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Issue 328, Sunday January 13, 2013
Weekly news and views from around the world and beyond.
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New Year’s Fireworks

Just in time for the New Year’s Eve celebrations, Alberto’s photos showed an astonishing burst of color as the massive tail of the Planet X complex wafted in front of the Sun, spraying toward the Earth.

Nature’s fireworks certainly rival any that man can produce. And Mother Nature is just getting started with the Planet X display.

Wobble Confirmation

Those who have noticed the sunrise and sunset in the wrong location have the best confirmation of the wobble. A rapidly moving Moon is another dramatic confirmation as was recently even captured on film. On December 23, 2012 the Moon was visible above the horizon, when it should have dropped  below, and then rapidly moved toward the North when it should have simply set in the West. The Zetas explain. 

At 1:45 Sunday [Dec 23] morning I decided to do my dishes and looked out the kitchen window and saw the moon moving quite briskly toward the north.  There are a lot of trees behind my house and within 15 minutes I could see it approach a limb, go behind it and not be visible then reappear from behind the branch. When I first saw this occurring I could stand in front of the sink, and look directly at it. 30 minutes later as I write this, I have to move to other windows to follow it. Judging by the speed, the moon will be directly north in about 45 minutes.  We must be in drastic wobble. How can the moon make a sharp 90 degree angle turn? I am located in central Massachusetts.

ZetaTalk Explanation 12/29/2012: That the Moon moved rapidly toward the North in your view shows the wobble was pulling your side of the globe down toward the South. Since you, in Massachusetts, were on the dark side of the globe at this time, it was the violent push of the magnetic N Pole of Earth up, on the other side of the globe, that caused this rapid motion in your view. It was not the Moon that was moving, it was the Earth that was moving.

Tides and weather extremes also demonstrate the wobble but are not recognized as such by the public because the establishment is denying an Earth wobble even exists. For instance, during the Christmas season temperature extremes had Siberia in record breaking cold while Europe was having an early Spring – simultaneously, and all at the same latitude. The wobble causes Siberia to tilt up when the N Pole of Earth is pushed away by magnetic hosing from Planet X, when the Sun is over the Pacific. Thus, Siberia gets less sunlight. The wobble then tilts the globe so Europe is drawn closer to the Equator.

White Christmas for Moscow while South Europe Sweats
December 24, 2012
From deadly cold in Russia, floods in Britain and balmy conditions that have residents in southwest France rummaging for their bathing suits, the weather has gone haywire across Europe in the days leading up to Christmas.
Russia: Record Lows; Germany: Record Highs
December 23, 2012
Russia this year's December cover extremely low temperatures in Siberia have fallen by up to 57 degrees Celsius below zero. The worst cold in the last 50 years, some parts of Russia completely paralyzed. In some parts of Germany on Christmas Eve will be a record warm. In Bavaria, where they are taking this time still snow, this Christmas may be the warmest in history.
Down to -50C: Russians Freeze to Death as Strongest-in-Decades Winter Hits
December 19, 2012
Russia is enduring its harshest winter in over 70 years, with temperatures plunging as low as -50 degrees Celsius.
The Christmas Daffodil?
December 25, 2012
Keen gardener said that the flowers are his earliest blooms yet.

The uneven distribution of heat and cold around Antarctica is also due to the wobble, as can be seen on temperature maps. Antarctica temps on the Pacific side, where the globe is pushed up, are warmer as Antarctica gets more sunlight on a daily basis. Yet hail is falling on S Africa, due to cold air currents as the wobble later pushes the globe side to side.

Brazil Leader Tries to Calm Fears After Rio Airport Outage
December 27, 2012
The outage delayed flights and knocked out the air conditioning on a day when temperatures touched 109 degrees, Rio's hottest since at least 1915.
Antarctica: Rainfall for the First Time in 9 Years, Syowa Station
December 23, 2012
Rainfall was observed at Syowa station, Antarctica. Syowa station and intermittently continued to fall until the night.
'Fist-Sized' Hail Damages Hundred of Homes Near Johannesburg South Africa
December 9, 2012
More than 500 houses have been damaged in Ladysmith by "fist-sized" hail stones.

The wobble causes sloshing in the oceans. During a late December, 2012 severe wobble, such sloshing was blamed on King Tides, but the Moon was not overhead, simultaneously, on all parts of the globe. Record breaking flooding from Scotland to California to Samoa was blamed on King Tides, as noted in this Pole Shift blog, but it was beyond what a King Tide can accomplish. Meanwhile, at the same time, the Mississippi is likely to freeze over, as it is at historic lows! The Zetas explain.

Samoa Flooding Worst in Memory
December 17, 2012
The Samoa capital, Apia, has been hit by the worst flooding residents can remember in the wake of tropical cyclone Evan. The Vaisigano River filled and swept down to the coast, coinciding with "the biggest tide of the year".
California sees Unusually High 'King Tides'
December 14 2012
Seawater spread into several low-lying communities along the California coast as unusually high "king tides" pulled the Pacific Ocean farther ashore than normal.
100 Year Storm Causes Widespread Damage Across Eastern Scotland
December 15, 2012
Gerry Hughes, chairman of the North Berwick Harbour Trust Association, said he believed the storm that hit the town overnight was the worst in more than 100 years.
Mississippi River Faces Shipping Freeze as Water Levels Drop
December 14, 2012
Navigation has become treacherous as the worst US drought in half a century brings water levels close to record lows.  Without rain, water levels on the Mississippi are projected to reach historic lows this month.

ZetaTalk Comment 12/22/2012: What is the common denominator in high tides in the UK and Europe, California and British Columbia, Australia and Indonesia – all virtually at the same time, on December 13-14, 2012.  This is clearly from a severe wobble of some sort. There were many reports during this same time period of the Sun being too far South, the sunrise being too early and the sunset lingering and being late. A tilt of the Earth into opposition was responsible, and when the Earth flings about trying to accommodate the magnetic hosing coming from the N Pole of Planet X, sloshing of the oceans occurs. Why else would coastlines along both the Atlantic and the Pacific be involved, simultaneously?

Mars Gold

Is that Gold dust glittering on the surface of Mars? NASA has long muted the colors in images retrieved from Mars probes and rovers, a puzzling move. What’s to hide? Green vegetation and blue skies, proving that Mars is and was a life bearing planet, have long been colored gray. NASA has sought to hide the Annunaki past on Mars, as this proves that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the Universe, and there is a long standing cover-up over the alien presence. The Face on Mars was obvious, for instance, but denied. Now there is speculation that Gold dust can be seen in dried lake beds on Mars. Is Mars so Gold rich that it is that prevalent? Per the Zetas, it is the past practices of the Annunaki, who mined for Gold on Mars, that has created this scenario.


ZetaTalk Explanation 1/29/2012: We have stated that the Annunaki mined for gold on Mars, and did so well before they came to Earth to continue this operation. We have stated that the Annunaki thoughtlessly washed their ore by running the surface water on Mars down culverts into underground caverns, and thus by reducing the surface water on Mars, they reduced the atmosphere, making Mars virtually unlivable. As is known among those who pan for gold, washing this in a pan in a stream, gold ore is more prevalent as a fine dust, which often is carried away by the wash of water and does not sink to the bottom of the pan.

When the Annunaki used a force of water to wash all but gold from their ore, to clear away dirt and sand, they started the water washing down a culvert but ore sites at a distance from the culvert were the primary wash sites. Lakes have bays and fingers, which can be dammed to become controlled wash sites, with the idea that any ore escaping during the first wash could be recaptured in a second or third wash site. The wash down the culvert was only the means by which water on the move, a rapid force of water, was achieved. Thus, as water slowly drained upstream from a second or third wash site, it was laden with dust from the first wash site, and this dust often remained when the final evaporation of the lake occurred.

Has NASA sought to hide this from the public? Without a doubt, as the Annunaki, life on Mars, the former presence of the Annunaki on Mars, Nibiru as the home planet of the Annunaki,  Nibiru as a real planet that makes a periodic passage, and the alien presence in general are all matters to be denied. Thus the Face on Mars, once accidentally filmed and released, was never shown again by NASA. Likewise, proof that water existed on Mars was a slowly released secret, as this fact begs the question – where did the water go? Altering or flattening the color on Mars images allows NASA to lie about vegetation growing on Mars, as well as to deny that mining for gold occurred there, in accordance with our descriptions.  The accuracy of ZetaTalk is also to be denied, which NASA does with gusto.

Per the Zetas, it is the Annunaki’s obsession with Gold that is the base of mankind’s obsession with Gold. El Dorado, the lost City of Gold, was just a place where a Gold delivery to the Annunaki home planet, Nibiru, was staged for delivery. The Annunaki use gold to retain heat and light on their traveling planet – Planet X, aka Nibiru, aka the 12th Planet. Gold dust is puffed into the atmosphere, to reflect both heat and light which the core of their planet generates.

ZetaTalk Explanation 10/15/1995: What about Gold makes it so cherished? Platinum is as tarnish free, silver and copper as malleable, and yet Gold is accepted as a metal more precious than others, more desirable, a metal to die for. This attitude toward Gold, passed as a heritage from generation to generation, was impressed on mankind from those who had to have Gold, and did not hesitate to kill for it. El Dorado, the lost City of Gold, was a staging point where the space ships used as shuttles were loaded and sent aloft at the appropriate time. Since this time only arrived once every 3,657 years, on average, a lot of Gold stacked up. The humans who had heard the stories from those who made deliveries to El Dorado searched for this City of Gold. They search still. However, the ruins, when discovered as they have been repeatedly, are not recognized as there is no gold. Why would these visitors, so desperate for what was essentially a life giving metal, leave any behind?

Elite Exodus

An inordinate number of high level politicians and CEO’s have retired early, or abruptly, and per some reports agents from the US alphabet agencies are not only retiring, they are retiring en mass and heading for survival enclaves in Colorado, the Ozarks, and N Carolina.

Ex-Feds & Wall Street Execs Are Going Into Hiding-Why?
December 25, 2012
When government officials, from the various alphabet soup agencies, retire en masse, it is not necessarily a noteworthy event. However, when the same officials retire en masse and then relocate to form their own survivalist enclaves, then this is something that we should all sit up and take notice of, especially when we are seeing the same behavior on the part of Wall Street executives. From the CIA, DHS, NSA and FEMA. This fact is indisputable.
Strange Elite Exodus: Planet X Cometh, See How They Run
November 11, 2012
Now that Planet X can be seen as a Second Sun in the sky with the naked eye, the abrupt exodus of the so-called elite is making news.

The Zetas have warned the common man to avoid elite enclaves, where they will likely be pressed into slavery to maintain the lifestyles of the elite. They also predict that elite enclaves will in the main self-destruct, with their armed militia rising up against their masters, trying to take control. What is to stop the armed guards, or even the military, from doing so?

ZetaTalk Description 6/7/2005: The wealthy think of nest eggs, stocking supplies to get them through years of enclave living, and bristling with guns on the periphery. What they fail to compute is the psychological games that will go on when their militia realizes their masters have no power to punish them, and the current king of the hill can be toppled. Those wanting to loot will not head for the shanties of the poor, they will head for the wealthy enclaves and plan, like cockroaches and mice, to work their way in to topple the defenses. Enclaves will not find themselves self-sufficient, despite the best of plans. There will be items forgotten, items desired, a desire to import servants, or the desire to travel when contact by phone or radio prove useless. All this provides a breach in the walls of those who would be king.

ZetaTalk Description 9/2/2006: Hired guards have questionable loyalty when there are no forces to keep them in line. The mindset of those hired to guard the elite will turn from a purchased loyalty to takeover plans. Why should the guards not be king?

This scene is depicted in the Finegan Fine story, chapter called The Castle.

Finegan is pulling a tub out from the clutter, and sorting laundry, preparing to finally have laundry day. Joey emerges from the house holding an old Tide box. “This?” Finegan glances up. “No, that's salt. It's a brown box. Slivered bar soap.” The houseboat is now covered with drying laundry. All lines from the corner posts are full, the laundry attached to the lines by anything but laundry pins. Some shirts are attached by the arms of the shirt knotted loosely around the line, as though the shirt itself were holding onto the line. Heavy pants such as jeans are attached with tools - clamps or pliers. The roof of the house is covered with small items such as underwear and t-shirts. The Fisherman is making his way down along the steep bank toward where the houseboat is moored, a string of fish in one hand, his pole in the other. He raises the hand that holds the string of fish. “Howdy. Be happy to share the fish and some news.”

The fisherman says, with a deep sigh, “So the fire took it all. Gutted the place People keep showing up, looking for the stash, so we let the char heap say it all. No need to explain.” Finegan asks, “Those armed guards, they gone too?” And the fisherman responds, “Them that didn't kill each other off during the shootout, yeah. They took their guns and went off to Atlanta.” Finegan asks, “Just you and your family here?” And the fisherman relays, “Those that come looking to loot, they don't stay. They move on. We try to stay out of sight.” Finegan sets his mug down and rises to pick up a pumpkin and holds it high. “For the fish. Would you mind taking me back to the castle? What looters want is not always what's valuable. I'd like to sort through.”

Near the top of the hill, nestled against a rock outcropping, is the charred remains of a large house. The spiked metal fence that surrounded the house is still intact, though the gates are hanging open. “There they had the lookout. Had one atop the hill too in a concrete bunker. Then the goods they had in a basement bunker, huge. The guards blasted that open to get at 'em. Heard the blast from miles away. This was after they kilt Mr. Anderson. He'd hid the key and was holding out, ya'know. He was real tight fisted, always was. Acted like he owned everybody. Got him kilt, I recon. We ain't seed him since.”

The main room of the house has been burned to the extent that there is no roof and the floorboards have been consumed. Only an occasional floor beam is in place. Finegan points to the side, where the fire was less intense in the wings of the house. “Lets try that route.” The door to the basement has been blown open, the doors in fragments pointing inward. There is some standing water on one side of the basement floor, from rain and damaged drains and the fact that the cataclysms tilted the house on its foundation. The walls are severely cracked. To one side of the basement, in one wall, is the entry to the food stash, the entry now one big hole due to the explosion that set the house afire. “Maybe they left some soap.” As Finegan suspected, these include boxes of soap powder and packages of bar soap. He goes over to start stacking them in a pile.

A voice growls out of the corner. “That's mine.” Finegan jerks his head up to look in one corner of the bunker, and sees a shell of an old man, huddled behind some broken and empty cardboard boxes. His clothing is matted with dirt, his hair long and stringy and also matted, his beard thin and long, and his face wrinkly and with a perpetual sneer plastered across his face. It is clear he has been using a spot nearby for a toilet, as a pile of dung and yellow pool of water attests. Finegan says, “Make you a trade! How about some roasted pumpkin and pecans, eh? Something to eat.” The owner was not expecting to be fed or treated fairly, and looks puzzled, unable to answer. The fisherman says in a loud whisper. “I thought he was dead! Huh. Maybe he had a bunker within the bunker. What's he been eating?”