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Issue 450, Sunday May 17, 2015
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Earth Plates Collide

The Scripted Drama the Zetas detailed in 2002 depicts how the Earth plates will move, and collide, during the hour of the Pole Shift, based on their shape, prior history, and the stress they will endure. If a plate is already subducting or riding over another, that will continue. If a rift is ripping open, this will likely widen. For the Indo-Australian Plate, this Scripted Drama does not bode well. India will be pushed down under the waves, as will the western 2/3 of Australia. All this requires that Indian be hammered under the Himalayas, a process that presented itself on April 25, 2015.

ZetaTalk Explanation 10/3/2009: This plate is the brake because it is difficult to drive a plate under the massive Himalayas. It is the weight of the rock which must be raised, or the bulk of the plate which must be driven down and under, that are the telling factors. This part of the world will always lead with massive earthquakes, followed by adjustments elsewhere around the world.

ZetaTalk Prediction 4/15/2002: The immediate effect of the massive plate housing Europe, Russia and the Near East to move is felt most strongly in India, as the Himalayas are driven over India at this point, effectively submerging this country in a wink.

The Nepal quake, while deemed only a Magnitude 7.9, had plate collision implications. This could be seen by the reaction of buoys which throbbed on the NOAA charts not only on the nearby Indian Ocean but also above the Philippine Plate and all the way into the Pacific. The Zetas have stated that the plates are locked onto each other, no wiggle room anymore, and the slight movement in the Indo-Australian Plate bumped several plates in a domino fashion.

7.9-magnitude quake strikes Nepal
April 25, 2015
The most severe damage was seen in Nepal’s capital, Kathmandu, where buildings collapsed. The USGS raised the initial 7.5-magnitude of the quake to 7.9. Some tremors were reportedly felt in some cities in eastern and northern India, including the capital, New Delhi. The quake caused an avalanche on Mount Everest, mountaineer Alex Gavan tweeted from Mount Pumori, about 8km (5 miles) west of Mount Everest.
Earthquake in North India, Nepal
April 25, 2015
Massive tremors were felt in Delhi, Lucknow, Kolkata and other parts of northern India. The epicentre of the earthquake is reported to be in Nepal.

ZetaTalk Prediction 4/15/1999: You will find that because these deep plates are locked in that a quake in one place transmits to another, and you will have what Nancy has been referring to as domino quakes. Rather than months going by before a repercussion is felt in another part of the world, repercussions will happen almost instantaneously. This will be defused by the media which will fail to report them.

The Nepal quake caused the Earth’s seismographs to “ring like a bell”, as the USGS describes it. Despite the fact that the USGS had obviously desensitized their seismographs several times over the past decade, all the graphs went black.

How big was the Nepal quake? It is listed as a 7.9 or so, but per the Zetas the USGS is under-reporting quakes by almost 2 magnitudes. One measure is distance, how far a large quake can be felt. In 1811, from a Magnitude 8 in the New Madrid area, it was a Magnitude 4 in Boston, some 1137 miles away. Note on a FEMA chart that for each magnitude increase, it is an even step away, an even number of miles for each magnitude increase. This equal distance in increased scope is also reflected in a SLU chart where it shows twice the distance for a Magnitude 3 as for a Magnitude 2 quake.  The Nepal quake caused shaking in New Delhi, some 498 miles away, which would be appropriate for a Magnitude 6 quake if the epicenter was a 7.9.

Earthquake Size
To complete the construction of the magnitude scale, Richter had to establish a reference value and identify the rate at which the peak amplitudes decrease with distance from an earthquake.  Another measure of earthquake size is the area of the fault that slipped during the earthquake. During large earthquakes the part of the fault that ruptures may be hundreds of kilometers long and 10s of kilometers deep. Smaller earthquake rupture smaller portions of the fault. Thus the area of the rupture is an indicator of the earthquake size.
Characteristics of Earthquakes
Intensity contours for the 1811 New Madrid, MO earthquake. The highest value of intensity is reported for a given earthquake. Thus, this large earthquake is reported as MMI = XI. Credit: USGS.

But when a quake sets the Earth to “ringing like a bell” and causes the buoys atop plates thousands of miles away to throb, there is something else afoot. Earthquake magnitude does not measure the effect on the Earth plates. Here it is clear that the Indo-Australian Plate tilted and dove under Nepal, thus pressing down on the Sunda Plate where it dives under the curve of Sumatra and Java, thus affecting the tilt of the Sunda Plate which then allowed the Philippine Plate (which is folding and tilting upward on its Pacific side) to tilt, thus allowing the Pacific Plate to compress. None of this is measured in the Magnitude scale. This Nepal quake affected solid rock, and thus to call this a mere 7.9 quake begs credulity.

Nepal Quake: Part of India Slid about 1 Foot to 10 Feet Northwards
April 28, 2015
A part of India slid about one foot to 10 feet northwards and underneath Nepal in a matter of seconds during the devastating 7.9-magnitude earthquake. Saturday's slip took place over an area about 1,000 to 2,000 square miles over a zone spanning the cities of Kathmandu and Pokhara in one direction, and almost the entire Himalaya mountain width in the other.
Mount Everest Shrank As Nepal Quake Lifted Kathmandu
May 1, 2015
A broad swath of ground near Kathmandu lifted vertically, by about 3 feet (1 meter), which could explain why damage in the city was so severe. An area of 75 miles by 30 miles near Kathmandu was displaced vertically by a full meter.

Calbuco Explodes

Another example of colliding plates occurred on April 22, 2015 when the Calbuco volcano in southern Chile suddenly exploded. This was caught by an astronished hiker who was photographing the volcano when it first exploded. Calbuco had not been on the watch list, and had not given any warning signs of a pending eruption. Note where Calbuco lies – exactly where the Nazca Plate rams its southeastern corner into the S American Plate. During the S American roll, the top part of S America tips over to the left, causing the Nazca and Cocos Plates to press under and against the spine of the Andes. Obviously, the S American roll took a step on April 22, 2015.

Hiker gets the Shock of his Life when the Volcano he is Filming Erupts
A hiker exploring Chile's natural wonders got the shock of his life on when a volcano erupted before his eyes. The Volcano has been dormant since 1972 and neither scientists nor government officials predicted the eruption.
Calbuco Volcano Eruption in Chile forces Evacuation of 4,000 People from Region
April 22, 2015
Volcano Calbuco in southern Chile erupted for the first time in more than four decades, sending a thick plume of ash and smoke several kilometres into the sky. As night fell, about 4,000 people had so far moved out of the area, an evacuation radius of 20 kilometres had been established and classes were canceled in surrounding towns.

If the southern Pacific is compressing during the S American roll, the north Pacific likewise showed itself in a squeeze the same week as the Calbuco eruption on April 22 and the Nepal quake on April 25. On April 24, 2015 new land rose from the sea along the north Japan island of Hokkaido. This was likely the result of the Pacific Plate pushing under Japan, but was also the immediate result of a landslide along the beach pushing under the ocean bottom so that it rose up. But the primary result was the relentless press of the Pacific pushing under Japan.

Locals Baffled by Expanded Coastline in Eastern Hokkaido
April 24, 2015
The unexplained mass measures roughly 300 meters to 500 meters long, 30 meters wide and rises 10 to 15 meters above sea level. A local woman who was harvesting seaweed along the shoreline on the morning of April 24 noticed the area seemed to be slightly more elevated than the last time she was there. When she finished her task, the area had risen even further, exceeding her height. Marine organisms such as seaweed and sea urchins are attached to rocks on the land mass, suggesting it rose out of the ocean.

Pyramid Mercury

Early in the ZetaTalk saga the Zetas were asked about the purpose of the Great Pyramids, and in particular about the hidden chambers which were accessed by long slanting tunnels so narrow only a rat or robot could crawl down through them.

Pharaoh Puzzle Persists
September 17, 2002
The miniature robot drilled a hole in a limestone door blocking a shaft and inserted a fibre optic camera through it only to find the chamber blocked by yet another door - not seen for more than 4,000 years.
Gantenbrink DOORS
April 1, 2012
Several robots (including Gantenbrink) were specially designed to try to reveal the secrets of the pyramid impenetrable. As far as we could "see" Cheops contains 4 narrow tunnels 20 feet wide by as many high, all with the same inclination of 40°: 2 leave from the King's Chamber and 2 from the Queen's Chamber (whose axis had originally been intentionally concealed by the ancient Egyptians with stones, until the English Dixon discovered its existence).

The Zeta answer was that these were sighting tunnels, to determine when the Annunaki home planet, Nibiru, was approaching from the direction of the constellation Orion.  

ZetaTalk Explanation 11/15/1995: All types of rumors abound about the Great Pyramids, some true, some false. It is known that a hidden chamber exists, accessible only via a tunnel so narrow that it might be traveled by a rat, yet so straight and long that it could only have been used for sighting. The chamber lies empty now, a center platform formed like a shallow basin without whatever object was intended. What went on there, and how did the object disappear through the long narrow tunnel? Hypothesis are that there is a back door to this room, as yet unfound, whereby an occupant or object could escape. This hypothesis has the room acting as a tomb or worst case scenario of an isolation chamber, or if not for a human or alien occupant, holding a massive crystal. None of these are true, as the room has no other entry and was never intended to hold a solid object. The occupant was a liquid, pooled in the shallow basin and reflecting light outward only when light shown down the long tunnel at that particular angle - the light from the approaching Nibiru. Various other sighting tunnels, as yet undiscovered, caught the reflected light. The liquid, of course, evaporated over time, leaving only the puzzle behind.

ZetaTalk Explanation 7/15/1995: The Great Pyramids were built essentially as Navigational Devices. The Great Pyramids, by their great size and weight, ensure stability. All this just to sight an incoming comet, which makes its appearance on a regular basis and can be seen weeks if not months beforehand? The Great Pyramids were not used solely for sighting an incoming object, as their primary purpose was to act as a guidance system for the launches the exiled Nibiru residents would make to meet their home planet. This required precision, as their rockets were no more sophisticated than those used to boost man into space today, and once in space they simply coasted until drawn into the gravitational orbit of the water planet they owed their allegiance to. Many pole shifts have occurred since they were built, each time the crust of the Earth sliding into new positions. One would have to calibrate anew the points, which would in any case not now converge to the point where the giant comet reenters your Solar System. Legend has it that the Giant Pyramids originally pointed near the Orion Star System, and those legends have carried true to their origin. Where this is the original point convergence, the spot where the giant comet first looms into view, the Giant Pyramids no longer act as a guide in this matter.

And what would be that liquid that could pool in a hidden chamber, in a desert, and be guaranteed not to quickly evaporate in the dry air? Why Mercury, of course, liquid Mercury.

Large Amount of Mercury found Sealed in 1,800-year-old Chamber beneath Teotihuacan Pyramid
April 25, 2015
A large quantity of liquid mercury, sealed for nearly 1,800 years, has been discovered in a chamber under a pre-Aztec pyramid in Mexico's Teotihuacan city. The Mexican archaeologist who found the metal was hunting for a royal tomb in a deep, sacred tunnel beneath the pyramid. Gomez thinks the metal which was difficult to mine and rare in ancient times could have been used to symbolize an underworld river or lake. It has been uncovered in small amounts at a few Mayan sites further south, but not in Teotihuacan.
Liquid Mercury found under Mexican Pyramid could lead to King's Tomb
April 24, 2015
Gómez and a team announced they had found three chambers at the tunnel’s 300ft end, almost 60ft below the temple. The liquid metal had no apparent practical purpose for ancient Mesoamericans. But it has been discovered at other sites.
Archaeologists find Tunnel below the Temple of the Feathered Serpent in Teotihuacan
Access is by a vertical shaft of about five meters per side down to a depth of 14 meters from the surface, the entrance leads into a long corridor with an estimated length of 100 meters which ends in a series of underground chambers excavated in the rock.

Marshall Fails Again

On February 11, 2012 Marshall Masters announced that a Planet X harbinger was visible on the horizon on a Costa Rico webcam. He had the video on his website, and still does. The problem? His Yogie Bear is obviously a spec of volcanic dust on the glass box covering the webcam, and his Blue Bonnet is obviously a smear on the glass. Neither move in relationship to the horizon, as the Sun passes overhead from lower right to upper left. And the spec of volcanic dust was even fully visible despite a dense cloud of black volcanic dust blocking the Sun. Yet Masters went on the Coast to Coast am radio station on March 18, 2013 to declare these as object far out in space. The Zetas were not impressed.

Masters believes that an "object of interest" captured in webcam photos of the Turrialba Volcano in Costa Rica is possibly a harbinger to the arrival of Planet X. He nicknamed the object "Bluebonnet" because of its bluish color and said that it appears before sunset near the ecliptic of the sun. Bluebonnet, he reported, may be planet-sized but can only be observed from high altitudes above the cloud cover during certain times of the day, such as sunset. He further suggested that this object could be the Blue Kachina prophesied by the Hopi that will be followed by a far more destructive Red Kachina. View a related video Masters shared with us.

ZetaTalk Opinion 3/30/2013: Marshall Masters of YOWUSA is one who did not deny that Planet X existed, but attempted to ally with the cover-up by claiming it was out in space somewhere, at an undetermined location. He also has claimed that the myriad photos, videos, and SOHO images of the Planet X complex showing its location all these years are a result of cheap cameras or lens flares. Everyone is mistaken, except for Marshall Masters and his supposed team of experts.

ZetaTalk Critique 5/2/2015: Marshall is famous for pointing to a spec of volcanic dust and a smear on a webcam glass cover as being objects far out in space. As can be clearly seen in the videos provided by Masters, these objects do not move with the Sun but remain stationary in relation to the horizon. The spec of volcanic dust even stands on the lens when the horizon is black with volcanic dust uprising. This is out in space?  Masters goes through contortions to explain all of this in his bid to be the leader during the Nibiru announcement, but fails.

Now that the announcement admitting the presence of Nibiru is at hand, Marshall is frantic to be in the press with another scoop. Here it is. Once again, the Zetas are not impressed.

NBC News Reports Nibiru Planet X System
April 23, 2015
In a live, predawn telecast on or about January 14, 2014, the morning news anchors of this NBC News affiliate, KCRA in Sacramento, CA aired live video from their own KCRA new helicopter. In it, they reported an observation of a planet they could not explain.

ZetaTalk Critique 5/2/2015: Now we have another disaster by Masters, who has produced a new video with claims that KCRA captured Venus eclipsing Nibiru in the pre-dawn hours on January 14, 2014. What is wrong with his claims? The KCRA team concludes that it is Venus occulting Saturn, which is correct. Per Skymap, Saturn and Venus should not be in the same line of sight for an occultation. But the Earth is in a halted orbit, not yet admitted by the establishment, and thus is farther back in her orbit, so that both planets would thus appear in the same line of sight.

That this is Saturn is also shown by the bright orb in the occulting pair being a tiny spec when the camera zooms away, a pinpoint. Nibiru captured daily lately on an Italian webcam is showing its true size when viewed from Earth. Not a pinpoint. Nibiru is also too closely shrouded by red dust to be seen as a bright orb with clearly defined edges. Then there is the issue of size. Nibiru is described by Harrington as being five times the diameter of Earth. We, the Zetas, state it is four times the diameter. Both Venus and Earth are the same size, yet in the occultation Venus can be seen as large as the planet it is occulting.

Masters may claim it is Nibiru at a distance, but then why is this version of Nibiru not seen daily, pre-dawn, around the world? And why is Saturn seen, at a distance, daily, at this location? KCRA is correct, it is Saturn being occulted. Master’s fails once again. But hear him roar, and oh, by the way, buy his books and DVDs.