armies suffered catastrophic losses in campaign after campaign against German armies. Riots over the scarcity of food broke out in the capital, Petrograd (formerly St. Petersburg), when most of the Petrograd garrison joined the revolt, Tsar Nicholas II was forced to abdicate.
The Russian Revolution
The tsar was absolute and unlimited in his authority, which was subject to neither constitutional
restraints nor parliamentary institutions. He ruled with the help of a bureaucratic caste, subject to no external controls and above the law, and the army, one of whose main tasks was maintaining internal order.

In Cuba corruption was endemic in the political structure. In Cuba the Mob’s gambling casinos and drug running were a factor. It is somewhat reminiscent of Haiti today, as both Cuba and Haiti are islands in the Caribbean convenient for porting drugs from Colombia and S America into the US. Complaints from the people were suppressed. They had no option for change other than revolution, and took up arms. The common elements preceding revolution – an autocratic government with a heavy hand and extensive corruption – were certainly present.

Cuban Revolution
The Republic of Cuba at the turn of the 20th Century was largely characterized by a deeply ingrained tradition of corruption where political participation resulted in opportunities for elites to engage in opportunities for wealth accumulation. Corruption was rooted within Cuba's most powerful institutions, with the highest individuals in government and military being heavily involved in gambling and the drug trade. Under his rule, Batista led a corrupt dictatorship that involved close links with organized crime organizations and the reduction of civil freedoms of Cubans.  After deciding that the Cuban regime could not be replaced through legal means, Castro resolved to launch an armed revolution.

The battle between the Nationalists and Communists in China involved what was viewed as incompetent leadership among the nationalists during World War II, combined with the usual elements for fomenting revolution – corruption and a dictatorial or autocratic leadership. The Military sided with the Communists, a major factor in the revolution. During the turmoil in Uganda, yet another factor for foment and toppling governments can be seen. The British left Uganda, leaving its former colony to local control, thus leaving a void without stable leadership.

The Chinese Revolution of 1949
Frustrated by the focus of the Nationalist leader Chiang Kai-shek on internal threats instead of the Japanese assault, a group of generals abducted Chiang in 1937 and forced him to reconsider cooperation with the Communist army. During World War II, popular support for the Communists increased. U.S. officials in China reported a dictatorial suppression of dissent in Nationalist-controlled areas. These undemocratic polices combined with wartime corruption made the Republic of China Government vulnerable to the Communist threat.
Uganda Bush War
In 1971, the President of Uganda Milton Obote was overthrown in a coup d'état by General Idi Amin of the Uganda Army. Obote had been President since Uganda's independence from the United Kingdom in 1962, and his regime saw a general decline in living standards in the country, with widespread corruption, terrorism, and persecution of ethnic groups.

ZetaTalk Comment 8/31/2021: Revolution, or the complete overthrow of the existing government, happens when the common man finds they have no other route. This is often in a setting where basic subsistence is lacking - severe and intractable food shortages and unfair distribution of goods. Another common ingredient is rigidity in the government, where the public perceives them as autocratic while making capricious and self-serving decisions. Media control and suppression only exacerbate dissent. Given the history of mankind’s revolutions, how does the current era of Covid-19 lockdowns compare?

Even with tight control of the media, the facts have spread like wildfire via the Internet. In those countries such as Sweden where lockdowns and mandatory vaccinations were never imposed the public recovered from Covid-19. It was just another flu. Where the experimental mRNA vaccine was used, endless variants due to Antibody Dependent Enhancements (ADE) have developed. The vaccine allows Covid-19 to live on forever so that repeated vaccines are required. Other rushed vaccines cause blood clots and heart inflammation.  

Where the current rebellion against lockdowns, particularly in Europe and Australia, centers on the vaccination issues, the lockdowns are inherently due to a fear in the establishment that the truth about Nibiru’s pending passage will become well known. Both the wealthy and the banking empires are vested in the public continuing to pay their mortgages and taxes and continuing the Status Quo. The resolution of this death grip will go one of two ways: the Status Quo will continue until the Last Weeks wherein the elite will rush to their enclaves to hide, or revolution will erupt on a tsunami of truth.

So where are governments, especially in Europe, on this revolution potential list? Lockdowns that are not necessary are certainly autocratic, especially when countries such as Sweden stand in contrast to the lockdown approach. As Nibiru comes closer and the signs are everywhere, European countries and the Commonwealth countries have been increasing their lockdown demands, issuing vaccine passports to reduce travel and forcing the vaccinations that increase variants to perpetuate the situation. Meanwhile, despite excuses about delivery problems, starvation is on the horizon.

Truck Driver Shortage leading to Empty Grocery Store Shelves
August 12, 2021
The lack of drivers is part of the reason people are finding empty shelves at the grocery stores week after week since the rise of COVID-19 even though stores are ordering the items.
Empty Shelves in Supermarkets going to Get Worse, Industry Expert says
August 3, 2021
People across Scotland the rest of the UK have been reporting gaps on store shelves in recent weeks. The UK Government has been urged to take action to tackle the HGV driver shortage, which alongside Brexit challenges and some Covid issues has been largely responsible for the problems.

ZetaTalk Insight 6/30/2021: We, the Zetas, predicted in 2008 that food shortages would emerge going into the Pole Shift due to erratic weather. A decade later by 2019 alternating and intractable drought and deluge had occurred, with pasturelands flooded and erratic temperatures that freeze fruit tree blossoms in the spring occurring. These trends have not abated, but are interspersed with ample rains and warm weather that result in locust swarms in the Middle East and mice swarms in Australia. How is the establishment to manage food production and the certain demands of a starving population?

Delta Variant

The Covid-19 vaccines, rushed to market, are fraught with problems. There are numerous neurological and blood clot side effects. The placenta is attacked so pregnancies are aborted. And the vaccines use a chemical that has a magnetic property so magnets can temporarily stick to the vax site. Now the statistics are in, and they are not looking good.

Hawaii Attorney Michael Green Files Class Action Lawsuit says Vaccine has Killed 45 Thousand People
August 13, 2021
Michael Green has filed a class action lawsuit initially representing 1,200 first responders against the Governor's vaccine mandates with thousands more expected to join.
20,595 DEAD 1.9 Million Injured (50% Serious) Reported in European Union’s Database of Adverse Drug Reactions for COVID-19 Shots
August 2, 2021
The EudraVigilance database reports that through July 31, 2021 there are 20,595 deaths and 1,960,607 injuries reported following injections of four experimental COVID-19 shots. From the total of injuries recorded, half of them (968,870) are serious injuries.
England’s Public Health Stats show Hospitalization and Death Occur at Higher Rate among the Vaccinated
August 10, 2021
Data from England’s public health policy department on the spread of coronavirus shows that 65 percent of hospitalizations and deaths involving COVID-19 are among those who have had at least one dose of the experimental jabs. Public Health England (PHE) released a report on July 6 detailing the spread of the Delta variant of the virus, and includes hospitalizations and deaths where COVID-19 was a factor between February 1, 2021, and August 2, 2021.

The Delta variant was deliberately engineered and released in India so that emigres from India would not be welcomed elsewhere, but it has escaped India to infect the rest of the world. A surge in new cases has occurred, and without a specific vaccine for the Delta variant, the establishment is resorting to booster shots for the mother virus – Covid-19. New Zealand had new lockdowns, China closed the third busiest port in the world, and Australia practically became a prison colony.  President Trump urged booster shots in an interview with Maria Bartiromo. The Zetas explain.

New Zealand has Announced a Snap Lockdown after a Man Tested Positive for Covid, the First Case in Six Months
August 17, 2021
The case was detected in Auckland, which will be in lockdown for a week, while the rest of the country will be in lockdown for three days.  Authorities say they are working on the assumption that the new case was the Delta variant. Just around 20% of its population has been fully vaccinated.
World’s Third-Busiest Port Remains Partially Shut in China for the Sixth Day in a Row
August 17, 2021
China’s Ningbo-Zhoushan container port, the world’s third-busiest, remained partially closed for a sixth day, amid ongoing concern over whether the shutdown will disrupt trade from the region longer term. The port hasn’t published any updates on its operations since it halted all inbound and outbound container services at its Meishan terminal after one employee tested positive for Covid-19. No new infections have been reported at the port since the initial case.
Sydney Sends in Military to Help Enforce Lockdown Amid Record Jump in COVID Cases
July 29, 2021
Despite being locked down for nearly a month now, Sydney has just reported a record one-day rise in local COVID cases as public health authorities warned that the outbreak would likely worsen, inspiring them to once again turn to the Australian military for help. Sydney, Australia's most populous city, has struggled to contain an outbreak of the highly infectious Delta variant with another economy-crippling lockdown. Instead, cases have continued to move higher, leading public health authorities to double down on their efforts to protect against a broader outbreak of the delta variant, believed to be far more infectious than other strains.

ZetaTalk Insight 8/31/2021: We stated that the Delta variant was deliberately engineered and released in India to reduce emigration from India, but the Delta variant has escaped India to infect the rest of the world too. Now the Herd Immunity against Covid-19 that was settling in around the world has again been delayed as new lockdowns are being enforced. The vaccines that were developed are not specific to the Delta variant, so will have only a moderate effect, but the establishment does not have any other tools readily at hand, though Dr. Zelenko’s protocol of HCQ et al and other anti-virals are effective.

The Delta variant has proven to be more deadly than Covid-19. Despite the much-suppressed statistics on death and injury caused by the vaccine, which rivals or surpasses the death and injury caused by the Covid-19 virus itself, the establishment is between a rock and a hard place because of the Delta variant’s escape from India. The establishment has chosen to use the Covid-19 vaccines in an attempt to develop antibodies against this related virus. Those who developed and released the Delta variant have been hunted down and exterminated, and barring any further mischief the Covid-19 chapter will soon be closed.

If looking for models of success, look to Russia and Sweden. Russia was not only first to loft a satellite - the Sputnik 1 - but first to emerge with a vaccine. This is not one of the dreaded mRNA vaccines, nor does it cause clotting. Russia could not produce Sputnik fast enough to meet demand. Sweden was considered the model of how to achieve herd immunity without draconian lockdowns or mandatory vaccines. Their success likewise cannot be denied.

Russian Scientists Develop new Variant of Sputnik V Vaccine, Modified to deal with Fast-Spreading Deadly Delta Strain of Covid-19
August 19, 2021
The team behind Russia's pioneering coronavirus vaccine, Sputnik V, has said that plans have already been put in place to adapt the formula based on genetic sequencing from the new Delta variant, which is resistant to some jabs. A record-breaking spike in Covid-19 deaths across Russia in recent weeks has been attributed to the Delta form of the virus. Now [the cases] are 100% Delta.
‘What was the Difference between Sweden and the Rest of the West on Covid? We Trusted the people to have Common Sense’
August 19, 2021
Sweden did not close down society. There were of course some restrictions. Only two people could sit at a table in a restaurant for example, but it was still possible to go to restaurants and have a meal. Although schools closed when there was a Covid outbreak, there was no blanket lockdown. Even day-care centers remained open. You had to use the backdoor on buses to shield drivers. There was no law on facemasks, but there was a recommendation in big cities to use a facemask in crowded areas. The government) trusted the people to have common sense. Society was not that too much different.

Petrol Displays

Since the Petrol in the vast tail of Nibiru is now blowing toward the earth, there has been a magnificent display in the skies. Focused rainbow spears have appeared. Fire in the sky towering above a cloud as the blaze drifts off into smoke has likewise been captured on film. And incidents where falling Petrol, on fire, have set fires on the ground have also been recorded. Now we have wavering rainbows reaching like fingers up into the sky being filmed. Per the Zetas, this is evaporating Petrol bending the sunlight.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 8/31/2021: Light rays bend readily, as is known. A light ray passed through a prism displays a rainbow on the other side. Petrol Masses that are now regularly descending into the upper atmosphere of Earth will distort light rays. Sunlight hitting the outer surface will bend into a rainbow.

ZetaTalk Explanation 4/14/2021: The Petrol drifting down through the lower atmosphere worldwide lately almost always dissipates or burns while descending. But when a heavy Petrol load meets hot volcanic emissions, the results are what is shown in this photo – a blaze in the sky. This blaze wafted upward, as hot air does rise.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 3/31/2021: As could be seen from the number of Petrol Bubbles descending through the atmosphere, while afire, it was inevitable that ground fires would be started by this route. Wildfires are nothing new, but with the increase and severity of drought this will be problematic in some locations. We have stated that the Pole Shift fires will burn all the forests, which will then regrow from seed. The Earth will become green again. But in the meantime, the firemen will be busy.

Circumhorizontal Arc
A circumhorizontal arc is an optical phenomenon that belongs to the family of ice halos formed by the refraction of sunlight or moonlight in plate-shaped ice crystals suspended in the atmosphere, typically in cirrus or cirrostratus clouds. In its full form, the arc has the appearance of a large, brightly spectrum-coloured band (red being the topmost colour) running parallel to the horizon, located far below the Sun or Moon.

ZetaTalk Comment 8/31/2021: Just as rainbows can form on an oil spill on the pavement, rainbows can form in the sky during the presence of Petrol in the atmosphere. This is not a “circumhorizontal arc” based on ice crystals because the appearance is different. SunDogs, found at the top and to the sides of the Sun, are also based on ice crystals. Ice crystal rainbows present a solid appearance, but these new rainbow photos have the appearance of blowing upward in the wind, as indeed the evaporating Petrol is doing just that. The Petrol that has invaded the Earth’s atmosphere will either drift to the ground, burn up in the skies or upon landing, or drift about in the wind.